HHD – Birthday edition

I have new respect for those who do the HHD and BBF posts.  I was looking for the poster I had in college of a very nice-looking man wearing nothing but a towel in front of a fogged-up mirror.  How the hell do the search terms “sexy towel man” bring up Fran Drescher?!?  Also, there are way too many pictures where the guy is trying for the smouldering look and just looks cross-eyed.  NNTTAWT.

First up this morning is a redhead for Car in. 


I waffled between the one with the nice smile and the one where he’s shirtless but has the goofiest look on his face.  Redheads don’t do much for me, give me a brunette.  Especially one who doesn’t mind me messing up his hair.

Andrea Dovizioso Shirtless

More after the break…

Let’s see, what other requests I have here.  How about one for Tat?


One in black and white for Jewstin…


Ya look mighty fine in them jeans, boy.

I like Mike.  Yeah, he’s not sculpted like a model, but he’s real and you know he can carry his end of the conversation.


And finally, I didn’t find my college towel man, but I did find this.  He’ll do.


And yes, it’s my birthday.  My sweet husband and kids baked my very favorite cake (red velvet) last night, so it counts.

Y’all have a good day!


  1. And now this. Shit, this week just keeps getting worse and worse.

    BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent! I don’t know what it is about redheads …. but they make me weak in the knees.

    You know, if the mirror in that last picture had been placed on the OTHER wall …

  3. Happy birthday also to Melanie, Loretta, Tim, Doug, Jewell, and Nina. I will send them e-mails wishing them a happy birthday (except Nina) and they will reply back, “oh yeah”.

  4. Happy Barfday, Roamy! Hope you have a great day.

  5. New AIC album is out, as of yesterday. Sounds pretty good so far.

  6. OH, and Happy Hump Day Birthday, Romy.

  7. On this day in history, Roamy was born. All other events pale in comparison and therefore won’t be mentioned. Happy BD Roamster and have an extra piece of red velvet for each hostage. You’ll be farting like a pack mule afterwords, but that doesn’t really affect Michelle’s children.

  8. Happy B-day Roamy. And unlike when Jewstin posts HHD stuff, I am not afraid to click through on your stuff.

  9. Thank you. Now I have to go to work, because it’s the last day of the fiscal year. Phtbfft!

  10. Happy Birthday, Roamy!

  11. Roamy, why isn’t your birthday in the birthday page? I’ll add it there later.

  12. I”m pretty sure my wife would like to rendevous with Mike Rowe and do a dirty job together. She hasn’t said anything, but she doesn’t have to. I sense a vibe.

  13. Oh, that’s Mike Rowe. I didn’t know which Mike it was. But, I’m lame that way.

    I have a VIA* to make.

    I have hit my target weight! Yea me.

    Now the bad news. I think I need to lose another 5 lbs. Either that, or a tummy tuck. OF course, if I just got a boob job, perhaps no one wouldn’t notice the abdomen?

    Anyway, the diet continues.

    *very important announcement

  14. Oh, and I never mentioned it, but the header picture is just beautiful.

  15. Carin, congratulations!

  16. Congrats, carin!

    I tried to give up coffee this morning. I made it a whole 2 hours 47 minutes before I folded.

  17. Thanks!

    South Beach rocks. And, I’m not a perfect south beachers. I cheat … although never too horribly. So, I’ve lost it SLOW, but I got there.

  18. Compos – why would anyone do a silly thing like that?

    I gave up my afternoon coffee a few months back … but it’s started creeping back. It started with a trip to Starbucks.

    Just once, you know. I thought I could handle it. Now, everytime I drive by (on the way to a soccer field) I’ve got another excuse why it’s ok.

    Of course, the fact that it’s fricken FREEZING and cold doesn’t help. I need the hot coffee, you know. I could DIE on the sidelines.

  19. Coffee should be given up slowly. The people I know that quit coffee cold turkey suffered horribly. Sleepless nights, tired all day and lots of migraines.

  20. Happy Birthday Romy!!!!!!

  21. Congrats Carin!
    *hangs head in shame and walks out of room* I am no where near my goal weight

  22. * hits fourth cup this am

  23. I drink decaf by the quart. No shit. I have a 32 oz insulated mug. I’m fenda go get my second dose. I’ll be shitting right on schedule after that second cup. Can’t explain it.

  24. Happy Birthday Romy!

    Congratulations on the target weight Car-in.

    I’m back on a modified Atkins* and have lost 4 pounds in 3 days. It helps that I have a really bad cold and don’t feel like eating anything and have been sleeping 14 hours a day.

    *Atkins shake for breakfast and lunch, chicken breast and boiled egg for dinner, smoked almonds for bedtime snack.

  25. You still looking for a new avatar Xtank?


  26. Happy birthday, Roamy.

  27. Happy Birthday!! Excellent choices for HHD too!

    Congrats to you Carin!

  28. Almonds are good. Lots of fat, but no carbs.


  29. You still looking for a new avatar Xtank?

    Hahaha. MIght as well make this his avatard then.


  30. Looks like xbrad is now xbard.

  31. Happy Birfday, Romy.

    Congrats, Car in.

    Die in a fire, Pupster.

    **winks at Cyn**

    ‘sup, Andy.

    Good luck and God bless Sohita (wait, that’s tomorrow. Hold that thought).

    Mornin, Dave in Texas

    Hey, PG. Decaf doesn’t count as coffee. Nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t like it’s real coffee.

  32. “Almonds are good. Lots of fat, but no carbs.”

    Sam’s sells Emerald Almonds that are dusted with Cocoa powder. EXCELLENT!

  33. Those look so yummy Patty Ann!

  34. Cyn, they are delicious!

  35. Are they sugary tasting? I’m currently having to eat: Gluten free, Dairy free, egg free, MSG free, and now having to try to be sugar free.

  36. Imma gonna let you finish, but I gotta run mom to the hospital for some tests this morning, then hit the road to Irvine, then head to a church function, then pass out in gutter, so I probably won’t be around much today.

  37. I drink decaf by the quart. No shit. I have a 32 oz insulated mug. I’m fenda go get my second dose. I’ll be shitting right on schedule after that second cup. Can’t explain it.

    Well, which is it? No shit after a quart, or right on schedule after the second cup?

  38. Cyn, are you allowed alcohol?

    I mean, cripes….

  39. I like Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds with enough salt and seasoning on them to preserve my legs for jerky.

    Although Emerald also has some Salt and Pepper Cashews that are pretty friggin awesome.

    I shall try these Cocoa Roasted Almonds because Pattyann has never given me bad advice.

  40. Have a good trip and good test results, Kanye-Brad. Set the alarm on your watch so if you do go into the gutter, you won’t be there for too long.

  41. Ca rin, I haven’t tried alcohol, but if I did, my old friend Absolut is in the freezer. I’ve had some, uh, GI issues that just sprang up a few months back. Hellava way to lose the poundage.

  42. Congrats Carin!
    *hangs head in shame and walks out of room* I am no where near my goal weight

    Well, it’s your fault you didn’t pick a goal weight you could reach in six (or so?) weeks.

    And I have been at this for … ages. South Beach was really my last tweak to get there.

    Although, I’m still not completely “there.” Just at the weight that – off the top of my head- seemed good.

  43. Ah. GI issues.

    Have you ever seen the book 21 pounds in 21 days? It’s kinda wrapped up as a diet book, but it is ESSENTIALLY a “theory” for folks with GI issues.

    It goes a detox route.

  44. Cyn, here’s the nutritional info:

    On the label, the last ingredient is sucralose (Splenda)

    They are just barely sweet.

  45. Congratulations Carin!

  46. I gave up coffee two years ago, don’t regret it at all.

  47. 6-10 inches of snow expected today, I hope it sticks.

  48. Thanks for the book title, Carin, and the nutritional info Patty Ann :-) !! I keep trying lots of new things to try to resolve the issue. I’ve been tested as being in the ‘gray area’ for celiac. It will happen, I know it will, but five months of this shit (pun intended) is really wearing me out.

  49. What I am like when dieting:

    That’s why I don’t diet.

    Exercise is way better.

  50. ^Tat! What the hell is that thing?

  51. 6-10 inches of snow expected today, I hope it sticks.

    Where are you man?

  52. Park City, Utard!

  53. “What the hell is that thing?”

    It’s a bearsharktopus.

  54. HA! What I am like when dieting PMS-ing.

  55. This poat sux.

    And when did B-rad decide on the B-ard? I understand aiming high, but I think the reach exceeds the grasp.

  56. http://tinyurl.com/yecjvul

    Looks like we may lose some of it, probably lower elevation. But we should hold on to the higher elevation snow, which is great news.

  57. Is that in teh Rockies? Looks beautiful and fun.

  58. http://thecanyons.com/cam_shoot.html

  59. Park City…awesome skiing. I felt my first earthquake there too.

  60. Cyn,
    You come up here often?
    I prefer The Canyons over PCMR or Deer Valley, but those are good too.

    The Canyons is a lot wilder, more steeps, more terrain.

    Someone else from this group is coming up as well, can’t remember who, but they are coming up in December I think.

  61. I wish I could come up more often, Uniball. I used to love to ski; for quickies, I head up to Flagstaff, otherwise I’ve done Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, plus one other trip to Utah. It was in the days “B.C.” (Before Children).

  62. Here lies a beefcake poat, a-mouldering where it sits.

    Poor poat.

  63. Poor lil poat; alas, I knew ye well.

  64. Beefcake poat doesn’t NEED any comments. It’s good enough on it’s own.

  65. Happy birfday, Roamy. Your poat sucks.






  67. This city is becoming more and more imbecilic.

  68. Have a great birthday, Romy!

  69. Happy Birthday Romy.

    Romy facing her mortality: http://tinyurl.com/y9uqa5f

  70. Comment by Uniball on September 30, 2009 11:32 am
    What I am like when dieting:

    That’s why I don’t diet.

    Exercise is way better.

    Amen, bro. I try to burn off about 1500 a day through exercise. That way I can eat 4000 and maintain. Or I can cut down to about 3000 andl lose 1.5 to 2 lbs per wk.

    I gained 25 lbs from new years day to mid August by being a lazy ass. I’ve lost 13 of those 25 in the past 6 wks w/o having to suffer to from hunger to much. I think I’m gonna go ahead and stay with the exercise and see if I can get my BMI down into the 20’s for the first time since about ’88 or so.

  71. Williams, the smoker, finally moved to another unit in June after a judge issued a temporary restraining order forbidding her from lighting up in her home.

    God I want to see the pleadings and the order issued on that. The bar for such an order on a person’s behavior in their own home should be astronomically difficult to overcome, and either the Plaintiffs’ attorney made one Hell of a pitch, or the Judge completely screwed the pooch.

  72. Amen, bro. I try to burn off about 1500 a day through exercise. That way I can eat 4000 and maintain. Or I can cut down to about 3000 andl lose 1.5 to 2 lbs per wk.
    I gained 25 lbs from new years day to mid August by being a lazy ass. I’ve lost 13 of those 25 in the past 6 wks w/o having to suffer to from hunger to much. I think I’m gonna go ahead and stay with the exercise and see if I can get my BMI down into the 20’s for the first time since about ‘88 or so.

    Damn. What do you do to burn 1500? I do about an hour of cardio (checking my heart rate and all that suff) and then weights/ etc. My cardio only burns around 600, and I have no idea what the rest burns.

    I’ve been working out like that for 18 months or so. Eating “right” and what not only go me so far. The last ten pounds just weren’t going to go w/o something else.

    As for going hungary – well, South Beach is more of a change in how you eat. I don’t really get hungary.

    I get cravings … and I don’t give in, but that’s about it.

    Of course, I think things work differently for men and women. I don’t think most women can lose weight w/o dieting.

  73. JC Penny has an excellent “husky” department!

  74. Hey, kids!

    Happy Cribday to Romy! Many more to you, too!

    I’m just here for a second. Project due. I saw this (kind of cute) remake of the 23rd Psalm today, with a special finale:

    Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
    He leadeth me beside the still factories.
    He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
    He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
    I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
    He has anointed my income with taxes,
    My expenses runneth over.
    Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
    And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.

    I am glad I am American.
    I am glad that I am free.
    But I wish I was a dog…
    And Obama was a tree.

    Hope that make me time well spent. I’ll check in later.

  75. Hi Cyn,

    We are Celiac in this house.. My wife and son are wheat free and dairy free. There are a lot of things besides wheat you can’t do too.. I and my daughter are dairy free only.

    It is a bitch..but I have lots of good hints and My wife, because she is a bitchin’ chemist came up with wheat free bread we can pass off at my churches communion without a problem.. Good bread, no wheat. Those things generally do not go together.

  76. I will be busy for a while I am homeschooling today..

    Happy Happy Romy!

  77. My kids are just finishing up the homeschooling stuff for the day.

    Praise be.

  78. Anyone else here read that Gore Vidal interview that Drudge linked?

    What a character.

    Any man who can write Myra Breckenridge is either completely tapped or a truly unique thinker, and a son of a bitch all rolled into one.

  79. Carin @ 1:27

    Probably the main thing I do differently than you is that I weight 265 lbs. And I’m guessing you’re no where close to that. So I burn off a lot more calories for the same weight than you do. According to the calorie counter on the elliptical machine, after inputing my age and weight, I burn right at 1000 calories during my 5 mile 1 hour jaunt. I also walk to and from work every day which is a total of 3.5 miles. According to the exercise/calorie calculators available on the internet, that’s worth any where from 488 to 615 calories based on my age and weight. I settled on the low end and that’s where I get the 1500 figure. As I lose weight, I’ll lose the caloric expenditure advantage. But maye by then I’ll feel like working out either harder and/or longer.

  80. Damn, when will I learn to proof read.

    If ya don’t think good, you ought to think longer. I keep telling myself that.

  81. Ah. yes. I see.

    Working my hardest on the elliptical, I can only do 350 for half an hour. That’s when my feet get numb and I need to walk a bit before I hop on the stepper for the second half of my workout.

    I’m enjoying my runs a lot lately. Running in the woods. I have to enjoy it while I can before winter strikes.

    but, really, what do I have to worry about? What with the Global warming, I’m sure we’ll have a winter as mild and snow free as last year’s.

  82. Car in,
    Did you see that I am getting 6-10 inches of snow today?

    I know you like to see “6-10 inches” listed somewhere in the HHD thread, sorry it has to be about snow.

  83. Uniball’s wife told him to give her 10″ and make it hurt.

    So he screwed her twice and smacked her on the head.

  84. I did see that. Cannot be. I mean, Global warming. Where did you hear this “news” , on Faux?

  85. Car in,
    I heard it first last night on the TV.
    It is snowing now.

  86. Uniball’s wife told him to give her 10″ and make it hurt.

    So he screwed her twice three times and smacked her on the head.


  87. You know, chief, I had originally put “3 times” but figured OneNut would be lucky if he could perform twice, let alone three times.

  88. Lies, uniball, all lies.

    My buddy Bob tells me it just doesn’t snow anymore out there. It’s hot. No skiing.

  89. Carin’s buddy Bob = six foot rabbit

  90. Compos – Well, it took a week!

  91. Catman, I am interested in learning more and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Seriously, after you’re done skoolin, maybe pop over to my word press site so I can pick your brain cell a bit. I promise I won’t bleed you too much over there, and I have compresses just in case.

  92. “6-10 inches”

    wait…wha? Snow? pft.

  93. Compos – Carin’s buddy Bob is more like a 6′ turd than a 6′ rabbit.

    Teh stoopid is strong with that one.

  94. Good job, Hostages!

    RFH…..Happy BIrthday! You don’t look a day over 30.

    RFH…..EXCELLENT HHD! I like the last guy from BSG.

    Carin….Well Done on the weight! (you make me sick)

  95. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Roamy, and congratulations ro Carin.

  96. So Counts’ Mom picked me up today and took me shopping for some new lounge wear for after the surgery and then took me to lunch and THEN surprised me with an hour Massage from Massage Envy!!!!! OMG! It was amazing. I finally feel relaxed!

  97. naptime

  98. “I finally feel relaxed!”

    That’s great, Sohos. I really do think your state of mind effects healing. (duh)

  99. “So he screwed her twice and smacked her on the head.”

    2.5 times.

    I ran out of steam.

  100. Any of you guys ever tried MONA*VIE? It’s an acai “healthy energy supplement.” I was given a free can today with the hopes that I’d become a regular customer. $3 per can, so it ain’t cheap.

  101. http://failblog.org/2009/09/30/toy-fail-4/ Sox?

  102. Eddie,

    Why do you hate Sox? Why can’t you be normal and just hate BrewFan l;ike everyone else?

  103. I dunno, BiW. But, I l;ike to l;et you and al;l fol;ks out there know that picking on Brewfan is against my rel;igion. Somthing about pitying the fool;ish, or something l;ike that.

  104. This poat isn’t dead, but it’s just laying there, much like Biw’s sex partners.

    *hooks jumper cables to poat’s nipples*

  105. *sifts through poat’s pockets and takes loose change, cigarette lighter, and two little blue pills.*

  106. This poat belongs to the GLBT community.

  107. Hi Guy’s… Cyn, ready when you are!

    go to my web site and call me if you want..


  108. This poat is a member of the transgendered community … of Saudi Arabia

  109. “go to my web site and call me if you want..”

    This poat belongs to the Furry community.

  110. *picks up dead poat by the tail and does the hammer throw*

  111. This poat lives in a blue box towed by a 4×4

  112. I just ran into a vid of a Roman Polanski family outing… http://tinyurl.com/63g2ck

  113. Gimme my pills back, compost!

  114. Thanks catman. I gotta finish up pissing off a few people at work first, then I’ll hook up.

  115. I want my blue pills back compos! I hope you diint take them.

  116. Nice to see Congress doing their best to alienate American voters. Just today we get:

    Congress gets raise; Social Security and military retirees cost of living increases frozen.

    Kerry/Boxer reintroduce Cap & Tax – millions of jobs at risk.

    Democrats in Senate reject ID for healthcare – Rep. Joe Wilson was right.

  117. I crushed them both up, put them in a strawberry daiquiri and gave it to Jazz.

  118. Well, that would explain the hammer in my pants….

  119. Mmmm, someone left a strawberry daiquiri for me. Delish.

  120. Don’t know about no hammer, but they were Midols. Enjoy the ride, Jazz.

    Okay back to pissing off a claimant.

  121. That would explain why my nipples quit hurting, too.

  122. You are allowed to have all the daiquiri’s you want today Romy!!

  123. …military retirees cost of living increases frozen.


    I’ve got some spare cat food, MCPO, if things get really tough for you.

  124. I could go for a mojito at the moment.

  125. That would explain why my nipples quit hurting, too


    L to R: Cyn, Jazz

  126. Test

  127. Where in hell is lauraw?? There’s no gd pudding in here!


  128. **scrounges under kitchen sink**

    Where the fuck’d my bourbon go?

  129. *hands xbrad empty bourbon bottle*

    Yer out of cashews too.

  130. XBrad, I am deliberately not clearing my cache. I like your tank Bradley vehicle.

  131. That would explain why my nipples quit hurting, too


    L to R: Cyn, Jazz



  132. Quittin’ time!

    Hope you have a great barfday, Roams. Drink up, buttercup!

  133. Funny, compos. Real funny.

  134. Drive time for me, too.

  135. Romy, I hope you’re having the birfday to end all birfdays. Or at least have quit counting them toward your age.

  136. At least I’m the cute one Jazz. Although you DO seem to be smiling.

  137. I just sent you an email Mr. Peter Criss.

  138. Fuck, I’ve got a worse connection here in Irvine than I had in the desert. My DSL modem shit the bed, so I’m piggybacking off some neighbor.

    Quit downloading porn, neighbor! I need to steal some of your bandwidth!

  139. I liked your video MCPO. Nice one for Ms. Fire Hydrant!

  140. Romy, I switched back to the old avatard, so you clear your cache to your heart’s content.

  141. Ola Snausages.

    Hans and Frans have some killer moves:


  142. I emailed rosetta the header photo. He needs to check his email.

    Also, if you ever want to know who put up a header, go to the dashboard and click on “media”, it’s below “posts” on the left hand side. It will show you who uploaded what photo.

    K, off to the kids’ karate class. Just came in to peek on everyone.

  143. Oh and I’m such a jerk.

    Happy Birhday Romy!!!

  144. PJ, STFU.

  145. “media”

    Thank you!

  146. I was missing seeing your bradley, glad you switched back xbrad. You getting any pron off your neighbor’s computer? If it’s good HHD stuff, please send us links.

  147. No gay pron, Cyn. Sorry.

    But if you want, I’ll forward a link to “Eighteen and Anal”

  148. Actually, XBrad, I should probably clear my cache before Mr. RFH starts wondering about teh gay pron sites where I looked for photos.

  149. Uh, that would be negatory.

  150. I missed your new avatard xbrad what was it?

  151. I knew what a beard was but not a bear.

  152. Sohos, the “temporary” avatar was a picture of an old friend of yours, Bill Shakespeare.

  153. sweet

  154. Happy birthday Roames, how bout some birthday tunes to bring back the smiles from that night in VEGAS

  155. Almost included Daniel Craig in the HHD.

  156. Seems like Romy’s bd post needs something??? Let me think … I know, this should help it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OKDPRcDLqQ&feature=related

  157. Ahem, tipsy was on the agenda, let’s go into the wayback machine. I recall about 1:20 am hearing a little diidy that was real fun to snap my fingers to. Let’s see, hmmmm.
    THAT’S IT.

  158. happy birthday Romy!!

    *lifts glass* May you live to be 100 years, with one extra year to repent.

  159. Happy Birthday, romy!

  160. Happy birfday RFH!

    It’s been a long time so I don’t remember but I hope you enjoy this last year in your 20s.

  161. Shim, that does bring back memories. Mostly of being stupid drunk.

  162. Hahahaha, Dave, I’ve been with NASA for 24 years, that would be a good trick. What’s the line from Hitchhiker’s, an accident with a time machine and a prophylactic?

  163. Awww, not stupid, funny. C’mon you’re a hostage. There are allowances.

  164. Romy, that Broussard felllow has got some lungs and some soul! Great link. Oh and anytime you’d like to put up Daniel Craig, I’ll give you double thumbs up before heading off to my bunk.

  165. I know now to severely limit myself on martinis.

    I’m trying to decide what to drink tonight, beer, wine, vanilla vodka, brandy, hot chocolate with creme de cacao added, sake, etc. and this little Hostage voice keeps whispering, “all of the above”.

    Cut it out, Xbrad.

  166. Cyn, I will give credit to Tat for finding Marc Broussard for me. Daniel Craig may appear if I do HHD again. Jewstin is off on vacation, so I’m just a substitute.

  167. Daniel Craig is teh yummy.

  168. HAHAHAHA! Drink them all. . . concurrently!

  169. [gives cyn the evil eye]

    Craig is MINE bitch.

  170. Romy – brandy, creme de cacao and ice cream.

    It is the bestest.

    And only about a zillion calories.

  171. Throw ’em all in a blender, you know, kinda like going to the roller skating rink as a kid — which had the only self-serve soda fountain in town — and making a Suicide, shoving your cup under every single dispenser. Just pray diet root beer wasn’t in the mix.

  172. Don’t make me cut you Carin!

  173. Evenin’ Hostages and Hostagettes.

    What’s shaking in this smelly, old poat?

  174. Okay…a joke…

    A C-130 was lumbering along when a cocky F-16 flashed by. The jet jockey decided to show off.

    The fighter jock told the C-130 pilot, ‘watch this!’ and promptly went into a barrel roll followed by a steep climb. He then finished with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier.

    The F-16 pilot asked the C-130 pilot what he thought of that?

    The C-130 pilot said, ‘That was impressive, but watch this!’

    The C-130 droned along for about 5 minutes and then the C-130 pilot came back on and said: ‘What did you think of that?’

    Puzzled, the F-16 pilot asked, ‘What the heck did you do?’

    The C-130 pilot chuckled. ‘I stood up, stretched my legs, walked to the back, took a leak, then got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.’

  175. HAHAHAHA!

    Good one, Cyn!*

    *(older than my flight jacket)

  176. Thanks, MCPO!

    Really glad you enjoyed!!*

    *(everything is older than your flight jacket, Chief)

  177. Hi Andy

  178. I heard a similar one, but it was “I turned off two engines.”

  179. Hi

    * waves at Cyn *

    Happy b’day Roamy.

  180. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. A low key one this year, but that’s fine. Also fine was the red velvet cake. Yum!

  181. Hope you didn’t think I was insulting your jacket, because all wimmynz love leather…especially when it gets cold :-)

  182. Cyn – My flight jacket remains unscathed.

  183. I’m starting to really dig that motorcycle guy.

  184. because all wimmynz love leather

    go on …

  185. Yeah, that’ll be the jacket we’ll steal from your closet when we get cold.

  186. ‘Sup, party people?

  187. Happy birthday Romy!

  188. Vmax, how have you been?

  189. SeanM – How are things in the land of Pelosi and Boxer??

  190. Good Mare,
    And you?

  191. I wouldn’t know, Chief. I haven’t lived in the Bay Area for eight years now.

    (And yes, I know you were talking about the state in general.)

  192. Wow. Nice nap. about time i had a good one.

    I saw this on my way in from the desert today. There’s only 2 in the world. Oldies but goodies.

    Much like MCPO.

    Except they’re good.


  193. You know, I’ve never had red velvet cake.

    True story.

  194. Is it movie night? Or “take a book to bed” night.

    I have some nazi movie. And another that I can’t remember the name of.

    Which do you think I should watch?

  195. Ok, here’s the titles.

    Looked it up.

    Henry Poole is Here
    Sophie Scholl: The final Days

  196. Good Night Romy tinyurl.com/y8wlybm Happy Birthday!

    Good Night all.

  197. Go for the Nazi movie.

  198. I know that all will go well with your surgery tomorrow, Sohos. Take care.

  199. Are they German Nazis or Illinois Nazis? I hate Illinois Nazis!!

  200. OK, I’m running late for my church function, but I just can’t muster up any energy. My ass is dragging.

  201. German. I think

  202. kicks poat
    is it dead?

  203. *tazes poat in the ass*

  204. is it dead?

    It’s just mostly dead.

  205. Vmax, you and I are on the same wavelength. :)

  206. heheheh
    Romy I Agree

  207. So, what do I win for selecting B-ard’s new avatard?

  208. So, what do I win for selecting B-ard’s new avatard?

    An ass-raping from Roman Polanski

  209. My boss just figured out that I’ve been working 6 days a week. Now he wants to know when I’m going to be taking my comp time off.

    Dude, if I could afford to take comp time off WTF would I be working 6 days a week.

  210. Okay, I’ve been on the phone most of the night, so I am still at zero indians. This situation must be rectified!

    Though it was worth hearing my friend’s two-year-old say happy bird-day to me.

  211. And very nicely done on the HHD Romy.

  212. An ass-raping from Roman Polanski

    I think I’ll donate my winnings to charity.

  213. 6 indians

    thanks for the book Tattoo, I am reading it now!

  214. Thanks, Tat.

  215. You’re welcome V.

    What’d you think?

  216. So far so good, I am on page 91

  217. With that Liaden set, there are two or three prequels and a tangential semi-sequel out. I don’t do prequels but I’m hoping to get a chance to slog thru the kinda-sequel at some point.

  218. Xbrad in elementary school


    Did they call it elementary school way back then?

  219. I hope the next post contains a boob, or at least a large boil that looks like a boob.

  220. I looked at he website and saw several other books.

  221. Here ya go, Scott!!



  222. Ewww MCPO.

  223. beeeeeppppppp ______________________________________________

    * rubs jelly on paddles *


    * shocks poat *

    beeeeeppppppp ______________________________________________

  224. Scott, I can always post the pics where the guy’s jeans are unzipped or he’s just wearing underwear.

  225. Mike Rowe is teh HAWT! I don’t even mind the fur on his chest. It makes him hawter.

    And he can sing.

    Someone lend me some moolah, so that I can buy some Powerball. What is it up to…$170 million?

  226. And he has nice hands. Nice hard, calloused hands. Man hands.

  227. Tatts – Just complying with Scott’s request!

  228. I forgot to buy a powerball Porky
    If it rolls tonight I am in

  229. Easy ladies. Mike’s already spoken for. We have an arrangement.

  230. Tatts – you been drinking again??!

  231. MCPO. Thanks. There was a moment of rage but the laughter overcame that.

  232. Easy ladies. Mike’s already spoken for. We have an arrangement.


    Oh, no you din’t!!

    Actually, he is spoken for…..by me. If anything happens to me, then your arrangement kicks in.

    *locks all windows and doors, checks under car, hires bodyguard, hides behind Mike*

  233. Now that I have had a second to think about it, is he a boil or a boob?

  234. Scott – Yes

  235. Meh…gotta get ready for bed. Have a too early of a morning.

    No time for nuttin’ anymore.

    G’nite. Don’t wear Mike out Tats.

  236. Chuck Schumer is an infected goatse.


  237. Tatts – you been drinking again??!

    Nope. Got the lecture tonight. Took down a 6 pack last week and then last night was apparently the last straw.

    Apartment can’t come fast enough.

  238. Way to kill the thread and run, Beasn!

  239. Good vibes coming your way. Every working adult deserves a place without parents!

  240. Ladies, I have more pictures of Mike if I get to do HHD again.

  241. *Tat makes unilateral decision and nominates Romy to do HHD again.*

  242. Psst ,Romy! I think we’re alone!

  243. Gives poat dink with roho chaser.

    “Have you met my close friend Roman? He’s a director!”

  244. Nice try old man…

  245. dink=drink

  246. DAMNIT!

  247. heh at the C-130 joke.

    That’s the only military fixed wing I’ve ever flown on. Not a fun ride if they’re testing the terrain following radar in the MC platform.

  248. Happy B-day Roamy!

  249. I’ve flown in a multitude of tactical and cargo aircraft. I think we should keep building C-130s.

  250. Thank you, TGSG and anyone else I missed. It was a quiet day but a good one.

  251. MCPO, they’ve invested a lot in the C-130, hell they built new airframes to replace the aging fleet as recently as 15 years ago. It’s a fine workhorse.

    Also the AC-130 has some kickass firepower.

    Also also, the C-130 is as old as me.

  252. “I have more pictures of Mike”

    Roamy, you’re supposed to post all pics of Mike anytime you have them. No holding back, girl.

    Everybody checked their email tonight?

  253. Yes Ms PA and just replied.

  254. http://www.wptz.com/news/21136969/detail.html


  255. Happy Birthday, Rocket Chick!

    Sorry for your lack of beating this year. I was looking forward to abusing you and Jewstin but I shall save that for next year. I hope you had a great day.

    I also wanted to tell everyone that I showed Mrs. Rosetta everyone’s comments on our Max thread and she wanted to tell you all thank you so she left a comment.

    No need to comment back unless you are so inclined but I just wanted everyone to know that you have a heartfelt thank you waiting for you if you want to pick it up.

    Hey by the way, have I told you how awesome my son is?

  256. Rosie: yes you have, and do it every day until the end of time.

  257. hmmm

  258. hmmm

    There’s no need to be so damned mean TG.

  259. :?)

  260. TI — http://www.zappos.com/map/

  261. Quit killing the poor thread.

  262. That is awesome Mesa!

  263. Roast in hell — http://cbs4.com/wireapnewsfl/Official.John.Couey.2.1218660.html

  264. THE overtakelessness of those
    Who have accomplished Death,
    Majestic is to me beyond
    The majesties of Earth.
    The soul her “not at Home”
    Inscribes upon the flesh,
    And takes her fair aerial gait
    Beyond the hope of touch.

    Emily Dickinson

  265. That is awesome Mesa!

    I down voted all of them.

  266. The only thing missing from todays poat is David Duchovny….

  267. Hmm, poor timing on my comment.

  268. i thank You God for most this amazing
    day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
    which is natural which is infinite which is yes

    ee cummings

  269. Duchovny couldn’t be here. He’s in rehab denying that he cruises for chicks here.

    He’s got a long way to go.

  270. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue..
    Tat is so funny
    So S. T. F. U.

  271. Though nice poetry and thoughts for today Tat.. :)

  272. Dave in Texas, the C-130 is STILL in production. And has been every single day for over 50 years.

  273. Durtle…

  274. I have a friend who works on them at Lockheed….in Marietta, GA

  275. Catman, my dad grew up a cuppla miles from that plant. His dad worked there during the war. Because he was too old to fight.

    Hell, he was too old to fight in WWI.

  276. How you holding up, Mesa?

  277. No need at all to apologize, Rosetta. Just remember that we’re here if you need anything.

  278. Really? Heck I thought the pulled the line down in Marietta back in 02.

    I wuz wrongded.

  279. They may have moved the line (to Texas, I believe) but they are still producing them. Look up the C-130J.

  280. I’m good. I was pretty drunk last night.

  281. Sox just came up and meowed at me, which I’m pretty sure is his way of saying how sorry he feels for you and Chuck.

  282. He may not actually tun bolts on the airframe.. I think he does avionics on the wings or something like that. He currently does stuff for the F-22 also

  283. Night ya’ll…gotta make a Vet run in the am.

  284. Oh, I meant raw production of new airframes. I know there are several places they refit, spars and stuff.

  285. Nope, all new airframes are still rolling off the lines.

    According to wiki and a couple other resources, some C-130As are still flying for Honduras, which means they are about 50 years old.

  286. Yeah, I knew the first ones and me had the same year off the line, so to speak.

    Didn’t know they were still makin em though.

    OT thinkin good thoughts for Sohos tomorrow.

  287. I went to Book Club at church tonight, so the ladies are praying for her, as well as the Rosetta’s.

  288. I see the new poat, but I’m going to say good night on this one and thank everyone again for the birthday wishes. It was a good day.

  289. and prayers for Sohita and the Rosettas, too!

  290. Dave,

    wiki has an excellent entry on the various MC-130 Combat _______ series of aircraft:


  291. Shit. I didn’t even see Romy sneak in to sneak out.

    G’night, Rocketchick.

  292. I was a young software engineer on the H model , the Combat Talon II

  293. Emerson Electric?

  294. Dave, I know you went for a NOE flight.

    Did you ever get to see a jump? We were in some old “E” models in Hawaii, doing a combat assault.

    We dropped in the Combat Controller team. Most cool. Hell, I was ready to jump. I’m not a paratrooper, but I was ready to go. I didn’t even need a chute!

  295. Dave?

    Answer me when I ask you a question!

    Respect my authoritah!

  296. E-Systems, Greenville Division. 1986-91.

    Never sawr a jump.

    Nitey nite .. old men need sleep.

  297. Nite, old timer.

  298. New (and very esoteric) poat up.

  299. Thanks for including “Dirty Jobs” Mike.

  300. That one pic of Guerrida in the string bean swimsuit caused me to break my bunk.

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