Badassery, Pt. 1

I mostly enjoyed being a grunt. And I was pretty good at it, at that.

But I never made the mistake of thinking my secret identity was William T. Roughbutt, AKA Billy Badass.

For that,  you have to go to the Navy of all places.

Most folks in the Navy aren’t what you’d call warriors. Dedicated, hardworking, professional, sure (or drunken duffers with an alpacca fetish, in the case of one Hostage who shall remain nameless).  But stone cold killer isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind.

There is, however, a small community in the Squidforce that really are warriors, par excellence. That’s the SEALs. SEAL is an acronym for “Sea, Air & Land”, the three arenas they expect to fight in. There’s a consensus that the entry requirement for becoming a SEAL is the most physically challenging regime in all the armed forces. BUDS, or Basic Underwater Demolition School, isn’t about training people. It’s about weeding out those that can’t hack it. It’s only after you pass this rite of initiation that they get around to training you.

How hard is BUDS? You tell me. Here’s the video.

You can find the other three vids in the series here.

Thursday Foreignotica XV

One of the most beautiful national anthems, second to America’s, I have found to be Mongolia’s. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the lyrics changed, but thankfully not the music.

Here’s a presentation of the Mongolian national anthem by Mongolian celebrities, which also showcases Mongolian culture.

(Length – 4:41)

If you liked that, you might find this version to be cute. it’s similar to one above, including similar costumes, but by kids. So cute!

(Length – 4:15)

HHD – Fashion Edition

Ding dong the witch is dead!  Let’s celebrate by enjoying some cutting edge fashion models.  Happy Hump Day!!!

Julien is en fuego!!!  Actually this dude is French, but I don’t know how to say en fuego in French.

Am I racist if I want to have crazy monkey sex with this guy?


This guy knows a thing or two about llamas.  Leon might ask him for a few pointers.


Chris likes playing strip darts even though his aim is terrible.

Finally a Brazillian fellow.  I would sell Uniball’s remaining testicle to the Debil for a plane ticket to Rio.



So, Obama’s poll ratings are cratering while the “angry mob” is gaining in popularity…


…and now, Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy croaks, pushing Obama’s unpopular policy into the back pages/bottom of the hour in teh newz for at least a week?

I QUESTION THE TIMING!!!!!11one!1!!eleventy1!!!

Projection, Condescension, and Arrogance. Another Day In Liberaland.

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I don’t often wander in to the fever swamps of the Huffington Poo.  Prolonged exposure to forceful ignorance coupled with a nearly incurable resistance to logic tends to drive my blood pressure to levels that are unsafe.  However, today I was spoiling for a fight, and as billed, the Poo did not disappoint. 

This loverly post from a blogger at ‘The Campaign for America’s Future’ tries to make the case that Americans who are not on board with the health care reform plan before Congress are like children trapped in the throes of “the Terrible Twos”, and in emulation of the Dear Leader’s “We won and we’re bringing CHANGE! with us!” style, it has never even occurred to him that “Because Dear Leader Wants It” is not a good reason to pass an unconstitutional bill that will forever destroy the notion of privacy and freedom from an intrusive and overbearing government as the hallmark of life in the United States of America.  And because ignorant condescension and a predilection towards making others responsible for the cost of his health care just wasn’t enough, he had to toss in some racism too, in true liberal fashion.

Because the simplistic analysis is just too damn good to give away wholesale here, I’ll just hit you with some highlights of this careful consideration piece:

What we’re seeing from the health care town halls, what we’ve seen from the “birthers” and what we saw during the campaign is essentially what I call “Tyranny of the Tantrum,” which many parents encounter at the onset of the “terrible twos.”

“Tyranny of the Tantrum”?  How silly is this?  The angry constituents aren’t the ones intimidating and suppressing the opinions of others.  That’s left for the rent-a-mob union members being bussed in and given preferential entry to these meetings, to the exclusion of constituents.  The tyranny is taking it upon yourself, with the enthusiastic support of the gimme-gimme class, to continue to root around in our pockets to pay for programs by which you give of the fruits of our labor to others without our consent, and without even showing the courage to face our wrath when you undertake a program to fundamentally change and expand the role of government in our lives.  Tyranny is having the temerity to characterize such an invasive intrusion as something that is “good for us.”

Put another way, they don’t like transitions — that uncertain period between the end of one thing and the beginning of another, when they’re not quite sure what’s happening, where they’re going or what’s next. They just want to either keep doing what they were doing or go back to where they were, because it’s what they’ve gotten accustomed to.

Thank you for demonstrating one of the major failings of the public indoctrination system that masquerades as “education”.  It has left you completely unable to apply critical thinking to a situation like this.  People aren’t mad because they are unsure of where this is going.  They are angry because they see exactly where this is going and they can see their elected officials, including the President, brazenly lying to them about it.  And once these public servants decided to slander and and belittle them, rather than be mindful of their roles, the righteous anger gathered steam.

Being the adult, the grow-up, the parent, etc., I know we can’t stay in the same place indefinitely. I know sooner or later, we have to put the groceries in the car and go home, or stop playing long enough to have dinner. I know that the transition — whether from the grocery cart to the car, or from the bathtub to the towel — is a necessary part of moving on to what’s next, even if my two-year-old doesn’t.

Supporting the idea that government has to provide an entitlement is the least ‘adult’ behavior that you can muster.  And while its slightly amusing that you think that bringing this monumental abdication of personal responsibility to pass is “necessary” and part of this nation “moving on”, your unquestioning and slavish dedication to this idea marks an underlying lack of courage to command your own destiny and live like a free man, or unforgivable laziness and a willingness to sponge of the labor of others who have that courage and have not yet grown sufficiently annoyed with the endemic corruption of a government that believes that charity is foolish but welfare is noble.

That’s what the town halls have devolved into — the tyranny of the tantrum. The behavior we’re seeing is basically the extreme of the Republican base kicking and screaming because they believe that if they throw a big enough tantrum, they can hold off change, turn back the transition period already begun, and keep things the way they are — or go back to the way they were.

No.  what they have devolved into is the re-focusing of attention of a free people who have too long been distracted from being more mindful of what our elected officials have been up to, because our two income lives necessitated by the modern welfare state has had us spending too long picking up the tab for others while we still try to enjoy our own lives with what the government has not yet taken from us.   We bought into the notion that government should be generous for us because it was “the right thing to do”, and despite having all the evidence in the world of the theft you were committing against us right before our eyes, we still allowed ourselves to be distracted.  As a result we elected the same grifters who took pleasure in using our money to buy votes in the first place.  Billions in fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid?  We’ll have to send Joe Smith back to Congress to deal with that.  Thousands of dollars for midnight basketball?  Preposterous!  Jane Doe can fix that if we re-elect her! 

No more.  The spectre of a tax regime that borders on confiscatory coupled with nothing less than the eventual take over of the best health care system in the world, and with it, more power than any dime-store tyrant could ever want have brought these activities into clear, sharp focus.  We are paying attention now, and although some of these elected officals would like to believe that the complacency that has made their systematic betrayal of the American people and the American ideal possible will once again be draped across the slumbering eyes of their constituents, the fact is that some of them are coming to terms with the uncomfortable reality that they will soon need to looking for honest work if they have not been able to curry enough favor with leftist causes who can serve as their Sugar Daddies in their twilight years.

Neither can we turn back the clock (nor should we) to a time when the president and most of the Supreme Court (to name two seats of power), were guaranteed to be white— something many townhall screamers, birthers, and McCain/Palin rally attendees would like to return to, whether they say as much or not.

Your unfortunate and intellectually bankrupt claim of racism is not supported by fact.  Unlike liberals, who will claim racism, sexism, and any other form of victimhood when it allows them an advantage, or an opportunity to have a discussion about the real issues the claim was made to avoid, conservatives, the real ones, not the ones you attempt to appoint for us, do not care about a person’s race when it comes to them serving in public office.  Our litmus test is much less subjective then how well a candidate or nominee establishes their victim identity or street cred.  We simply want to know:

1)  Has the candidate read and understood the Consitution?; and

2) Are they willing to do their jobs in accordance with it, rather than engaging in tortured interpretations of it that bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate the document beyond any understandable reading of it in order to justify laws and policies that do violence to it, or make rulings on such justifications that amount to usurpation of powers never assigned to them by it.  These are usually marked by stretched-to-the-breaking-point applications of the Commerce Clause, the Necessary and Proper clause, and magic penumbras that only certain ‘sympathetic’ Justices can ascertain and describe.  That’s it.  

Oh, and when we talk about racism, it is because there are objective manifestations that we can point to.  We can give examples, and do so, unlike liberals who make general and unsubstantiated statements like the one above.  When we point it out, it is because we want to discuss it, not because we want to supress discussion.   When we point it out, it is because we want to improve the quality of political dialogue, not because we want to perpetuate a victim status as a means to avoid owning our lives and the choices that we have made in making them what they are today.  When we talk about it, it is to help people to overcome, rather than wallow in an excuse.   For an ‘adult’, you seem firmly rooted in an extremely childish worldview, Mr. Heath.  The biggest piece of the analysis that you fail to make is that no matter how much you may want others to do for you, it is selfish and woefully misinformed to think that it is desirable or wise for you to insist upon that for the rest of us.  The good news is that you still live in a free country, and you have the opportunity to grow up.


Open Letter To The Douche-Baggers

Specifically the MENSA rejects whose political debating skillz consist of equating one’s vocal opposition to this President’s policies as the “coded” language of a Nazi-tea-bagging-unruly-mob-of-assassins-lying-in-wait-un-American-racists.  Which includes pretty much all of them.

Douche-baggers, please take your seats.

Now let’s look up some definitions.

LURCH  (lûrch)

intr.v. lurched, lurch·ing, lurch·es

1. To stagger, roll or pitch forward suddenly or erratically.


SOCIALISM  (ssh-lzm)

n. 1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

2. The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

I would like for what passes as the vocal intelligentsia on the left like Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, Joan Walsh, E.J. Dionne, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Pelosi,  Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Barney Frank, Eugene Robinson and the rest of that hilariously Obama-love-struck chorus to answer a simple question.

They have told us that the President’s health care proposal isn’t socialism.  And it is, like, so NOT socialism and stuff that, like, if you even say that it is then you are, like, probably a racist and a Nazi and stuff.

I would like that brain trust of Kool-Aid afficionados to tell us what President Obama would have to propose vis-à-vis health care for them to consider it a lurch towards socialism.

If the Obama administration and his apparatchik-wanna-be groupies in Congress shoving the public option down our throats isn’t a lurch towards Socialism, what is?

And if you don’t put forth an answer to that simple question post haste, you’re worse than Hilter, Stalin, Blackwater, Pol Pot, Diebold, Satan, Karl Rove, Mephistopheles, Halliburton, Sarah Palin, Lucifer, Dick Cheney and all the evangelical Christians.  Combined.

 Some advice for the douche-baggers from the Bizkit and Method Man.

Rosie, MCPO, and Sox…

…put a new spin on a classic movie favorite:

“It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets…Unicorns.”  And Free Health Care.


“People have been wondering where PJM is, Precious…”

Snoochie Boochies!!!

End of Summer


Some of us have kids going back to school whether it’s Elementary, Middle, High School, or College it is the beginning of a new year. Fresh start and all that. I am hoping to finish out the year better than I started and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new school year. If you don’t have kids, you are retired or just plain out of work (like me) just enjoy the tune and STFU

I wonder if this video came out today if it would get any airtime? It is WRONG on so Many levels…

Call It What You Like, Illegal Is Still Illegal

With so many dead-tree media publications competing for a new life as toilet paper, fire starters, bird cage liners, and packing materials, it is sometimes difficult to figure out why one has chosen to be more idiotic than others.  But the venerable red-rimmed rag known as ‘Newsweek’ gets my vote for this self-penned story by an ‘undocumented’ student who was no longer able to stay at UC Bezerkerly, no matter how hard she was working, and feels that this is somehow a tradgedy that we should all wring our hands over and act like something must be done.

To the editors of Newsweek, why is this a story worth telling? Did you offer the counterpoint of students who were citizens who were not able to get scholarships because of the illegals, sorry, “undocumented” who are taking scholarship money from them?  Really, the only point of this ‘story’ is to make the average person think “Oh, this is so sad.  If we would just GIVE them citizenship, then they can take even more of our tax money and get a college education.   If we stop enforcing a law for some, then we have to stop enforcing them for all.

I went to law school with a guy who was finishing getting his citizenship.  He and his family had done it the right way, and it was a years long process.  He had some choice words for people like this, and they were not sympathetic by any stretch of the imagination.   There are distinctions between U.S. Citizens and non-citizens.  Citizenship has a price, which thanks to the party of tax and spend, is going up precipitously.

The benefits that we pay for should be reserved to citizens alone, as should the rights.  And yet, the people at Snoozeweek obviously feel that our birthright, yours and mine, means so little that you ought to be talked into giving it away, with propaganda that includes all the cliches, and written in a way to cloy at your heart.  Unless you are one of those rrrrrrrracist! conservatives who actually gives thought to what is said.

This story is an example of why it is not enough that such publications are tanking with declining readership.  The people who give column inches to this kind of story will always land somewhere, either other publications, or in the ivy covered walls of academia, ready to cripple another generation of minds with the doctrine of “feeling” trumping the bedrock of logic and law.

In the spring of 2008, I sat at my high-school graduation ceremony, wearing my navy-blue robes, with every stole and honorary pin achievable, looking every bit like the overachiever that I am. My enthusiasm surely made me look like a typical graduate. But my future appeared very different from that of my classmates. I am an undocumented person. Six months after I was born, my family emigrated from Mexico to Los Angeles illegally—with little more than one suitcase but great hopes for the future. My parents wanted to give their two daughters opportunities that weren’t available back home.

Hard worker…check.

But still here illegally…check.

Still, for most of high school, one opportunity seemed like a farfetched dream. Though I had a great deal of support from many different people, nobody seemed sure how I could navigate the system to gain a college education. Information on all aspects of that process was sketchy, so I was stepping onto an unmarked path. It was difficult to live without any assurance that high school would lead, as it would for most of my classmates, to the next stage. I found solace in my studies. I took seven AP classes to test my abilities as a student and delighted in the fact that I could walk into AP English ready to dissect a Shakespeare play. I played the cello to calm my soul, dreaming of a place where music filled the air. I joined my school’s leadership ranks and took pride in my ability to motivate people. And I joined clubs that enabled me to give back to a place I loved, organizing two toy drives and devoting more than 300 hours to community service.

Intellectual and gifted…check.

College could be a problem since you are here illegally…check.

Willing to give of time and effort to enhance the lives of others…Check.

Every activity allowed me to cling to some sense of normalcy in a life that was changing. My parents’ marriage had begun to crumble, slowly and painfully. I had to learn to stand on my own, to be accountable to myself. School felt safe, and I was fortunate to have a support system in a special program for economically disadvantaged students who hoped to attend college. Every student in the program had a story of hardship, so I no longer felt quite so alone and isolated in my struggle.

Broken home and overcame hardships…check.

(But STILL here illegally.)

I eventually came up with a small list of possible colleges—state schools that I might be able to afford or schools that offered scholarships for undocumented students. That April, I received my acceptance to UC Berkeley, and soon after, a few small scholarships. It was a bittersweet triumph. Though I was qualified to attend the best public university in the nation, I couldn’t afford it. My funds barely totaled $5,000, only about one semester’s tuition. Still, I wanted to attend my dream school for at least that first semester. So after graduation I hopped on a Greyhound bus with two suitcases and headed to Berkeley.

So you, Ms. Smart Person, knew you couldn’t stay, but went anyway.

I found a tiny room near the campus, enrolled in classes, and landed a job selling jewelry in a San Francisco mall. From Friday through Monday, I worked full-time, waking up at 6:30 a.m. to get to work by 9. I couldn’t spend the weekends like other students, lazing in the sun or exploring neighborhoods. Still, for two glorious days each week, Tuesday and Thursday, I had classes from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and was taught by some amazing professors. I would run from one class to the next, using my breaks to stop by the library. I slept odd hours, many days finishing homework at the crack of dawn. I was very well organized. Wednesday was the day I took care of business—everything from food shopping to laundry to paying bills.

So like so many others, you had to work hard and manage your time while you were in school, and you managed to find an employer that didn’t bother to see if it was hiring illegals.

Surprisingly, I found time to make friends and, perhaps more surprisingly, mostly with political conservatives. They proved to be remarkably open-minded, and I loved their outlandish conversations and unabashed candor. They never questioned my odd hours, nor did I offer to explain. They apparently believed that I was simply another workaholic. Perhaps not so “simply,” but I was a workaholic for sure. I had no choice.

A ‘conservative’ at Bezerkerly?  Isn’t that like ‘post-racial’ president?  And don’t give me the “no choice” whine, missy.  You could have not taken the opportunity from another student who could afford it.

As expected, my funds ran out right after that first semester, forcing me to leave that very special school. I am back home now and attending community college. And I am back on the same taxing schedule—two days of classes and four days of work. My goal is to save some money while finishing up my associate’s degree. I still enjoy school, but dream about someday attending Berkeley again.

Cheer up.  Maybe La Raza will come up with a scofflaws scholarship program.  In the meantime, you might try NOT whining to me about not being able to enjoy the benefits available to citizens while you obviously have no problem whatsoever disrespecting our laws.  I have no use for you, and no use for a state that allows its schools and employers to aid and abet such flagrant violations of our laws.

Sunday Funday Attila Drives a Hyundai

This is pretty much your life in picture form.


Here is a good video for a Sunday morning.  I pity the people that can watch something like this and not see God.


I can haz lifetime of therupy?


There are some songs that are perfect with your coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning.  This is one.




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