Speaking of furry animals…

…well, Furries, actually, it’s nice that there’s at least one country where they trust people like Xbrad (but, for some reason, not his “pet cat,” Sox) around kids enough to let them appear in commercials with them. I’m speaking, of course, about Japan…

And, no, I don’t know what just happened there where some of them suddenly had huge tits and then an additional character suddenly had gigantic balls (I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not the lack of a proportionally-sized dick is either disturbing or a blessing) and I frankly don’t want to know.


  1. I already rated this down.

  2. Take your pop culture “fail” and stick it up your ass sideways. Right after telling everyone not to squeeze the Charmin, Mr. Whipple would give it a good squeeze himself. Attention must be paid.


  3. I like this post for it’s existentialist view of man’s relationship between boobs and balls.

    I had to, because I’m a professional, give this a thumbs up.

    And a hearty WTF?

  4. I already rated this down.

    Yeah, me too.

  5. Grading on a curve, I’m gonna go ahead and weight Mare’s approval more than b-rad’s disapproval.

    You know, because Mare isn’t a retard.

  6. Or, so she’ll have us believe.

  7. Mare lives in paradise and (so far as I can recall) hasn’t mentioned that she’s going broke, so she’s got most of us beat.

    Mare = WIN!!!

  8. Yes, but…

  9. I’m a professional

    Like Cameron asked after a similar assurance, “A professional what?”

  10. See the above video.

  11. Couldn’t even imagine…

    Also, if you’ve seen the movie that the music in this video comes from — you don’t suck.

    Crazy weird, but awesome movie.

  12. Dammit, the one time I want a video to show up.

    WWI in HD color, must see.

  13. A hint…

  14. Watching Inglourius Bastards — thanks to Burl.

    One of The Lost Ones.

  15. I have no clue and I’m hitting the hay. G’nite.

  16. Watching Inglourius Bastards — thanks to Burl.

    Our Uncle Burl?

    *** Makes extra Coffee ***

    *** Hopes he shows back up ***

    *** Knocks on Ms Ca rin’s Bathroom door ***

    Coffee is on. What the heck is taking so long in there?

    Yikes!!! Never Mind!!!! That is the BIGGEST BROOM I ever saw in my life…..

  17. (but, for some reason, not his “pet cat,” Sox)

    *** Pours Liquid Bacon on Sleeping SeaNm’s ankle ***

    Bite him Riley!

  18. *** Looks at PawWatch ***

    *** Looks at calendar ***

    Where is Ms. LauraW? Somebody has to change Shims Leash, and its her turn to beat down Compos…….

  19. You know what I like about this site? No matter how long I’m gone, I don’t miss anything.


  21. Well, we miss Miss Folly…just sayin’….

  22. Thanks Sox.

  23. And Hello to you Folly. How is Ok?

  24. Hola Folly

  25. Thought about you at mass yesterday, Folly. No joke.

  26. *** Watches DinT steal the last of Ms Ca rin’s Donuts ***

    *** Does he know it hit the floor for over 3 seconds? ***

  27. Good morning, all.

    BiW, POWIP (Dan Collins) linked your rant from the other day and they’re encouraging others to make it go viral.

    Just thought you should know.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi41K4zY8O4

    Early in the morning
    You come creeping in my mind

    And with that, it’s time to get my happy ass to work!
    Y’all have a good day.

  29. That is pretty cool Patty Ann. That is what Count thought when he read it.

    Mesa, I watched that movie The Fountain and I can go WAY out there. I liked the movie but some parts did lose me a bit. I want to watch it again. I think it just may be ahead of the times?

  30. Yep, Sohos, I’m going to go link it on my FaceChimp wall. Everyone needs to read it.

    Oh. And good job, BiW. *pats BiW’s head*

  31. good idea Patty Ann!

  32. I just got it out in a mass email to my friends and will post on facechimp here in a bit

  33. NEW POAT

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