Thursday Foreignotica XV

One of the most beautiful national anthems, second to America’s, I have found to be Mongolia’s. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the lyrics changed, but thankfully not the music.

Here’s a presentation of the Mongolian national anthem by Mongolian celebrities, which also showcases Mongolian culture.

(Length – 4:41)

If you liked that, you might find this version to be cute. it’s similar to one above, including similar costumes, but by kids. So cute!

(Length – 4:15)


  1. sohos rules over everyone


  3. I for one welcome our new Overlord.

    Also I will be in teh proximity around 530 pm tomorrow for 2 hours.

    But I shall arrange a special trip instead to give the Count superDave noogies at a date TBD

  4. Ya know, musli has put quite a bit of work into these posts and I, for one, would like to thank him for his efforts.

    Of course, he has also pre-dated these weeks in advance, so he may be dead by the time they hit the blog, as far as anyone knows.

    So, nice work, m’oo’n. Hope you’re not dead.

  5. well dave my class is from 4-7 so I cant come drink with you

  6. Damn Mongolians!

  7. link fail

  8. Damn Mongolians, always wrecking my links!

  9. We should not speak ill of the dead.

    But speaking accurately, in terms of history, that’s another thing.

  10. >> well dave my class is from 4-7 so I cant come drink with you

    Next time

  11. Comment by BrewFan on August 26, 2009 11:04 pm
    Brew – Don’t you have posting rights here?

    No. I evidently have too much testosterone

    This Three Alarm Fire brought to you courtesy BrewFan’s Pants…

  12. And speaking of fire, how come we didn’t give DinT the standard H2 disclaimer? I guess I’ll have to. “Hope you don’t die a fiery death DinT”.

    I wonder if them slackers at TSA knows he commemts at IB? And the bastards want to run health care….

  13. Brew – Don’t you have posting rights here?
    No. I evidently have too much testosterone

    Just like the shemale African runner …

  14. Comment by sohos on August 27, 2009 2:24 am
    well dave my class is from 4-7 so I cant come drink with you

    Dave would be happy to show up with two gallons on MD 20 20, each in its own paper bag, an drink with you IN CLASS. He is a giver like that…..

    How you get rid of the Neon Lime Green Felt Hat and Peacock Feathers he stole from Rosetta will be your problem.

  15. Hey Ms. Carin. Coffee in the Carafe. Off to catch a mouse…..

  16. Yum. coffee…

  17. Thanks Sox. I hope a dog doesn’t catch you. Or a pack of raccoons.

  18. Darth Sox

  19. HA!. Bob’s denying what Bill Whittle said in his little video is true.

    Hilarity ensues. Come join the fun if you’re bored.

    Well, “hilarity” may be overstating, but I got a kick out of his “oh yea, back up what he said” challenge.

  20. When that Mongolian hits a lick on the Stratocaster, well, I just about changed my citizenship. And underwear.

  21. compos, did you see the How to Fight video that Jizz linked last night?


  22. compos, did you see the How to Fight video that Jizz linked last night?

    I did not. Link please?

    Oh, and

  23. Rosie is now a mayor?

  24. I did not. Link please?

  25. Where the hell did Bill Whittle come from all of a sudden? Who is he?

    I had never seen nor heard of him before the Iconography video from a couple of weeks ago.

    He’s a brilliant mofo. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the way he threw Contessa Brewer under the bus in that new video. Hahahahaha. She is teh superstupid.

    Good link, Car In.

  26. EvB, that underoo-stealing mayor bears a shocking resemblance to you.

  27. compos repellant.

  28. Bill Whittle has been around pretty much as long as Ace has. Yes, he’s extremely articulate, well versed, and clear. He can really write and get his point across. He had a lot of good writings on the war in Iraq when it began.

    Loved the part in How to Fight video where he was trying to shake the knife loose.

  29. Rosie:

    He has too much hair.

    Also, are you serious that you have never heard of Whittle?

    INTERNET FAIL!!!1!!1

  30. Glad to see you like to “relax”, Manlesbo. Nice choice of bong (nsfw)

  31. ABC radio news Doug Limpdick reporting: “It just keeps rolling in- the good economic news”

  32. I don’t know how the hell I missed Bill Whittle. That’s weird that I’ve never heard of him.

    I must have been making out with Heidi Klum that day or something.

  33. YAY!! GOOD economy!!

  34. UH OH! Hey, I just got back. Somebody say somethin.

  35. Shim, what the fuck are you doing?

  36. Good grief, you people…

  37. >> Where the hell did Bill Whittle come from all of a sudden? Who is he?

    I started reading him about 4 years ago. More of an essayist than a blogger, and the video gig is a new one for him. Good guy.

  38. “Your request for 1 King Bed is not available at this time. We have noted your request. ”


  39. Good grief, you people…

    Reason . . .

  40. Heh, that’s pretty funny, compost…

  41. You never heard of Bill Whittle? What kind of conservative are you?

    Bill is in the TV business, mostly on the production side (he’s had a couple of bit appearances, IIRC). But he runs a sight called EjectEjectEject.

  42. *raises his hand*

    I’ve never heard of this guy, either…

    And who is this “Ace” that compos mentioned, too? Is he any good?

  43. xxxbrad too cool

  44. **pours lighter fluid on so-called “Reason”**

    **Lights a Marlboro.**

    **Gives a chuckle as he ignites a loser…**

  45. I showed my cousin up north tourettes guy and she just emailed me telling me when she gets mad she yells BOB SAGGET!!

  46. Aren’t you in Michigan, Shim? Or is that the “shim” variant at Ace’s who lives in MI?

  47. xxxbrad too cool

    Hey, don’t knock it.

    It likes your folks, doesn’t bitch, never complains when you cum in its mouth…

  48. I was at Aces a while back as shim- but I’m in SC, up by Clemson

  49. It ain’t just when she’s mad that she yells that.
    *makes a little gun with his fingers*
    Booyah! ;)

  50. Jizzdefense?

  51. Gotta run. Follow up appointment for dear old mom at the doctor’s. Try not to set anything (besides Reason) on fire.

  52. You dirty sumbitch. While I’m eating? You need a huge kick to the crevass.

  53. And, for the record, I am not the “en fuego” guy at AoS…


  55. I just tried to go to Whittle’s site and it’s hosted on pj media now? When did that happen? I loved his stuff.

  56. *drains thread’s fluids*
    *pumps embalming fluid into thread*

    *covers thread with linen shroud*

  57. His sheepdog essay (Whittle’s) is a must read, Rosetta.

  58. Crap, it’s not in his archives. It’s “there” but it’s not.

  59. Really?

    I didn’t think to save his archives. I printed out all the old essays. And of course, he published them in book form. If I were Rosetta, I’d say it would be worth the $15-20 to buy the book.

  60. “Tribes” is a must read also.

  61. I think Tribes might have been my favorite.

  62. That’s the one I’m referring to. I couldn’t remember the title. I just remembered the sheepdog analogy, but when I went looking I realized “Tribes” was the proper title.

  63. I noticed that laura didn’t bother to remove the thread’s brain through the nose.

    She knows when something is a waste of time.

  64. For the most part, the older the essay, the better.

  65. I still recall Whittle’s one about “Sanctuary” that he wrote shortly after that Marine was videotaped shooting the jihadi in Fallujah who was playing possum

  66. PA, check your email.

  67. okey, dokey, brad baby

  68. xBrad, no wonder you haven’t found a job.

  69. Yep, that worked. REad that Rosie.

  70. Heh. I just searched for that tidbit I mentioned.

    Guess what?

    You really did turn up…

  71. Brew – Don’t you have posting rights here?
    No. I evidently have too much testosterone goatse

    Fixed it for ya!

  72. I’ll be damned.

  73. Heh.

    PA, it was a link to a Scott Beauchamp story on Ace’s.

  74. so, we get to the doctor’s office for an 8am appointment.

    There were 11 people there for an 8am appointment. With the same doctor. That’s bullshit. My mom (never a shrinking violet) told the staff what a crock it was and said “I’m going home. I’ll come back when I’M ready to see him!”

    Somehow, she got bumped to the head of the line.

  75. **sniff sniff**


    That “Fresh Poat” smell is wearing off…

  76. can I just state for the record that I’m not responsible for the following search terms that led “people’ here to H2?

    boy fucking stepmom 1
    big boobs pajama shirt 1
    mare porn 1

  77. I dug Whittle’s essays. Damn good stuff. Always a long, good read.
    Rosie- you’re an ignorant slut for not hearing of him before today.

    BTW- I am going by my full name today, so you all don’t get confused. Say it with a fwench accent. It’s better that way.

  78. Your mom sounds like she is feisty X, I understand why you would rather not be too close. Feisty is fun when you can turn it off.

  79. Sometimes, it’s justified, V.

    Sometimes, she’s just plain ornery.

  80. Rosie- you’re an ignorant slut for not hearing of him before today.

    *moves Rich from “Kill Last” list to “Kill First” list*

  81. Fresh poat!!

    Get your fresh poat!!

    Hot out of the oven!!

    Get it while it’s hot!!

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