A lesser man would make a PJM joke here

The beach-bum looking guy in the video is The Poorman, who used to be a DJ on alternative rock powerhouse KROQ back in its heyday in the eighties, before they fucked everything up and started playing Metallica and a bunch of Nu-Metal wankers. Then, he broke into the house of one of the morning show’s hosts and trashed the place, earning his walking papers.

He also hosted the awesome Request Video on Orange County’s (Pat Boone-owned, by the way) Channel 56, which also featured weirdo talk show host Wally George’s show. Here’s a clip with both of them:

Improbably, Wally George managed to father this woman. Yes, really.

Oh, and incidentally, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the PJM pictured in our yearbook watched Request Video and had a KROQ sticker on the bumper of her kewl Volkswagen Rabbit.


  1. Venus in Furst!

  2. Sean, you’re a little too young to have seen Risky Business in theaters. But dear God, I can’t tell you what a fantasy that woman was for many years.

  3. Of course, Feds wasn’t quite the cinematic powerhouse that Risky Business was.

  4. I did manage to see The Hand That Rocks The Cradle in theaters, and she was pretty hot in that.

  5. SeeenEm, don’t be a hater.

  6. She was hot in that, Sean, but her character was crazy as a shithouse rat. But yeah, hot.

  7. Shim, I’m not a big Metallica fan. Never really cared for them. But I’ll give them this, they put on an awesome concert. Great show. And they seem to really be pleased that they get to play for you.

    I went to a Metallica/G&R concert back in the 90’s, and they had a great show. Then G&R come out and acted like we were lucky to see them. Fuck G&R.

  8. SeeenEm, don’t be a hater.

    I’m not. I don’t really like or dislike Metallica. I’m more or less indifferent to them. But a radio station that has an alternative/new wave/punk format really has no business playing their stuff.

  9. Yeah X, Axl Rose was a piece of shit toward the fans that put him on top. Although, I really like Izzy Stradlin, he was a main song writer and penned some great stuff and when he could no longer put up with Axl’s bullshit he made some great tunes with the JuJu Hounds. Here’s one- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb84Jgxi0Xw

  10. Concede the point Seeen

  11. Axl should have been taken out and beaten to death with a tire iron.

    James Hetfield was playing right after being horribly burned, at the expense of extreme pain.

  12. Yeah, I saw that on the vh1 show. Axl turns pussy and fucks the crowd, Chinese democracy blows.

  13. Well it’s late and my chickens will be sreaming in 4 hours Night…y’all.

  14. Of course, I might have somewhat down on the second half of the concert because someone in the upper deck puked over the rail….

  15. Wow.

    Two tumblers of rotgut and I’m hammered. Guess I should have eaten dinner.

  16. Well, hopefully the morning crew will show up to perform CPR on this poat before it croaks.

  17. Tushar saved you ass with Thursday Foreignotica…

  18. I’d bet dollars to donuts

    Too bad I ate the donuts huh?

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