The Race Card for Me But Not for Thee


Media double standard?  WHA!?!?!  Dog bites man?  WHA?!?!?!

Every left-leaning Obama-loving talking head I’ve seen today is outraged, OUTRAGED I SAY!!!, that Glenn Beck dare say that the President of the United States of America doesn’t like white people.



Where was the liberal outrage at that slur?  Alex, I’ll take “Things That Weren’t There” for $100.


  1. 2nd!

  2. I’m fighting off the manbearpig flu today so I’m going back to bed.

    Also, you’re a RACIST!!!

  3. 12th!

  4. Where is Eric Holder defending this white man for trying to have an uncowardly conversation about race in America?

    *smacks forehead with heel of hand*
    OOOHHHHH!!!! That’s right!! Black people cannot be racists, so the only honest conversation about race is one with whitey being contrite for holding a brotha back, or being lectured by a brotha or sista for for being a racist, and reaping the benefits of “white priviledge, even if they actually worked for everything they have. Nothing else meets the script and is therefore unacceptable.

    These sniveling, greedy, racist pieces of shit are going to over play this card until the average non-“person of color” is riled to the point of having enough.

  5. Wait, I’m confused. I’m mostly black with white patches. Am I 45% insulted? I DO have a Pink Spot that the ‘Bammybots can kiss……

  6. Rosetta, you feelin’ any better, Bud? Maybe we can dress up Ms. PattyAnn like Florence Nightingale and get you over this crap. I blame Rahm.

  7. I’m here, if I’m allowed. Not sure I meet the quota.

  8. I’m here, if I’m allowed. Not sure I meet the quota.

    Breasteses are better than the American Express Card, Romy.

  9. 106 degrees outside my office. Words cannot express how wrong this is.

  10. I’m here, if I’m allowed. Not sure I meet the quota.

    You, Dear Lady, are mostly Red with a Big White Nose. Out of the Pool.

  11. Breasteses are better than the American Express Card, Romy.

    Don’t leave home without them?

  12. Later, y’all.

  13. Sox, I thought I was scaring everyone with how white my legs are.

  14. I think some guy’s flip flops just melted to the pavement across the the street.

    It must be hot outside. The Mexican laborers repairing the barbershop across the street stopped working and disappeared.

  15. BiW, it was 87 and pleasant today. You sure someone didn’t switch our weathers?

  16. Time to fix dinner, bbl.

  17. The Gulf water temp is 90. The water in the bay is 94. The low tonight will not be very low. Did I mention the humidity?

  18. BiW, I never, ever thought I’d say this, but I feel bad for you. 106 must be frickin’ miserable.

  19. You tell ’em Sox.
    Old Benny Hill skit:
    Old man:The cat’s only got one eye.
    Benny: But he’s walkin out the door!!
    Pucker up bitches!!!!!

  20. Racists!

  21. I’m fighting off the manbearpig flu today letting this ferret crawl out of my ass so I’m going back to bed.

    There ye be.

  22. What’s up shim? Throw your finger in the air and let me hear where you’re at!

  23. Uncensored my ass.


  24. Damn, this thread is dead.

    But xbrad, you’re doing it wrong.


    just because I like Billy Joel better than Garth Brooks.

  26. Too much friction, cabron.

  27. Compos, what up my man? Workin on 6 or 7 shots of whiskey w/ blue moon chasers tonight, a nice buzz.

  28. There’s a different way to get my ass sucked? Show me.

  29. I am back from walking the dogs. The humidity was 4,000,000%!!! (it just rained) Now I am drinking extra dry Martini’s. (there is not even a vermouth bottle in the house)

  30. I forgot to add, hang on shim I am trying to catch up!

  31. How’d you know I was comin after you dogman? hahahahahaha

  32. Stop being a pussy ya big weinster! It’s 106 on my cornhole right now.

    Dick, that sounds crowded…….

  33. ‘Sup, crackers? As a brown man, I think it’s my responsibility to remind you I still waiting for my reparations!

  34. I learned my lesson about martinis in Vegas.

    For your next Youtube link, may I present Comic Con for PJ, Wonder Woman for Rosetta, and massive bewbs at 2:27 for the men.

  35. Vmax, I’ve just posted a couple of new photos at my blog that you might appreciate.

  36. MCPO, tanned from all the golfing doesn’t count!

  37. FaceChimp buddies … you can see my poor car’s wrecked front end on my page. Boo! Not my favorite way to top off an afternoon.

  38. Roames do some more of that Vegas linkage, good times, woman, good times!!

  39. “I think some guy’s flip flops just melted to the pavement across the the street.”

    Dave, can this possibly be the same man who was trumpeting his low temps to us a month or so ago?

  40. “All three of you”


  41. Powergirl does have a pretty decent rack.

  42. MCPO, tanned from all the golfing doesn’t count!

    Says who??

  43. TOBY!!!!!

  44. You’re welcome.

  45. Powergirl does have a pretty decent rack.


  46. So I take it Powergirl should be the next BBF?

  47. Dinner was quick Ms Romy.

  48. I was thinking Roamy could be the next BBF…

    Send in a couple more pics of you in various costumes…

  49. So I take it Powergirl should be the next BBF?

    Unless Rosetta’s fever stays above 103, she is about 85 pounds too light.

  50. I dunno PA, I kinda feel sorry for him. I’ll bet Temple Texas has 4x the tonnage of AC than Seattle has.

  51. Dinner was quick. Steak, baked potato, peas, and biscuits. The boys left for their Scout meeting.

    XBrad, those would need to be scanned. There’s another elf outfit and the one of me belly dancing. I look like the evil Jeannie.

  52. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Sometimes, I’m glad I missed the 70s in America.

  53. Man, I hated the Brady Bunch, and that was my sister’s favorite show.

  54. Sometimes, I’m glad I missed the 70s in America
    Where were you?

  55. The Hypocrisy! makes my head explode…

    These days I have to wrap my head with a roll of duct tape before I start reading news on the net!

    Best Wishes to all

  56. Love the Godsmack, shim. Sully Erna kicks ass.

  57. VF-84? Hmmm.

    Don’t get many Jolly Rodgers here.

    Tell us about yourself, Bob.

  58. I’m slightly pissed that Romy made steaks and I wasn’t invited.

  59. I heard this song on the radio yesterday morning. I usually don’t listen that closely, but just the name of this song sort of annoyed me. Then I listened to the words and was just disgusted. Same old fucking whiny, greedy, lazy libs.

    This should become the official theme song of the Democrat Party.

  60. What kind of loser comments on a youtube music video?

  61. This girl I know was looking for some money for school, I paid her to sketch Max, Bear, and Zeke. Here is her first sketch of Max.
    max sketch
    I have it framed and hanging over my fire place. I really like it and am looking forward to Bear and Zeke!

  62. Sorry, XBrad, I have a teenager in the house now. And an 8-year-old trying to catch up to him.

  63. Sorry – At sea and in Spain/North Africa

  64. What kind of loser comments on a youtube music video?

    Someone who gets annoyed at the stupidity of the average idiot who likes this sort of garbage.

  65. For a decade MCPO! Wow. Thank you for your dedication.

  66. 3 chat windows open – HALP!!!

  67. Sorry, XBrad, I have a teenager in the house now. And an 8-year-old trying to catch up to him.

    Sorry. I forgot. One cow a day will still leave your family hungry…

  68. That’s a great sketch, V.

  69. I could be mean and make it four, MCPO.

  70. Thanks X, I have Zeke and Bear on the works too.

  71. all you chatty motherfuckers should be hanging here.

  72. I fixed nine pork chops for dinner one night, expecting to have some left over for lunch. Mr. RFH ate two, I ate one, daughter ate one, son ate five, plus all the sides and dessert.

  73. Heh. Bob Reed’s avatar got me looking for some cool unit patches:

  74. Romy – It will be like that for years. When my son was a teenager, all we did was buy groceries!

  75. Brad – the last is the best! Most non-PC one I’ve seen in a while.

  76. Romy – Facechimp or Gmail???

  77. Hahahaha, I like the last one on that page, XBrad.

  78. MCPO, facechimp.

    I may have to go back to full-time work to keep this one fed.

  79. HAHAHA! Good luck. . . hope they have overtime available!

  80. XBrad, “Death Wears Bunny Slippers” is another good one. Page 6.

  81. I’ve always had two personal favorites, Romy, neither particularly funny. I just liked them.

    VF-114, The Fighting Aardvarks

    and VF-143, the World Famous Puking Dogs

    The Aardvarks are fairly self explanatory, but the -143 story is a bit different. When they had a squadron party, the original insignia was of Pegasus. But the centerpiece decoration for the party was made of paper mache, and it drooped. One of the wives complained that it looked like a “puking dog” and a new squadron name was born.

  82. The Puking Dog thing was interesting when the powers that be “asked” them to change it!

  83. Whatcha thinkin’ about Romy?

  84. MCPO, they’ve been sucking the life (spelled “F-U-N”) out of NavAir since ‘Hook ’91.

    I did just find this, which is interesting, since the Army has never been big on patches…

  85. Whatcha doing, MCPO?

  86. Clint – Those are the glasses that the VA issues!

  87. I like the Wild Weasels.

  88. Nice, clint. I got to meet the astronauts from the last Hubble Servicing Mission.

  89. That guy was actually pretty good.

  90. … maybe ever so slightly nerdy but good.

  91. Good night all

  92. XBrad, I have a DVD of Ant vs. Aardvark cartoons. Used to be aired during the Pink Panther show.

  93. Romy, I ‘m sure you know this but youtube has a ton of interesting space videos. I love the ones that have been set to music.

  94. Good night, Vmax. I hope to see the drawings of Bear and Zeke soon, too!

  95. ‘night, Vmax.

  96. Night, Vmax. Hug Bear, Zeke and Emma for me.

  97. Thanks all
    (back from taking the muts out to pee.)

  98. Clint, this is one of my favorite space ones.

  99. Also, this one, though you have to know where to look to see my experiment.

  100. OK, Romy, I’ve got your bedtime story picked out.

  101. Not a lot of ‘splodey, but some good shooty.

  102. **sniffs armpits**

    Dammit. Scared ’em off again.

  103. Nope, still here, just not much to say. I guess I am ready for my bedtime story, please.

    Though, what is that smell? Old Spice?

  104. I’m watching some paper towel commercial and they say they are saving trees. . . by showing an oak tree?!? Last time I checked, paper was made from pine trees, a renewable resource.

  105. Though, what is that smell? Old Spice?

    Fuck you. I really do wear Old Spice.

  106. I still use Royal Copenhagen, tobacco and man smell.

  107. I didn’t say it was a bad smell.

  108. Co-worker calls Old Spice his “stink-purty”.

  109. HAHAHAHA! Touchy much, Brad??

  110. Old Spice is everyday wear. I also have some Van Cleef & Arpels, and some Brooks Brothers (smells like Old Money) for more formal occasions.

  111. Mr. RFH has some after-shave balm that goes away after a while. I like it.

  112. OK, like I said, not a ‘splodey vid, but a shooty vid. This is BCT at Ft. Benning, where they are training the newbies to become 11C mortarmen.

    When you enlist for the infantry, they don’t tell you if you’ll be a rifleman, mortarman, or anti-tank (TOW) gunner. They just split off groups about half way through training and off they go to become lesser beings than 11Bs…

  113. Dad used to wear Aqua Velva blue. Not sure if that’s even made any more.

  114. So do the mortars go off the moment they hit the bottom of the barrel?

  115. Romy – Yes they still make Aqua Velva. They sell it in our PX.

  116. 1. I have a bottle of Aqua Velva Blue. Not bad as aftershave (ie, for my comfort, not for the scent)

    2. Most mortars, yes. They have a fixed firing pin at the bottom of the tube. You just drop the round down the tube, and it’s on its way. Some, however, have the option of either being “drop fired” or using a conventional trigger, where you drop the round, then when you are ready to shoot, squeeze the trigger.

  117. There was a youtube of someone firing mortars and yelling Allah Akbar until the whole thing blew up. One of the swamp heathens sent it to me with the note, “he’s about to find out about the 72 virgins.”

  118. Interesting Remix

  119. What was that aftershave that was so popular in the 70s? British something…
    Hated it.

  120. Heh. I was in the back yard, just finished killing a spider. I happened to glance at the back wall of the house as I took a drag on my cigarette.

    The whole wall lit up red. Freaked me out. Turns out, there was a car in the parking lot behind the house hit its brakes, and I was seeing the reflection of the brake lights.

  121. PattyAnn, another popular one I hated was Hai Karate. My middle brother wore that one until my sister and I poured it down the sink.

    British Sterling?

  122. Good night, y’all.

  123. English Leather? Kinky, no?

  124. G’night, Romy.


  125. Sean?????

  126. There was a youtube of someone firing mortars and yelling Allah Akbar until the whole thing blew up.

    I love that one.

    ‘Allahu akbar!’ *WHUMP

    ‘Allahu akbar!’ *WHUMP

    ‘Allahu akbar!’ *WHUMP

    ‘Allahu akbar!’ *BOOM

    . . .

  127. G’night, Romy.

    **pulls covers up to Romy’s chin**

  128. Heh, MCPO, I love that the charge was actually “buggery”

    That’s a good word you just don’t hear used much anymore.

  129. Sean?????

    Nope. I don’t own a stable. Or a shotgun.

  130. When I asked my Dad why our family moved from Scotland to Ireland, his response was a classic: “Sheep thieving and buggery, boy. Sheep thieving and buggery.”

    Still makes me laugh. He said he never met an Irishman that wasn’t related to royalty. . . especially after 3 pints.

  131. I’m outta here for the evening. Someone leave a passdown for the next shift, or alternatively, put up a new poat!

  132. Permission to go ashore, MCPO.

    I have the watch.

  133. BBF makes the news. In fact, it is about the news:

  134. Yes, Roamy, it was British Sterling. Ugh. And Hai Karate. Ugh.

  135. Patty Ann, if you still here … I believe you’re talking about British Sterling.

  136. Goodnight, Sean. And xBrad. Definitely xBrad.

  137. Well, call me redundant.

  138. Uh, I’m not going to bed yet, PattyAnn.

    Oh, you mean you’re going to bed.

    Good night, sweat thing. I’m just going to go look at that Dita Von Teese pic that reminds me of you.

    I’ll, uh, be right back.

  139. Clint? I didn’ see you! Goodnight, sweetiepie!

  140. I’m still very pissed that PattyAnn has never put a pic on PoL.

  141. I mean, it’s not like I touch myself while looking at the wimmens PoL pics…

  142. Good night, sweat thing.

    Freudian slip?

    Oh, and goodnight PA.

  143. PA makes me hot, what can I say?

  144. Don’t sweat the petty things.

    And don’t pet the sweaty things.

  145. And by “sweaty things” I pretty much mean any of the Hostage guys…

  146. New poat for your, um, enjoyment.

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