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Someone *cough huge uterus cough* gave me the keys to this here blog thingy, so…


Update: In case there was any confusion, yes, I was talking about PJM.


  1. Nice.


    nice youtube embed………..dude

  3. sure, make my comment look like it doesn’t make any sense


    YOU SUCK!!!!

    funny video though

  4. MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You’ll live to regret this!!!!

    (Damn, did I type that out loud?)

  5. Hey Sean.

  6. Morning hotsnausages

  7. Shamelessly lifted from AoS

    Caught looking again!

  8. Like I said last night, I don’t blame him for looking. (begin macro) If a Republican President had done this…(end macro)

  9. TBOM Tries to get too comfortable with a turtle

  10. By the way, DiT, nice post this morning over there. I’m sending that link around.

  11. Oh, and somebody better tell Pixy that I can’t get to the comments.

  12. Hi Eddie, I emailed Pixy, he replied that you are the only one having this problem and it’s not an accident.

  13. ^oh, thanks.

  14. BTW, I see why Sosho REALLY was busy last night

  15. Michael was in NYC?

  16. it’s not an accident.

    So, what you’re saying is, it’s a conspiracy. It’s about time.

  17. >> nice post this morning


  18. G’morning, turds & turdettes!

  19. yeah, dave, and thanks for giving me something to do at IB, despite it having been done here first.

  20. Yep, nice post Dave.

    Oh how we both laughed and laughed, LauraW and me. Funny stuff.

    I don’t remember that part, but I’ll trust ya sweetie.

  21. Are you saying it’s old wiserbud? THAT’S OVER THE LINE.


    Also “laughed” is a codeword. Shhhh!!

  22. Oh how we both laughed and laughed, LauraW and me. Funny stuff.

    I think that was when Dave put his speedo on.

    I know I laughed and laughed.

    And laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and vomited and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and drank more to erase the image from my brain and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

  23. Are you saying it’s old wiserbud? THAT’S OVER THE LINE.

    Nah. The idea’s not old. Just …….. pre-tested. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

  24. I also see that I’m RULING the thread!!!!!

  25. I’m RULING the thread!!!!!

    Quick! Let me put on my sycophant hat. . .

    “That’s wonderful, wiser!”
    “Gee, is there anyone as funny as wiser?”
    “I laughed, I cried. That wiser is the wittiest man on the planet.”

    Now, please excuse me. I have to take a wiser and wipe my Rosetta.

  26. *drops a silent but deadly egg fart in thread*

    *composes face into model of innocence*

  27. All kidding aside, what is amazing about the Warren Buffet comments is that just a week or so ago, he ripped Obama; now, he seems to be back on board. I wonder if Rahmbo threatened some regulatory oversight of Berkshire-Hathaway.

    But, the “the stimulus isn’t working because it’s too small, and we need another/bigger one” meme seems to be gaining steam on the left, as if (as Dave mentioned) just using the othe r90% of the stimulus that already passed never entered their minds.

    I guess they will come up with any excuses, laughable though it may be, to defend themselves against the truth.

  28. Qoick! Let me put on my sycophant hat. . .

    Fine work, MCPO. You are now allowed to comment here for one more day.


  29. Warren Buffett reminds me of the hangers-on in Roosevelt’s era, the guys that ran NRA and TVA and all that. I’m just hoping we still have a Mellon or two left in the world.

  30. Eddie, the largest part of Berkshire’s holding are insurance.

    Sorta explains things, you know?

  31. *drops a silent but deadly egg fart in thread*


    *sniff sniff

    Is PJ here early today?

  32. Dave:


  33. Just when you think it’s gonna be a quiet Friday, the whole goddam phone system goes Tango Uniform.


  34. That must have been some air biscuit LauraW dropped. . . cleared out the whole place!!

  35. (muffled by gasmask) Still here.

  36. I thought the volcano up north spewed. Guess it was just LauraW

  37. This post sucks.

  38. This post blows.

  39. This post went from suck to blow in just one comment

  40. Is it time for bewbs yet?

  41. It’s Saturday here, so I vote “YES”

  42. The local vet is currently treating a turtle that was found near death on the beach. He is using Bondo to fill the holes in the shell, and said he would “add fiberglass tomorrow” Pretty neat stuff.

    I envisioned a RoboTurtle that is entirely PJM proof.

  43. what’s killing this thread is Dave’s thread at IB.

  44. I need a new skin suit, this post has given me a smell that just won’t go away. Seeen Em should get banhammer!! I will never and I mean NEVER be the same again. Plz don’t call me Roger ,thx.

  45. Techno Turtle.

  46. Oh crap, now I killed the thread.

  47. Better puppy picture up. On my blog. Top of the page.

  48. eddie bear hahahahahaha That chic with the crutch was great!

  49. Sohita – What did the Doctor say??

  50. I dont have to go back to see him for 6 months. He is the plastic surgeon that closed the wound and he thinks it looks great. He doesnt want to take the meat from my back out of my leg until after the knee surgery so I dont have to go back to him until Jan. Yay!

  51. He said to keep wearing the compression hose and to keep using the mederma

  52. I’ll get Tommie to take a picture later and post so y’all can see how much better it is looking

  53. Sohita – Sounds like good news!

  54. Sohos taking vit E will “loosen” strands of scar tissue, to make flatter/less bump-from inside in conjuction w/mederma. Double powwee!! congrats.

  55. The capsules?

  56. Yes

  57. Sohita – I prefer to smoke it.

  58. Where is this guy and why won’t he bring “The Witch”es boobs?

  59. BBF is up if you’re into that sort of thing.

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