Ours just ended in our little town.  Wheeee! 68 degrees on the third of July!! Global Warming is keeling us!!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderfully fun weekend. Now, let the harassment begin!


  1. It’s cooled off to 92 deg. here now.
    What the hell happened on that last post?

  2. I’m not sure but, this whole post disappeared for me!!

  3. Hahaha. Yaknow, there is a Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi right now. Just sayin’.

  4. am watchin it now PA

  5. We are, too. Hoping we didn’t miss the Burgess Meredith not enough time episode.

  6. WordPress is freaking out, man!

  7. Hi, Patty Ann. Sorry I missed replying to you earlier … had gone to eat.

  8. I’m re-posting this here for Vmax because of problems with the last poat…


    I’ve got you beat. My paternal grandfather was born in 1876 — 11 years after the end of the War Between the States — and my maternal grandmother was born in 1887.

    Whippersnapper. I got liver spots older than you.

  9. Hoping we didn’t miss the Burgess Meredith not enough time episode.

    Or the William Shatner terror at 20,000 feet episode.

  10. Paulitics, I remember reading somewhere that the grandson of President John Tyler is alive, living somewhere near Seattle.

  11. DiT,

    How long into the season before the rumors start about Wade Phillips? Same with Jim Zorn?

  12. RFH,

    You’re memory is good. The guy is still living. Unbelievable, when you think about it.

  13. You’re = your

  14. It will start in pre-season

  15. Paulitics, I kick ass in Trivial Pursuit. I just think about parenting in your 60’s and 70’s and shudder.

  16. RFH, I can kick your cute butt in TP

  17. I got liver spots older than you.

    Paulitics, when I first starting working at NASA and my co-workers found out how old I was, one told me, “I got freckles on my ass older than you!”

  18. RFH, I can spank your cute butt in TP

  19. RFH, I can kick your cute butt in TP
    Only if the categories all involve TV shows after 1984. I know zero Seinfeld or Friends trivia.

  20. Nice pick up line. Remind me to use it next time I want to get thrown out.

  21. Or sports other than football and baseball. I always guess either Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky on any hockey question.

  22. *draws a line in the sand of general knowledge prior to 1984.

    It’s on

  23. This was on History Channel yesterday – what company was founded by Henry Ford to use the waste wood shavings from automobile manufacture?

  24. Papa Johns Pizza!

    That was too easy

  25. Check out the picture of the two…

  26. Hahahaha, DiT. It was Kingsford Charcoal – they processed the shavings into briquettes. Mr. Kingsford was actually a cousin of Ford’s.

  27. Testing…1…2…3…

  28. Okay, what the fuck is going on here?

  29. This place is deader than wiser’s dick.

  30. I know that because DiT told me.

  31. Heheheheh!

    Hey Romy, did you read through the BBF thread yet??

  32. I found it by accident, but. . .

    Recommended – ‘No Night is too Long’

    It’s a Hitchcock style suspense/drama. There’s nothing gratuitous, but it does have male nudity and a gay theme. I still recommend it because the story was quite entertaining, and well-done. The twists in the story more than made up for anything else. Bravo!

  33. John Tyler’s son, Lyon was born in 1853, when John Tyler was 63 years old.
    Lyon Tyler has two living sons, born in 1924 and 1928. Lyon was 71 and 75 years old when those two were born!

    Oh, and John Tyler’s dad was a friend of Thomas Jefferson. I doubt there are many people around whose great grandpa was friends with Thomas Jefferson.

  34. Papa Johns was an AWESOME guess

  35. Dave – Did you read my response at IB?

  36. Not yet Chief. Are you kicking my ass too?

  37. Dave – I was gentle as I can be.

  38. I just saw Palin’s speech. I am betting $100 dollars that she is running for President. Can’t say if it is 12 or 16, but she is not quitting.

  39. 70 years ago…

    Can you imagine one of today’s star athletes being so humble?

  40. That was moving, Sean.

  41. Ok Chief, got it.

  42. Even if you did kill the thread.

  43. Actually, looks like I revived the thread.

    Take that!

  44. I mean, Tushar came and scared off everyone with his brownness. You’re lucky I rescued you.

  45. Since you put it that way…

  46. Patty,it occurs tome that we never really talk

  47. Papa Johns was an AWESOME guess

    Just keep talking to yourself, big fella. Reality is just a state of mind.

  48. Sean, you start.

  49. Reality is just a state of mind.

    That’s true.

    Hey! Look at the sky! Commissioner Gordon needs you!

  50. Regarding the last post, I call BS on that model having a 22″ waist and 34″ hips. Either her waist is bigger than 22″ or (my guess) her hips are smaller than 34″. (I say this because I know from personal experience (i.e., the mirror) what a 24.5″ waist and 34.5″ hips look like.)

  51. Sean, you start.


    *exhales deeply*

    Every time someone posts a link to a funny picture, I feel enormous pressure to find an even funnier photo. There are limits to what you can find on Google searching for “funny bald retarded gay clown baby.” I just can’t take it anymore!


  52. You call that a start?

    Mrs. Pell, you tell Riccola. Tell him good.

  53. Oops, Peel.

  54. You call that a start?

    Okay, xbrad didn’t actually go to “the desert.” Well, he went there, but he won’t be coming back. There was a shovel involved…

  55. And Burl? You don’t want to know what happened to Burl…

  56. So, you are a serial killer. You should have a really good name for that.

  57. So, you are a serial killer. You should have a really good name for that.

    Well, I may be a serial killer, but you haven’t shared thus far. It’s a two-way street, you know.

  58. I just can’t take it anymore!

    Dude, relax. I don’t click on those links. I don’t thing anyone does, except for a few drooling retards like Rosetta.

  59. thing = think

  60. Thanks for understanding, Michael.

    Now, since Patty Ann doesn’t feel like sharing, I’m off to stalk Michael have a few beers.

  61. Hell, Sean, everyone here knows all my dirty little secrets.


  63. >>>I say this because I know from personal experience (i.e., the mirror) what a 24.5″ waist and 34.5″ hips look like.

    They look HAWT!

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