Wheeew! That Last Thread Smells Worse Than Obama’s Excuses!

I think it was just an experiment to see how long a thread with “zombie” in the title could stink up this place.   I’m sorry, but it was worse than that dish in the bad of the fridge at work.  You know the one.  The one no one will claim and has been there longer than anyone can remember?  The one that starts rattling when it knows your the last one in the office and working late?  Yeah, that one.  Anyway, it seems like a perfect time to honor the HopeyChangey Zeitgeist loose in the land, and start a discussion about the coming Obama HellCare that will be imposed on us all.  I’ll go first. 

It will be a lot easier driving around on Sunday without those pesky old people, who will be dying at home on those pain pills, since they won’t rate surgery anymore.  Your turn.


  1. I won’t say “Fist!”

    That just gets TBOM excited.

  2. Wheeew! That Last Thread Smells Worse Than Obama’s Excuses!

    Hyperbole, much?

  3. Hyperbole, much?

    Listen, Queenie. Last I looked, you had privledges here too. I’m as easy going as the next guy. Hell, I never cause trouble, but when I saunter in and get smacked in the face with an odor worse than Brad’s socks, Rosetta’s underwear, and Wiser’s napkins combined, I have to something.

  4. Well, I’ll give it a try.

    I won’t have to worry about a mortgage anymore since I’ll instead be paying taxes to cover ObamaCare.

    Umm. This is really fucking depressing. The macabre really outweighs the jokey part.

  5. An oldie ,but a goodie
    Who’s a girl havta blow to get some healthcare around here?

  6. New, new poat.

  7. Eddibear pity comment.

  8. e even

  9. I see that the Minnesota Supreme Court was nice enough to disenfranchise the men and women of the military due to the lack of “strict adherence” to the absentee voting rules, thereby giving the election to Stuart Smally. FUCK THEM!!

    Had it been one of the “approved victim groups”, do you think the outcome would have been the same. Too bad the folks that defend the Constitution can’t seek redress under the Equal Protection clause.

    I’m so fucking pissed off I could fucking scream!!!!

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