Young Rosetta was a musical genius

What happened?

Also, an awesome Hostages documentary.

It’s a little NSFW for fake nudie bits.


  1. you think that was a fake nudie bit? that wasn’t a real penis?

  2. With the color change?

  3. romy! can you shrink sumpin for me real quick?

    what color change?

  4. The head was a different color than the shaft, and the shaft was a weird yellow.

    You bet, send it!

  5. already in your inbox

    well, I didn’t look REALLY hard at the penis…….maybe I should look again huh?

  6. oh yeah, nevermind. that thing is totally fake

  7. hola ladies. (ok, lady and PJM)

  8. So Roamy, you’re not on a flight over here?

  9. Oh, look what the cat dragged in. Hi Americano

  10. Hey, peeeeeej

  11. so anyhoo, I upgraded the RAM on one of my desktops today, but it’s obvious that I’m going to have to upgrade the hard drive as well because the one I have on this ain’t cuttin it. So that’s what I get to do tomorrow besides take the kids to a chili cook off at the beach.

    It was SO dusty inside the computer.

  12. Hey, peeeeeej

    uh huh

  13. Got it, workin’ it.

  14. I just bought a computer last night. cant afford it, but oh well.

  15. thank you romy. it cracked me up when I saw it

    oh that’s right americano.

    give me the details so I can drool

  16. I LOOOOOOVE getting new computers. It’s like Christmas for me.

  17. give me the details so I can drool

    You want details of the computer or about something else?

  18. the computer
    it’s specs

  19. Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″; 2.53 GHz intel core 2; RAM = 4GB; HD = 320 GB

  20. an apple huh?
    very interesting

    have you always been an apple guy?

    ok……….I’m jealous, even if it is an apple. I could cross over

  21. Check your email. Heh heh heh.

  22. No. This is my first one, actually.

  23. So you’re saying you could go both ways, PJM?

  24. thank you romy

  25. No. This is my first one, actually.

    so how do you “right” click?

    So you’re saying you could go both ways, PJM?

    it’d be a struggle, but once I let myself go, I’d prolly really enjoy it

  26. I have and use as my primary computer an IBM thinkpad that is friggin indestructable. I’ve dropped it numerous times; it’s been spilled upon. And yet it works. So I’ll certainly keep it

  27. ugh, my head hurts from lack of sleep………or dehydration, either one

    night boys and girls

  28. so how do you “right” click?

    I don’t know. I don’t know any of the keyboard shortcuts, either. It’s gonna take some learning and unlearning, but I hope to get it figured out quickly.

  29. ugh, let me know when you find out. it drives me crazy when I’m at my sister’s house and I use her mac

    ok seriously, i’m leaving

  30. I’m leaving until the header pic is changed.

  31. cry me a river

  32. Yeah, I had to keep the guy in the background.

    PJ, I think you would have liked the t-shirt I saw in Cincy. I forget the exact line but “cows are for tipping – Ohio”

  33. Refresh the page, ‘cano.

  34. PJ, I think you would have liked the t-shirt I saw in Cincy. I forget the exact line but “cows are for tipping – Ohio”

    hahahahaha, yes I would have

    and I”m glad you kept wiserbud in the background

  35. night romy

    thanks again

  36. And with that mission accomplished – good night!

  37. Back again. Anybody still here?

  38. Well, then. Goodnight.

    *refrains from rubbing anything nasty on the comments*


  39. I like that fat kid. Boys rock.

  40. Just I and my friend
    Will travel for miles with our Saturday smiles. . .

  41. Morning dorks.

    >> it’d be a struggle, but once I let myself go, I’d prolly really enjoy it

    Please elaborate, thanks.

  42. DiT – Huh?????

  43. Whose turn is it to make me breakfast?

    Cheese eggs, bacon and cinnamon-raisin toast, please.

    I’ll be enjoying my coffee while you whip that up.

  44. Cherrios and juice is all you’ll get! Either eat it or wear it, mister!

  45. You golfing today, Buttafuoco?

  46. That header pic is criminal. Some heads need to roll.

  47. Naw, not today. The Missus is on some crafting retreat so I’m doing some repairs and stuff around Casa Airdale.

  48. Eggs perfectly poached on top of corned beef hash, wheat english muffin, grits, a nanna and a SC peach

  49. Give me a subject, shim, and I’ll change the header pic.

  50. Or not. I’ll find something good.

  51. Oh, I was cleaning up after my awesome breakfast. Okay, how ’bout honoring Nathan’s and look into eating contests.


    I see you guys have been busy

  53. My high school, which I raised the coolness level just by walking the halls and tormenting teachers, that would go home and beat their kids to relieve the stress I brought upon them, used to do a Winter Carnival with one contest being pie eating. My freshman year when I was a wee Shimmster, a senior hottie was in the blueberry pie eating bonanza, she dove in, broke her nose, butdidn’t quit, she continued to devour while her nose was screaming blood. She won, YAY!!!, then shen puked, in front of the whole school. Boy, what good times.


    This should help you guys get a few family photos.


    Or this.

  56. EVB, I didn’t see, but do they ship those to the Philippine Islands? A certain drunken purchaser, confided about the impulse late night buying sprees. Let’s help.

  57. ^heh.

  58. WTF? The music stations, entertainment stations and Faux, CNN, et al are running nonstop M Jackson. I just saw, flipping thru stations, that one channel will run 2 episodes of Charlies Angels. This is BULLSHIT. That beautiful lady helped take the sting out of the Carter years, take the edge off Wally Cronite’s traderism of the VN vets and soften the eye poke of the shitty cars that were pushed on us from the Gov’t. She deserves way more than what she is getting.
    rant off

  59. Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
    Setting up of other roads, travel on in old accustomed ways.
    I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughters
    That,knew the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.

  60. I’d be interested to hear what Musli thought of these two songs/mashup

  61. PJM’s wedding?

  62. SRV

    Let’s go peeples!!!

  63. From a previous post, by Romy:

    PJ, I started out four inches shorter than the first guy I dated and ended up at least an inch taller.

    What does this mean? Did you cut his head off?

  64. Answer: They got off the couch, cleaned up, put on their clothes and stood face to face for a goodbye peck

  65. What does this mean? Did you cut his head off?

    Nah, she bit it off. Think praying mantis, or black widow.

  66. Shim, the media outlets are unbearable right now. Enough about the pederast.

  67. Hahahaha, lauraw, no, he was always a good guy. When we started dating, I was 14 and he was 18. I hit a puberty growth spurt, he was done.

  68. 14 and he was 18


    Any 18 year old trying to hang around my daughter when she was 14 would not have survived the experience.

  69. He was a senior in high school, I was a sophomore, and we were in the band together. I was always around older kids.

  70. I was a sophomore, and we were in the band together.



  71. My parents trusted him because he was a preacher’s son.

  72. Dead.



  73. we were in the band together

    What band? Poison? Whitesnake?

  74. Um yeah. Preacher’s kids.

    I know ALL about PK’s.

  75. One of the funnier memories was his mom getting caught in a lie to his grandmother about how old I was. When I turned 16 and we celebrated my birthday, his grandmother turned to his mom and said, “You told me she was already 16!”

    I think I was something of an embarrassment to them, but he and I dated for three years.

  76. Rosetta, one like this.

  77. Gypsy in Spanish is “Gitano”

    Los Gitanos pueden toce la guitare.

  78. My parents trusted him because he was a preacher’s son.

    Jeebus, how naive were your parents?

  79. Car/in, to get my music fix(b/c of that boy lover piece of shat) I’ve been watching this on tape.

  80. Actually, Mesa, I was the one hanging around him. On any band trip, seniors got to pick seats first. After a disastrous seating arrangement my first band trip and knowing there were lots more to come during football season, I started looking around as to who I could sweet-talk into saving me a seat. There was him and the guy who was valedictorian. The valedictorian never would say boo when I tried talking to him, but my soon-to-be boyfriend liked Star Trek, Monty Python, and D&D. Probably never knew what hit him.

  81. XBrad, I’m the youngest of five. I didn’t get away with anything. I’d have to say they were pretty good judges of character, or the boyfriend lived in fear of my 6′ 2″, 250 lb. shotgun-owning father.

  82. Dad was 250 lbs, not the shotgun. Dammit.

  83. Roames’ tutor

  84. You dorkwads had better be listening to this music I’ve been posting. If not, I’m going to encourage PJM to post videos all day!

  85. Romy, I was the youngest of 3, but as the only boy, the rules were completely different for me.

    If I said I’d be home early, my folks knew that meant “early tomorrow”

  86. ^^^^ Ah., the memories- Nuthin, Nuthin, holy shit, did you see the letters fall off the chalk board?

  87. Romy – Funny, my son was intimidated but all of his girlfriends thought I was a teddy bear.

  88. Off to do more chores


  89. Gee, the NASA scientist who fudges climate numbers for Al Gore’s religion was arrested —

  90. And, check out his hot babe in the pic.

  91. MCPO, I am following the links – I liked the Saturday morning and the gypsy guitar ones.

    XBrad, my sister got married at 17 when she was a junior in high school. My parents made damn sure I didn’t do the same thing.

  92. Mesa, that is one hell of a face on that broad. Holy crap, she must of wrote the book on ugly, nice nose, beauty queen.

  93. Wonder if she’s any relation to Ethel…

  94. Mesa at the end of my freshman year I fell in love with this senior boy. He NEVER noticed me and I never told anyone. My Sophomore year me and my friends were all on drill team and he showed up to a football game with his best friend who was then a Sr. at my school and also a good friend of ours. I was shocked b/c I hadnt seen him and I was still crazy about this guy. I was 15 he was 18. He was dating a 22 year old woman. Needless to say. We wound up together for 4 years. He asked me to marry him after I graduated and we spent and year engaged and things fell apart (MY fault) he then dated the girl he sated after me and they have been married for 20 yrs and have two kids. So, even though he was 3 1/2 yrs older than he me he was a very good boyfriend. This was also the 1980’s and things were different.

  95. Never dated jailbait. Most of the girls I dated in HS were within a year of my age, and all were over the age of consent.

  96. Sohita, it was different back then.

  97. Here’s quote to cheer you guys all up. It’s positive seriously. *cough

    The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.These nations have progressed through a nine stage sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith;from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty;from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacence to apathy;from apathy to dependence;from dependency back again into bondage

  98. Tytler, Peej

  99. No bondage for me. It’s creepy

    Plus, I shoot real good.

  100. XBrad, I never dated anyone that wasn’t at least a year older. Came with the territory.

  101. No one tell Romy but there’s a new poat.

  102. Wha?

  103. Honey, I’m Ho-ome!!

  104. No bondage for me. It’s creepy

    Plus, I shoot real good.

    My brother sells termite service and he gets a LOT of abandoned homes and goes there before they tent it, he brought my dad a sawed off shotgun the other day and a marijuana pipe. That thing was nasty.

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