Don’t Act Like This Doesn’t Make You

think of b-rad.


  1. first,bitches.

  2. and second, pshyeah!

  3. uhhhhh B-rad who?

    and thank you Rosie for the redhead!

    night all

  4. Hello Hostages and good night TGSG!

  5. So how was Lake Meade?

  6. DiT, it was neat, and so was the dam.

  7. Sweet. I did a dinner cruise thing there, sheesh, 7 years ago? Pretty cool to sneak up on it from the lakeside. Is it still 80 feet low?

  8. uhhhhh B-rad who?

    XBradTC or



  10. Don’t know how low it was, but it did look low.

  11. for PJ, cause she was like 5 or something when this movie came out.

  12. Hey, did you see pee wee herman was one of the waiters?

    course I’m sure you knew that already.

    oh and I was 7 when blues brothers came out yo

  13. Don’t know how low it was, but it did look low.

    global warming

  14. Grease 2 is on. Ouch.

  15. Then again, it inspired a friend of mine to dress as a Christmas tree for a Halloween party, and that was entertaining.

  16. are you home now romy?

  17. Yes, and it’s good to be home, except for the first hour, I felt like I was breathing through a wet blanket. I got used to the dry air in a hurry.

  18. hahaha, but I saw you were missing your babies. I know how that is. It’s awful……….then I get over it REAL quick

  19. Speaking of the babies, everyone liked the souvenirs I brought for them.

  20. Oh, and something went wrong tonight. Usually they make an effort to clean up before I get home, but the house was pretty well trashed. I don’t want to know what they put in the microwave.

  21. Cincinnati is one fucked-up airport.

  22. I don’t want to know what they put in the microwave.


    a lava lamp?

  23. everyone liked the souvenirs I brought for them.

    Mom went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy t shirt.

  24. **checks**

    Nope, lava lamp is still intact.

  25. Link fail, Sean.

  26. what did you get them romy?

    casino coins?

  27. Though I did get the kids t-shirts. My son gets the rocket engine one from Pratt-Whitney, daughter gets the last minute buy at the airport with butterflies and “Las Vegas” on it. And yes, I know the first one was free for talking to the folks at the exhibit, but I also know he’ll like it. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  28. PJ, I also got one of the new pennies – it has Lincoln reading a book instead of the Lincoln Memorial. Thought I’d gotten a Canadian penny for a moment.

    So how will that affect Rich?

  29. Take 2:

    this lousy t shirt.

  30. There’s another new penny with a log cabin on the reverse.

  31. Same thing, Sean. It goes to a hotlink image –

  32. So how will that affect Rich?

    I think rich will have his ass hands full catching up with all the new pennies.

  33. linky fail, linky fail!!!

  34. Reading the previous thread – looks like I need to bitch-slap MCPO and XBrad. They don’t get their souvenirs.

    Also, I do not share Car in’s love for teh redheads, though I doubt it will interfere with my enjoyment of HHD. Every man I ever dated was a brown-eyed brunette engineer, with the one exception of the blue-eyed redhead statistics major. I look back at that and wonder WTF was I thinking?

  35. Aw, forgeddit, then. It’s not that funny anyway.

  36. Yep, I’m into the brown haired guys too romy and they must be tall

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious

  37. Things I learned in Vegas –
    it is a bad idea to try shaving your legs using the oatmeal body scrub bar.

    The mini-bar has frickin’ SENSORS, so that when you pull out the Booty Parlor Intimacy Kit to blog about it, it automatically adds $25 to your hotel bill.

    Secretaries at my work are guaranteed not to be amused by the idea of the Booty Parlor condoms, when doing travel vouchers.

    Half-price cocktails have half the booze.

  38. PJ, I started out four inches shorter than the first guy I dated and ended up at least an inch taller. I like them tall, too.

  39. Secretaries at my work are guaranteed not to be amused by the idea of the Booty Parlor condoms, when doing travel vouchers.

    Oh, I bet they’ll be plenty amused.

  40. You don’t know Shirley. She is the most no-nonsense woman I have ever met. I always think of the line from Star Trek 4, “No, ma’am, no bullshit.”

  41. Okay, if not amused, at least curious.

  42. More than likely to assume I was fooling around and personally kick my ass.

  43. She’s the one grown-up in the group.

  44. To set the record straight, I did get the hotel bill straightened out, so I won’t be the subject of gossip Monday morning. On the other hand, there are the long black satin gloves I bought at Agent Provacateur.

  45. Yeah, you probably don’t want to claim those on your expense report.

  46. Only if I want another visit from the inspector general.

  47. What prompted the last visit?

  48. The global warming guy at Goddard started crying “help, help, I’m being repressed!” That began a full-blown investigation into the scientific publications process, and, being an author or co-author of 60 or so papers, I was interviewed. Mr. RFH also went to the inspector general to bring up his concerns on another subject, which led to management retaliating against him.

  49. Hm. I always forget how much bullshit politics is involved in modern science. I wonder if it was like that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Come to think of it, I bet there was probably plenty of petty office politics going on at Edison’s lab.

  50. The IG agents do their job – they do it very methodically so that the reports are the bare bones facts, not any spin. It starts getting into politics in the upper echelons, like Walpin.

  51. I was referring to more to the global warming guy and the retaliation by management against your husband.

  52. I didn’t want to give the impression that the IGs are driven by politics or that I’m afraid of the agents. On the contrary, I liked the ones I met. They honestly tried to help Mr. RFH.

    But going back to your point, Sean, it’s getting to where politics is in everything. I just want to do my job and do it well.

  53. Brb. Goin’ fer a smoke.

  54. I just want to do my job and do it well.

    I think the vast majority of Americans feel the same way. The problem is that there are always a certain number of weasels who would prefer to climb the ladder by sucking up and stabbing others in the back. Thankfully, that’s never happened to me…yet.

    (It probably helps that I’ve never been particularly ambitious. I like to dig myself into a little rut and stay there.)

  55. One of the guys I’ve been working with brought his wife to the conference. I have heard him complain about her lack of attention, lack of intimacy, lack of presence in his life. After meeting her, hearing her talk, and seeing the Blackberry never leave her hand, I understand his complaints. What good is it to climb the ladder by stepping on people or leaving your loved ones behind?

  56. What good is it to climb the ladder by stepping on people or leaving your loved ones behind?

    Political office?

  57. Lovely. I’m awake.

    MOM! My throat hurts.

    Great, just great. I need to play the lottery or exploit my children because this working stuff – getting exposed to germy people – sucks.

  58. I would say that politicians can suck my ass, but they are already doing that, aren’t they?

  59. I’ma go drink a beer and watch some stuff on my DVR. See you foax later.

  60. I’m going to bed.

    Y’know, maybe I did drink too much, XBrad showed up, and we put the Booty Parlor stuff to good use. Then again, there was a total of four condoms.


  61. Mesa, that’s a NSFW, I think. PJ, churl warning on link above.

  62. This has happened to every Hostage at one point or another, or yesterday.

    Pretty much everything, but missing aim peeing in the toilet is true.

  63. hahaha, yeah, the churl made my stomach hurt. hahaha, thanks for the warning though

  64. Heh, I moved it to the new poat.

  65. Awww, don’t delete it, Mesa!

  66. iTouchbeasn


  67. The one time a wordpress time warp would be useful…

  68. ROMY!!!!!!!!!! Can you shrink sumpin for me real quick?

  69. TEST

  70. Laptop trojan slayed.

  71. Shit, test 2,WTF

  72. IE 8 sucks balls

  73. Just makin sure, everything’s fixed

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