Sean gets the party started

It takes him a little while, but Sean gots the moves and they pay off…


  1. First, somehow.

    Come on, whiteys, dance like wise Latinas!!!


  3. Sean gets the party started farts during an intimate moment with his girlfriend

    there you go

  4. damn im drunk, literally passed out in my desk chair

  5. stupid twequila here’s a good song

    back to sleep i go

  6. Good morning, sunshines. Today looks like it’s going to be a craptastic day.

    “Family” arrives in … 6 hours or so.

  7. Istupid twequila here’s a good song

    One of the best comedies from teh 80s will forever be linked with that song in my mind.

    (Yeah, it’s corny. And you can go fuck yourself.)

  8. Damnit. Dtupid youtube and the http thing. And liquor.

  9. Comment by xbradtc on May 31, 2009 3:28 am

    Whatchya doin, Sean?

    *** Wipes off the “Boss”s glasses ***

    *** Gives them back ***

    Um.. Thats eddiebear…….I know its hard to tell the difference between him and DinT, but SeaNm?

  10. Comment by Carin on May 31, 2009 6:47 am

    Good morning, sunshines. Today looks like it’s going to be a craptastic day.

    “Family” arrives in … 6 hours or so.

    Bless Ms Carin, Forged is passed out in his chair, SeaNm is drunk, and can’t spell, the “Boss” is booting the last of the ‘Michael Jackson Look-a-Likes’ out, and she call us “Sunshine”. Good thing BrewFan ain’t here…..

  11. Good Morning Ladies of the Blog!

  12. Patty Ann, it was “No guts.”

  13. YO

  14. I just noticed the flag counter thingy says “salt fuckers”.


  15. Dangit!!! Somebody woke up DinT again….

    *** Sneaks out back door ***

  16. Hola

  17. Way to shake your money-maker, Sean.

  18. I love, love, love how all the other people ran to dance with him. That’s wonderful. He had to have felt like he was on top of the world when that happened.

    Good Morning Hostages.

    Gonna go suit up in grubbing clothes and spend the morning messin’ around in the yard, then family stuff in the afternoon.

    Have a lovely day sweethearts! Do something nice for yourself today.

  19. good night

  20. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, a day to enjoy, ’til it turns to night.

    *Quickly flees room before anyone can react.*

    By the way, have a great one!!!

  21. I’m gonna need those moves in a couple of weeks.

    *takes furious notes*

  22. clint? no guts? I’m old and I’ve slept since then.

  23. Boy, that PattyAnn, she’s a tall drink o water, huh?

  24. Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

    *Flees room again.*

  25. Comment by daveintexas on May 31, 2009 11:27 am

    I’m gonna need those moves in a couple of weeks.

    *takes furious notes*

    Don’t forget the Polyester Day-Glo Zoot Suit and them pointy toed shoes. Your “Saturday Night” wardrobe.

    *** Puts on Sunglasses ***

  26. Clint, I think that was the worst joke here, ever. Ever.

  27. New pics of my grandkids

  28. Count and his Mom are heading to Waco, Nina is at the beach with 9 girlfriends, Jake is at his cousins…what to do what to do? Sleep or clean?

  29. Patty Anne those are some great looking kiddos!

  30. Thanks, sohos. They grow up so fast.

  31. Gone for awhile. See you later.
    Sohos, don’t clean.

  32. good call!

  33. Don’t clean, SoHoS. That’s what kids are for.

  34. WAIT!!!!!!!! if somebody wants to clean, you can come HERE

  35. I dont want to clean but everyone is gone and I have been trying to start to do some stuff around here but I still just get so damn exhausted from the least little bit.

  36. I read everything and I hate t hat I missed the poetry conversation

  37. ok nap time since the thread is dead anyway see ya later

  38. Sleep.

    *waves at Count driving by my house

  39. I thought PJM would’ve had a retort to the Dahl I added to, but no.
    SeanM c’mere.
    Til the end!!Do you hear me? til the end!!!!!!And stop dancing you’re causin’ a scene. Attracting a crowd.

  40. Patty Ann … gulity as charged!

  41. Davein T some Crowes for the soothing of sunburns. enjoy.
    Garden weeds await, then several beers and tv golf tourney. FUN

  42. *Gets out megaphone … clears throat*

    Hey, Chief!
    In response to the lovely poem you left in last night’s post at 11:07 pm, I left you my tribute poem to you in last night’s post at 12:17 am.

    I hope you find it worthy of your talent … hey, I know it’s a uphill battle, but it was getting late.

  43. Good mornin’ Hotsausages! It’s a beautiful day in Wisconsin; upper sixties and sunny. So what am I going to do you ask? I’m going to put in a suspended ceiling in my soon to be ‘finished’ basement. I’d rather be fishing.

  44. NO NO NO NO, Come here to clean, I’d rather be out golfing.

  45. Those are cute kids PattyAnn.

  46. Awww, cute grandkids PA!

  47. ATTENTION: Dr. Skiller (sp) the baby killing doctor in Kansas was just murdered.

    I am NOT sad.

  48. btw – I did NOT type his real name , cuz I don’t want us showing up on Janet’s list.

  49. by who?

  50. Think maybe I’ll start playin tennis again, anyone up for doubles ?

  51. Good morning Annie. I’m not touch surprised.

  52. unicle – manhunt for a guy with vanity license plate. shot him as he entered his “church” this morning.

  53. washed & waxed the wheels

    now I’m gonna sit down and eat my macaroni

    chicken parm & zit and meatballs and a salad AND wine!

    trying out Stone Cellars cabanet saunignon, which I like with my pasta and sauce

  54. Good morning TG…or afternoon here. I’m an evil person, but it couldn’t happen to a better person.


    just incase you’re interested

  56. “Stone Cellars cabanet saunignon”

    Does it come with a screw on cap and cost less than 5 bucks?

  57. should have been. I’m not a touch surprised.

  58. Red wine miracle diet —

    One good thing about where I work, one of the owners also owns one of the best italian restaurants in an area filled with eyetalians. When he makes a the meatballs — I eat a the meatballs.

    Fucking amazing.

    Great sauce, too.

  59. “I’m not a touch surprised.”

    oh,,,I thought you meant .. “I’m touched!” “SURPRISE!!!”

  60. While I am not sad to hear someone like that met his end. Taking the law in your own hands is not the way we do it here. The person that took his life is every bit as reprehensible as the Dr.

  61. And, fucking Northern eyetalians from Abruzzi?

    Fucking cheap. They broke the sicilian record, shattered it.

    450 people on Thursday, three bartenders, cash bar, they drank like crazy — we made eleven bucks. Was awesome when they made me run for change for hundred dollar bills all night and fought over who was buying but couldn’t be bothered to tip.

    The Calabrese we had last night — just the opposite. Made a couple of hundred. Super nice people, too.

  62. Thats fucking disgusting…how do they NOT tip? I mean seriously cant you say something?

  63. 450 people shouldnt gratuity of some sort be included?

  64. As manager Mesa, you are getting paid better that the usual $2/hr I hope? I think working all night with as large a crowd as that for $11 (was that before you split it with the other 2 bartenders?) Would make me want to stay home.

  65. Sohos, most people tip, it just seems to be certain groups that are unbelievably cheap.

    Vmax, I make a little more. The eleven bucks is what we each got. Which was great for me because I only had seven bucks in my tip jar.

    Unfortunately, we have a big Catholic function tonight, 800 people. Church functions are horrible for tips and they drink like fish.

    Women over 35 NEVER tip. They’ll order drinks for everyone at the table, want all kinds of goofy stuff and never leave a dime. We pretty much cut the attendance in half when trying to figure out how much we’ll make on a given night.

    I want to know who made up that rule and punch them in Sean’s dick.

  66. That’s revolting. I hate it when people don’t tip/ mistreat the servers.
    My former fiance used to just look for reasons to be a dick when people were serving us. It was so embarrassing and I didn’t want to eat my food/ drink my drink afterward.

  67. Women over 35 NEVER tip. They’ll order drinks for everyone at the table, want all kinds of goofy stuff and never leave a dime.

    It’s because we’re so excited about being out. We forget.

  68. “My former fiance used to just look for reasons to be a dick when people were serving us”

    You are describing my last boss. Every time, everywhere we went to eat, he would humiliate the server, then use that as an excuse to stiff the tip.

  69. Mesa, Move to FL w/ vmax find a place next to the water where people are spending money, having fun and are willing to drop a decent tip. I tended at Kyoto sushi in Delray when it opened and even lunch made great tips. Sushi patrons are expecting to have a sizeable bill or they wouldn’t be there. People that go out and stiff the servers (and usually complain about everything) should stay home. Low tippers should be bashed silly.

  70. I used to own a sports bar and I know what you mean Mesa which is why I always OVER tip. Doesn’t matter if it is at a table or a bar. I believe the laws of Karma play into how you tip.

  71. That video was priceless.

  72. When someone is rude to me (has to be pretty f-ing rude) I just tell everyone he has been overserved and not to give him anymore drinks. Usually settles his buddies down when they see the consequences of being an asshole to the people that control your booze.

    For light rudeness I just fuck with them mercilessly until their wife or girlfriend explains to them it is time to give up.

  73. We forget.


  74. Rude people always must keep in mind — servers and bartenders come in CLOSE contact with your food and drink.

    Got spit?

  75. Had a friend, tended bar at a place about 10 miles south of McTaverns that did wedding receptions.

    He usually “seeded” his tipjar with about $20 to encourage people to tip. One time, he ended the night with less in the tip jar than he started with.

    So who’s the cheap motherfucker would rip off a bartender’s tips?

  76. Shim, I would love to move somewhere close to the water where it doesn’t snow.

    Part of the plan. Somewhere with a decent IT market would be good, too.

    If I can save up a few bucks by the end of the summer, vmax might just have a new squatter.

  77. Mesa, I’ve got dibs on the spare bedroom. You’ll have to share the rug with Zeke.

  78. “Women over 35 NEVER tip”

    um,,,,’scuuze me?

  79. Food I tip 20%
    Drinks, it depends. I try to give the bartender a big ($20) tip up front that way singles become doubles. Then throw at least a buck a drink after (assuming the drinks are less than $10 each) Then see how it goes when I pay my tab.

  80. Ive seen i happen xbrad. we had a section called “The Pitt” that no one wanted to work b/c that was where a certain group would hang out and drink all night and NEVER tip. We tried all kinds of things to make it more appealing etc but if you are cheap you are cheap. I have never understood it.

  81. Thats how I roll too vmax

  82. At the four or five local plaves our ‘group’ would go around Delray(pretty much daily) most people just left a five or ten no matter what the bill was. A piece- if I stopped in after work on the way home, for two drafts, it was five buck tip. If it was a Sat afternoon when there was a good size group of regs, 7/8 beers or drinks (professional pours) and on to the next it was a ten spot . That’s just common courtesy.

  83. Xbrad, happens all the time.

    NEVER leave a tip jar on the bar unattended. I rarely let people in my tip jar for change when they ask. Last week a guy in a thousand dollar suit and his wife ordered drinks and then asked to make change for a twenty out of the tip jar, we were slammed and it was a high dollar function so I said to go ahead. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he pulled three tens out of the tip jar and tried to drop in his twenty. I had ahold of his hand before he could pull away. Took the thirty bucks, gave him his twenty back and just shook my head. At least fifty people saw the douchebag try to steal from us.

    His wife?

    Gives me a dirty look.

  84. *staggering around after being hit hard with the broad brush again* *no pun intended*

    The size of the tips I leave depends solely on the attitude of the server. I don’t blame the server for the food, or the atmosphere, or the prices. I do, however, expect the same cordial service as the table of 10.

  85. yeah, I don’t usually do the up front tip, since I usually just pop in for one or two beers. But I tossed the bartender a $20 when I was in San Diego, and big surprise, got great service. But no phone number.

  86. I’m a cheap sonovabitch, but I just can’t comprehend stealing from someone counting on tips.

  87. Mesa, Scarysota is prolly better than Bradentucky for both IT and bar tending, but there is no shortage of places to tend around here, and they can tip quite well. However the competition is stiff.

    Would you really head this far east Xbrad? I figured you were one of those permanent west coasters

  88. Vmax, I’m mostly a westerner (moreso than a “coaster”). The best tour I had in the Army was in Colorado.

    But I was surprised how much I enjoyed being back in the South when we went home to bury Dad (we spent almost a month in GA and AL).

    Once it became apparent there was no future for me in WA because there were no jobs, I’ve been something of a restless soul.

  89. A cute thing happened last week, a little kid (about four) walks up and barely peeks over the bar and reaches up for the tip jar, “is this money for people who don’t have any to share?” He said, very hopefully.

    Run along sport.

  90. Women over 35 NEVER tip. They’ll order drinks for everyone at the table, want all kinds of goofy stuff and never leave a dime. We pretty much cut the attendance in half when trying to figure out how much we’ll make on a given night.

    I drink beer and tip VERY well, especially when mesa’s buying. Oh wait, I wasn’t over 35 then. nevermind.

  91. Heh. Max, over in PB county we always considered the Gulf as the west coast. Ther’s two?

  92. Like everything you get what you pay for. I no longer go to loud BUSY clubs. I go places where you sit at the bar and can shoot the shit with the bartender and I have found that up front/first round tip big and you may not pay for a couple of rounds. I know how much everything costs from owning our bar and most owners will allow the bartender some leeway to keep customers there and happy. In turn you enjoy your stay and can afford to tip more at the end. This doesnt always happen but more times then not.

  93. Mesa I am telling you .HOUSTON!!!! HUGE IT and the bars in Houston or hell the Kemah boardwalk you can make mad jack

  94. That $5, $10 thing always had the return effect-like what Sohos said. A lot of times I was hit with ‘Shim these are on the house’. Always a nice game of back and forth, but I love bartenders. I take pictures with tenders when we travel, I feel that they’re doing me such a great service-giving me booze, for what, money? Bartenders(most) are angels sent from God.

  95. I agree, anywhere sunny where people are having a fun time. This girl down there worked two shifts at a small local tavern(oval bar 20 maybe two hi tops and three large booths) and made $650 low end, much better in season and she golfed the rest of the time or was on a boat. That’s a nice life!

  96. Kornie, when I get a tip from a woman over 35 it usually surprises me so much that I go overboard with thanks.

    It’s very rare.

    If they have a wedding ring on, even less chance for a tip. Zero, none.

    Except, hubby doesn’t tip double so the “my husband will take care of it” doesn’t wash.

  97. I’m a conspiracy theorist. George Tiller was shot and killed by the left, so there’ll be a big outcry over these anti-abortion wingnuts and they’ll be able to put the clampdown on us.


  98. I actually find that surprising Mesa must be a yankee thing? Most of my friends are over 35 and we all tip well.

  99. Mesa, I’m gonna have to agree with you. I got my defenses up with your comment, but in hindsight, women were always the crappiest tippers.

    And the more manicured and more high maintenance the chicks were, the worse the tips got.

    I’m only an exception to the rule because I’m a former food server and cocktail waitress.

  100. Sohita, why you hanging out with the older crowd?

  101. Hi, PJM. Hope that’s not correct but who knows with George Soros and Acorn and The New Black Panthers lurking in the background.

  102. xbrad I am 38

  103. Sohos, you don’t look a day over 28!

  104. hahahahaha What do you want Clint?

  105. Texas has it’s own rules. Women in the deep South don’t tip, either.

    I tried to move to Houston, that fell apart.

    Now I want white sand beaches and umbrella drinks — making them and drinking them. I don’t mind working with tourists and could get a job anywhere in Florida. No problemo. I have all of my teeth, speak good english and clean up pretty well.

    At this point why kill myself to try to replace a 70k per year IT job if I can go somewhere and make close to that bartending and have some fun at the same time?

    Offer me 100k and that changes, but that isn’t happening right now for consultants.

  106. Hi, PJM. Hope that’s not correct but who knows with George Soros and Acorn and The New Black Panthers lurking in the background

    I’ll be in my bunk……………….er

  107. “It’s because we’re so excited about being out. We forget.”


    I tip, Mesa. I promise.

  108. mesa, my friend works at the Claim Jumper here in San Diego. He’s a bartender. Makes $300 on a Monday night easy. During football season, even more.

  109. afternoon goobers!

  110. Well, Mesa, I can honestly say that in all the years I waited on tables, I didn’t get decent tips from men unless they thought there was a piece of ass in it for them at the end of the night = but I won’t hold that against you. And I won’t group you in with all divorced men that want women to get them a sandwich are destroyers of society.

  111. I promise.

    Sure you do.

  112. Nothing, Sohos. It always pleases me to make a lady’s day … that’s all.

  113. Yes shim, there are 2 west coasts but one is local to Fl.
    Do not get me started with the keys

    The Gulf is NORTH fer crying out loud! 1 North is friggen EAST! and the Atlantic is Insanely SOUTH!

  114. Having been raised in the south, that kind of comes naturally.

  115. I won’t group you in with all divorced men that want women to get them a sandwich are destroyers of society.

    Why not?

    I worked hard to earn that distinction.


    *name that movie

  116. I understand Mesa really. My brother and his girlfriend are leaving tomorrow moving to Florida after he lost his job he is going back. He used to live in Jacksonville about 5 years ago and they are just heading out. Tommie and I are going as soon as the kiddos are in college.

  117. I didn’t get decent tips from men unless they thought there was a piece of ass in it for them at the end of the night


    I always let them think they were getting a piece of ass. Ah who’m I kidding? Most of them did.

  118. xbrad I am 38

    That’s a typo, right? 18 maybe. 28 sure. 38, no way.

    Look, honey, work with me here…

  119. Remo!!!

  120. “Ah who’m I kidding? Most of them did.”


  121. I Imagine being in Texas with the gulf to the east would seem wrong to over half the country.

  122. Just popping in. Going to watch movie with g/kids. BBL.


    The Chronicles of Folly?

  124. I didn’t get decent tips from men unless they thought there was a piece of ass in it for them at the end of the night

    Over the years, I had remarkably good luck with waitressess’ and bartenderettes. Just sayin’

  125. bye pa

  126. “I worked hard to earn that distinction.”

    Eh,,,I think you’re full o’shit…you just don’t want to admit that 55 y/o women are hittin’ on ya.

  127. Conan?

  128. Conan?

    Are they heading back to Jax Sohos?
    Things are very slow here, unless they have something lined up getting work might be tough.

  129. It’s Remo Williams=The Destroyer

  130. have fun Patty ann and oh no you didnt pjm lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. No, his girlfriend has a job lined up in Orlando of all places. He says eventually they will make their way coastal but I am hoping they stay in Orlando long enough for me to take the kids to Disney world so we can stay at their place ;)

  132. Mesa, my dad owned a restaurant and bar and I know how hard they can work.

  133. pjdaddy said, “Ahhhh, you’re feelin a little froggy today aren’t ya?”


  135. has worked bar, I tip.

    not suggesting anything mesa. heh.

  136. Sohos, Orlando is close, and with all the theme parks prolly the best spot in the state for work now. When you come for a visit let me know that is close enough for me to buy you and Count dinner and drinks.

  137. eeeeesh, so glad I don’t live in Florida anymore. well at least North Florida, I can’t say anything about the other parts, but I wasn’t fond of Jax

  138. I was thinking of this movie —

    That line is in a bunch of flicks.

  139. I am hoping during Christmas break. We are going to Ireland next summer so Christmas time would be good.

  140. Vmax, your avatar is the bestest!!

  141. I love that movie.

  142. mare is correct. vmax’s avatar makes my heart smile and my face even

  143. New header pic.

  144. I think I told yall that count and i met mia sara in the pool at the bellagio

  145. heh. A little poor judgment:

  146. Save one life — save the world.

    How about saving thousands of lives?

  147. Heh, “that kind of — blows.”

  148. ok don’t be a hater, I don’t understand the header and don’t want to google. Is Sweden really violent? Or is it totally not violent?

  149. Thanks Mare and PJM

  150. no sweden is a great democracy and have been mostly neutral during war times

  151. non violent

  152. “been mostly neutral during war times”

    Unless, apparently, you try to take their candy. :)

  153. Those Vikings were just having a bad week.

  154. TattoedIntellectual hasbeen mostly neutral during war time”

    Unless, apparently, you try to take her chocolate their candy.

    edited for hostage historical accuracy

  155. ok yall i have to go have a great afternoon

  156. HA…you ain’t SEEN war until you try to take Tat’s chocolate.

  157. HA…you ain’t SEEN war until you try to take Tat’s chocolate.

    I’m not dummy. I ain’t touchin it. I don’t care how PMS I am, not gonna happen.

  158. “I’m not dummy.”

    Did you just call me a dummy?

  159. Did you just call me a dummy?

    hahahaha, stupid extra “t”

  160. me not stoopid

  161. Wanna bet?

  162. me not stoopid

    I’m glad we settled that. Now take the fork out of your eye, genius.

  163. xBrad I started yelling stop, STOP! when that plane kept on(with roll me away palying on Dizzler for background) ko-inkydink?

  164. Heh. Yeah, poor judgment. The rule of thumb is if you float past the first third of the runway, give her power and go around. But sometimes, the pilot becomes fixated on gettin her down, and forgets that stopping is the other half the battle. Fortunately, looks like no one was hurt, and the plane was probably salvageable.

  165. Wiserbud is not allowed to use the chain saw anymore.

  166. Mesa, you might have better luck getting tips from the cougars if your pants were a little tighter.

    Just sayin’.

  167. I have been here didn’t see this tho

  168. Air France too

  169. I guess I skeered everyone off
    Maybe I will cook something.

  170. New poat, losers.

  171. Vmaximus, You mentioned Marathon a while ago, do you take your bike and do you ever go Card Sound Rd? We used to go in a group of about 40 from Delray in April/May and stop for lunch Alabama Jacks then beers at Hog Heaven then to the Islander for four days and entertainment at Woody’s to see Big Dick and the Extenders. Easy Jewstin!!!!

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