Big Boob Friday™

Hello people that put fudge in boxes and then ship them.  Welcome to Big Boob Friday.  Pardon me whilst I take a slight turn away from the stupid for a moment.

Two big things happened in our little family this week that deserve recognition.  First, our friend sohos returned home following a horrible accident.  She needs lots of love and chocolate and books.  So please go HERE and send sohos some love and chocolate and books.

Your generosity will also help stimulate the economy so don’t be a cheap bastard.  Instead of spending that $20 on a new farm porn video, watch the farm porn video that you already have and send sohos something to make her feel better.

Second, our friend Vmax lost his best friend Max.  I’m sure Max knew he was a lucky guy to be Vmax’s best friend and Max is in a better place but it’s always sad to lose someone that special from this mortal coil.  I know a lot of you have already given Vmax your sympathies but if you haven’t yet, please do so.  He needs a little extra love as well to fill the void left by the passing of his friend.

Those two things in the same week pretty much sums up life.  Sohos is going to be all right, she’s home and recovering and that is awesome.  And Max goes to Heaven.

The paradoxical nature of life is a source of neverending awe for me.  Pain makes you appreciate health.  Sadness makes you appreciate happiness.  The bad days makes you appreciate the good days.

When life kicks you, even when it stabs you and tries to gut you, you bleed and you hurt but what you feel is life.  The most succinct summation I’ve ever heard to describe it is that life is like laughing with a cracked rib.  And it is.  It is exactly that.

I try my best to not bitch at life because for all the pain, difficulty, hurt, sadness and disappointment we experience, the joy, love, happiness, beauty and laughter makes it all worth it.  And that’s why I love the family that we have here.  I laugh here everyday and it’s an awesome wonderful thing.

This song is great for the following three reasons.  (1) The music is excellent, (2) the song is about what you think it’s about and (3) there’s a bald man singing it and bald guys are cool.

Okay, that’s enough seriousness.  Thanks for indulging that.  Let’s look at boobs shall we?  For some people, the complexity of the human eye is proof of intelligent design.  For me it is the simplicity of the boob.  With that, let’s meet our model for today.

This specimen of natural beauty was born on November 3rd, 1977 in Long Beach.  She has modeled for several highbrow literary monthlies such as “Amateur Pink” and “Darker Pleasures”.  She was also the Penthouse Pet in September 2000.  From my extensive research I can attest that she is definitely not a homophobe.

She’s 5’6″ and weighs a paltry 124 pounds.  Her safe combination is 34DD-25-35 and she wears a size 8 shoe if you’re into that you sicko.  And she has an absolutely beautiful name.  Say hello to your model for today, March 27, 2009, Aria Giovanni!  YAY!!!!

Important update. Additional photos of Aria have been found. Safe for work if your boss is Rosetta.


Now let me learn you some histwah.  On this muhfuckin’ day…

* in 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León arrived in Florida and saw a drunk, shirtless redneck wrestling his fat wife over a six-pack of beer in their front lawn.

* in 1668, English King Charles II gave Bombay to the East India Company causing France to surrender to a flock of sheep.

* in 1790, the shoelace was invented.  The following day in 1790, some guy got a knot in his and had to use a fork to get it untied.

* in 1849,  Joseph Couch patented the steam-powered percussion rock drill.  He also invented the “Couch potato”.  Hahahaha.  See what I did there?

* in 1868, Patty Smith Hill was born.  She wrote “Happy Birthday To You”.  I wonder what people did at birthday parties before that.

* in 1940, race guy Cale Yarborough was born.  On a related note, my 3rd grade teacher was Miss Yarborough.  She was young, good looking and I believe she owned the biggest boobs I had ever seen at that point in my life.  I remember her very fondly.

* in 1944, 1,000 Jews were shipped from Drancy France to Auschwitz, 2,000 Jews were murdered in Kaunas Lithuania, 40 Jewish policemen in Riga Latvia ghetto were shot by the gestapo and all the Jewish children of Lovno were rounded up.

As this has not historically been a good day for the Jews, be nice to a Jew today.

* in 1945, Iwo Jima was occupied after 22,000 Japs and 6,000 US killed

* in 1958, singer and actor Shaun Cassidy was born.  When I was growing up, all the little girls thought he was just the dreamiest.  I thought he was kinda gay.

* in 1960, actress Jennifer Grey was born.  I’ve never seen anyone’s look change so dramatically from a fucking nose job.  After she had that done, I didn’t even know who she was.

* in 1963, the most brilliant auteur of our generation Quentin Tarantino was born.  He is a supermassive weirdo but his movies are teh awesome.

* in 1969, NFL running back Tom Beer was born.  Do you wish your last name was Beer?  Me too.

* in 1970, Mariah Carey born.  I think she also might be a weirdo but she has a great voice.  And she has the only modern Christmas song that I rank among the classics of all time.

* in 1978, actor Wilfred Pickles died at the age of 73.  Do you wish your last name was Pickels?  Me neither.  I wish your last name was Pickles however because that would be hilarious.

* in 1980, Mount St. Helens became active after 123 years.

* in 2134, the 32nd recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet will occur.  Sweet.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  I’ll be doing some man-chores around the house, enjoying adult beverages, eating good food and probably making fun of you.

Be careful out there.  Cheers!


  1. What are you looking at?

  2. Rosetta, swing by and give me your Roulette bet. I’m flying to Vegas tomorrow and this will be my first bet….a “Hostage” bet.

  3. Done!

  4. What is that 35 to 1? hahaha…a winner will be $35

  5. I’m guessing this is the most philosophical BBF ever.


  6. What is that 35 to 1? hahaha…a winner will be $35

    minus $17.50 shipping and handling, 20% dealer tip, and an $8 glass of Jameson

  7. More bad stuff for Jews —

  8. I’m guessing this is the most philosophical BBF ever. Fag.

    You’re just upset that Shaun Cassidy knows how to spell Shaun.

  9. Aria’s lips are falling off. She must have gotten carried away with the botox.

  10. You’re just upset that Shaun Cassidy knows how to spell Shaun.

    *breaks bottle*


  11. Aria’s lips are falling off.

    Yeah, except for that stupid fucking “are me not like the sexy to you bouncy ball telephone chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pieeeee” pout she’s twisting her stringy little lips into, not a bad choice this week, Rosie.

    I gotta admit, I love when you let your wife choose the BBFs

  12. Hey Rosetta, the guy who runs the blog for the alt weekly around these parts looks just like you.

  13. are me not like the sexy to you bouncy ball telephone chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pieeeee

    Quick! Someone call 911! I think wiser is having a stroke!

  14. bald guys are cool.

    You just keep telling yourself that, Fred.



  16. Careful with that bottle Sean, you know you aren’t allowed to have sharp objects.

  17. wiserbud.

  18. Hey Rosetta, the guy who runs the blog for the alt weekly around these parts looks just like you.

    Good looking guy.

  19. TBOM in 24 hours

  20. My innertubes connection is more retarded than wiserbud right now. I’m gonna go take a nap do some important work.

  21. TBOM in 26 hours:

  22. TBOM in 24 hours

  23. TBoM in 28 hours

  24. TBOM in 48 hours…drives to St. Louis and

    Knocks on Rosetta’s Door

  25. TBoM in 30 hours.

  26. TBoM in 29 hours.

  27. TBoM in 30 hours

  28. Rosetta, now and forever

  29. TBoM in 26 hours

  30. TBoM in 27 hours

  31. TBOM 12 hours ago:

  32. Nice post. Let me know if any heteros like me show up to comment.

  33. Wiserbud, 40 years ago

  34. Wiserbud, 40 years ago

    46 years ago, thank you.

  35. Let me know if any heteros like me show up to comment.

    Will do.


  36. Hahahahaha. TBoM, you’re cracking me up today.

    Who you going to Vegas with? Family or buddies?

  37. What TBoM thinks is gonna happen in about 25 hours.

    What is really gonna happen…

  38. I’m going with the missus until Wednesday, Hans and Franz are staying with the grandparents.

    We take a short trip each spring where I try to convince her to stay with me another year.

  39. Buddies? When you’re an asshole like Tbone, you don’t have any “buddies”…

  40. . . . where I try to convince her to stay with me another year.

    How many years have you managed so far?

  41. TBoM’s buddies

  42. I’m going with the missus until Wednesday, Hans and Franz are staying with the grandparents.

    We take a short trip each spring where I try to convince her to stay with me another year.

    That’s awesome. Nice job, dick.

  43. TBoM?

  44. TBoM’s pic from last year’s “Please, dear God, don’t leave me!” vacation.

  45. How many years have you managed so far?

    We have been married for 8 years

  46. That’s awesome. Nice job, dick.

    thanks…and I hate your guts

  47. How TBoM thinks he’s going to leave Vegas:

    How TBoM will actually leave Vegas:

  48. That’s sweet, TBOM. Have heaps of fun.

  49. Where TBoM’s wife thinks they are staying..

    Where they are actually staying

  50. After Tbom loses everything in Vegas, his luck finally turns when he wins a prestigious award.

  51. I love this place….you guys are the best friends I could have ever hoped for

  52. What TBoM remembers about Vegas

    What really happened.

  53. […] Big Boob Friday @TheHostages Posted by Dan Collins @ 5:28 pm | Trackback Share This […]

  54. you guys are the best friends I could have ever hoped for

    That would be funny if it weren’t so true.

  55. VMAX:
    Sorry to hear about your loss. I have been preoccupied recently, and my head is not where it should be, but I want to take this opportunity to extend my condolences.

  56. What TBoM told his wife they were going to see in Vegas

    What they actually saw

  57. TBOM:
    Bet on Duke beating Villanova. I hear it has good odds

  58. Rosetta. Man-lesbian, boob-o-phile, philosopher. Probably needs a hug.

    Wiserbud, you do it.

  59. Thanks Eddie

  60. Wiserbud, you do it.


  61. Of course — President Obama promised to make his administration the most open and transparent in history, and taking questions from the public kind of looks like that. But it also kind of looks like gimmicky, a canned publicity stunt, rather than true openness in government.

    Real transparency would include fulfilling his campaign promise to post bills online for five days before signing them. The President has now signed ten bills into law and not subjected any of them to that five-day public review.

  62. Oh go on.

    But cover up your goods. I’m just sayin.

  63. WordPress is messing up
    I told Eddie Thank you
    and it ate my comment I tried to log in to see if it was in the bucket and I cannot log in.

  64. That Greyhound picture brought back a great Vegas memory.

    I met a friend in Vegas for Spring Break, I had to catch the bus back to my college town after the break was over. My bus was leaving late at night. I was walking toward the bus stop and a pimp was out front slapping the shit out of his hooker. He was slapping and slapping her, then told her to get out there. He pushed her toward my direction, right when she turned around a line of projectile vomit blew out of her mouth and nose in an arc that landed directly in front of me. She used her hand to wipe her face then she smiled at me and said, “Hiiiiiiee”. I scooted past her into the terminal.

    I was broke so I couldn’t afford her anyway.

    The Vegas bus terminal is in one of the worst parts of downtown.

  65. It’s there vmax. And eddie knows anyway. He’ psychic like that.

  66. Mesa,
    I learned a long time ago to never trust anyone who feels like they have to tell you they will be honest and above board.

  67. It is taking a while to show up. I still cannot log in, Wiserbud must have banned me

  68. I present Ticia Gara, the Hungarian Women’s National Chess Champion

  69. spambucket!!!

  70. Sacrilege!!! Mariah Carey? Pffffttttt!!!!!
    Vince Vance and the Valiants were the original performers of that song! Lisa Layne was the vocalist. Be sure to check out Vince’s hair in this video

    We got a trackback from Dan Collins at the PW Pub?

  71. B-rad on a date

  72. Yeah, I don’t know how he found us (even after the move) but he added a link to BBF at the end of his post.

  73. Uni that’s nice, but my girl, the Prime Minister of Ukraine can kick her ass

  74. Too bad Dan put it in the Pub, and not the front page.

  75. Wiserbud must have banned me

    Next week.

  76. TBoM gets a little rough with his date

  77. Brad:
    It’s better than nothing.

  78. TBOM,
    Very nice. I always forget about her.

  79. Pay attention, eddie!

  80. Sox? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  81. Brad:
    That is the funniest f&cking thing I have seen in a while

  82. Brad:
    That is the funniest f&cking thing I have seen in a while.

  83. I’m on a roll. I made Rosetta laugh last night, and you today. Woot! Take that Mr. Unfunny Vmax!

  84. Tush, as I stepped out the back door last night to smoke a cig, I stepped on the poor guy. He’s jet black, so he doesn’t show up well in the dark.



    It is the end of the world when Fall Out Boy has become the AC/DC of a generation

  86. Brad…give me a Roulette number

  87. ^13298

  88. ^13298

    eddie…the tables at my hotel only go to 36

  89. 25 was a good year for me. I seemed to get laid a lot when I was that age. Let’s go with that.

  90. alright..I got you down on my site

  91. TBOM:
    I use a “special” table

  92. I think if I tried to live blog the “Hostage” bet I might get kicked out

  93. Brad:
    was that before “DADT” was invoked?

  94. TBOM?

  95. No, eddie, it was before your mom got fat.

  96. ha! PA wants to bet on Red…go figure

  97. PattyAnn likes her numbers black like her men.

  98. PA says bet on 1. She likes her numbers small, like Tbone’s dick.

  99. PA says to play Craps, cause it reminds her of B-rad’s breath

  100. xbrad likes his numbers black like his pussy.

  101. Last time Rosetta was in Vegas…he got fisted by a one armed bandit…

    at least that is what he told the judge

  102. Rosetta, Sox says you don’t get a Christmas card this year.

  103. Hi Hostages.

    Leave a little money there, Tbom. I’ll be there on Tuesday.

    I don’t want to have to use this sign again:

  104. alright Icepick…I’m sure that will be the case

  105. What TBoM thinks he’s going to drink in Vegas:

    What TBoM will actually drink in Vegas:

  106. xbrad likes his numbers black like his pussy.

    pussy is such a classic put down word….

    You Sloppy Pussy!

  107. Nice bum

  108. Rosetta, Sox says you don’t get a Christmas card this year.

    Xbrad’s Christmas card photo. From top to bottom: xbrad, Sox

  109. Why won’t this lawnmower start?

    SFW, if you work at AIG.

  110. Why won’t this lawnmower start?


    SFW, if you work at AIG.


  111. Tbom, is Sox going with you?

  112. The kind of sex TBoM thinks he’s going to get in Vegas:

    The kind of sex TBoM will actually get in Vegas:

  113. Tbom, outside Caesars Palace, tomorrow morning:

  114. Tush, Mrs Rosetta liked the manbabies. That was good.

  115. Dunkin’ Donuts has a new menu item:

  116. Rosetta,
    has the Mrs. seen the talking cats?

  117. Anybody want to bet that Rosetta and Wiserbud have every single one of these?

  118. When did Dunkin Donuts start selling sprinkled buns?

  119. Those are the worst toys ever, Teabag.

    Rockem Sockem Robots. That was my speed.

  120. Tea, did you hire some new deckhands?

  121. That oozinator blaster looked like it was awful close to getting Chris Hansen to show up…

  122. That oozinator blaster looked like it My date last Friday was awful close to getting Chris Hansen to show up…

    There you go.

  123. Where is everyone. I mean, seriously. How long does it take you to count your dick?


  124. >>How long does take you to count your dick?

    It is not easy for Tbom, Awright?


  125. Rosetta:

  126. I got distracted…

    Has Sammy Braddy ever been the BBF?


  127. It is not easy for Tbom, Awright?


    You know God hates you when you have two dicks and they’re both tiny.

  128. V, sorry about Max. I hope that you can find some comfort in your internet friends who care for you.

    SoHOs, I’m glad you are home and have an ample supply of painkillas, hope you are up and around soon.

    Rosetta, thanks for the ‘Life is pain’ portion of your post, it touched me, man.

    *points at dolls butt area*

  129. Has Sammy Braddy ever been the BBF?

    Hey! I’m unfamiliar with her. And after some rudimentary research, I believe those puppies are real. Correct?

  130. Sammy Braddy?

    See You Next Tuesday Friday!

  131. XBradTC after he forgot to feed Sox

  132. Britain’s best. 30GG. And real…Oh my.

  133. *points at dolls butt area*

    Hahahahahaha. Happy Friday, Pup.

  134. Rosetta being beaten up by Tbom

  135. I see the fellas are out to play.

  136. FOLLY!!!

    *runs and tackles Folly*

  137. Back on topic, that BBF chick has herself some bodacious ta-tas.

    Well done sir! Well done indeed.

  138. Rosetta waiting for his date to show up

  139. Hiya Folly. Howgoesit?

  140. Another day of dealing with asshole lawyers.

  141. Isn’t that redundant?

  142. Wonderful. 6-12″ of snow on top of some ice and sleet.

    I blame Mare…and Algore

    Off to the liquor store.

  143. Nice Job, Rosetta.

    Always appropos to have the boob selecting the boobs.

  144. Iceman, it is indeed redundant. My client, the male, wants joint physical custody and her lawyer is feed me this bullshit about how it’s not in the best interests of the children.

  145. Hi Folly!

  146. Rockem Sockem Gerbil Fudge Packin’ Robots. That was my speed.

    There I fixed it for you.

    You can thank me later.

  147. ‘Sup fagz and Folly?

  148. Tea, did you hire some new deckhands?

    Nah – that’s the “full servie” yard crew – if you get my drift. :mrgreen:

  149. Hi, Vmax. How you doing?

  150. Howdy Sean.

  151. Doing well Folly

    Hey Sean.

  152. Sham Wow is right.

  153. Where did everybody go?

  154. good question

  155. what a sweet bbf….

    how you doing vmax?

  156. Good Sohos how are you?

  157. exhausted had to go to both doctors today. I will give details when i wake up. I have to take pain killers and go to sleep so I will be back later.. I have been thinking about you alll day though

  158. Get some rest, sohos.

  159. vmax, if you want to put together a little tribute to your puppy I found it sad but theraputic and we can put it up at IB. If you decide to do it email it to me at bkepapa AT yahoo DOT com

    Sorry for your loss.

  160. can somebody fish me out of the spam bucket por favor?

  161. Thank you you are a sweetheart.

    *pumps Fist at Xbrad shouts you might be funnier but Sohos thinks about me!*

    Oh that could be bad,

    maybe she wants to kick my ass!

  162. got you Brew

  163. Its been a year and a half and when I read that post I still get misty eyed 😦

    Quick, somebody make me laugh!

  164. Quick, somebody make me laugh!

    Here, try this…

  165. Thanks Brew
    I am going to do one, but I have been a bummer around here and I do not want to drag it down again.

    It is good to laugh and the people here do that. Until I show up anyway.

    So maybe I will take you up on that offer.

  166. Vmax,

    Sohos thinks of me all the time. But she does it holding a can of pepper spray. Or thinking of this:

  167. Quick, somebody make me laugh!

    Hillary Clinton giving Joe Biden a blow job…oh…you said laugh not gag.

  168. Geez, Xbrad, I think of you all the time too…

  169. Okay, so I’m thinking this:

    but I still think about you

  170. Vmax, maybe you didn’t notice, but he said to put it up at IB. It ain’t like anybody laughs there anyway.

  171. ‘Sup, slackers?

  172. Hillary Clinton giving Joe Biden a blow job…oh…you said laugh not gag.

    That did make me laugh…not the mental picture, for that I’ll need LSD to erase, but the concept 🙂

    Thanks to Sean M too! Nothing like a shot to the nuts for a good guffaw.

  173. Hi Folly:

  174. Good evening ladies!

    After a very enthusiastic massage by the lovely Sharon I don’t think I’ll be drinking tonight. I’m about ready to drift off as it is. I try to get a massage about once a month, but it’s been about 3 months since my last one and it feels GOOD.

    Great to see that Sohos has been thinking of us during her convalescence. Increased blood flow to the groinal region does wonders for recuperation.

  175. Looks like someone didn’t love Vince’s nuts.


    Cassidy, that made me cry. Brilliant caption.

  176. No one may see it X, but it will not mess up teh funneh here

  177. The good thing about that soccer pic is that the guy getting it in the nads looks like Sean Penn. I wish the real Sean Penn gets one too.

  178. Vmax, post it at both places. People here want to see it too.

    Serioulsy. Max deserves that. Even though the comments will be the normal salt fucking, I would love to see a tribute here with pictures of your friend.

  179. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Thanks for asking!

  180. Vince’s hooker didn’t look too bad in the first mug shot.

  181. I notices that phat, my last GF used to buy me a message as a birthday present every year. It sure does relax you.

  182. VMax,

    You can post it here. We will ban XBradTC and Wiserbud for a day, or atleast put a gag-ball in their yaps..

  183. Tushar finds out Rosetta will be visiting:

  184. Dear Hostage ladies,

    Amazon is having a big shoe sale.

    This was a public service announcement.

  185. Folly waits for MCPO to show up for “dinner”

  186. Vmax,

    The best part is you feel like you just had a great workout, but all you did was lie there. Awesome.

    I would go get in the hot tub, but I’m afraid I’d pass out and drown.

  187. Swedish message, Vmax? Hey! Who’s the faggot with the tuba?

  188. Teafran awaits his unicorn from Obambi

  189. Tushar,

    It’s correctly called a ball-gag and yes, I’m sure they carry one in their Shawn Johnson stalking kit:

  190. Yeah, shoes. I love shoes. Here Xbrad:

  191. >>It’s correctly called a ball-gag

    Fine, we will shove one of them ball-gags in their asses too.

  192. Rosetta waiting in the hot tub for phat

  193. Folly, I’ll give you $20 if you insult xbrad.

  194. I thought you were a little taller, Folly.

  195. Sox and Tushar had a baby.

  196. SoHoS has a teeny-tiny sip of Beer

  197. >>Sox and Tushar had a baby.


    It is brown and furry.

  198. Fuck you assholes! I put up comedy gold and you laugh at a cat photo?!?!!

  199. How are the job prospects, Tush?

  200. Lukewarm, Rosetta.
    But something good might happen on Monday. I am hoping to be on vacation for less than 2 weeks.

  201. OK,

    I lied about the not drinking bit.

    Wow, I’m an even cheaper drunk than usual tonight!

    5 Indians!

  202. I am thinking of hitting the sauce tonight. I usually drink less than once a month.

  203. But something good might happen on Monday. I am hoping to be on vacation for less than 2 weeks.

    Me too buddy. It would be nice to spend a couple of weeks with the kiddos but then get a paycheck.

    Good luck on Monday. If you want me to write a letter of recommendation, let me know. Your potential bosses will be impressed at the vulgarity I use to describe your awesomeness.

  204. “I’ve known Tushar longer than any other brown person of my acquaintance, and he still hasn’t committed an act of suicide bombing.”

  205. Folly, I’ll give you $20 if you insult xbrad.

    Really? I do accept Pay Pal.

    I thought you were a little taller, Folly.

    I had the same thought about you.

  206. >>If you want me to write a letter of recommendation, let me know. Your potential bosses will be impressed at the vulgarity I use to describe your awesomeness.

    Um, thanks!

    XBrad, it is the religion, not the color. I did light up some firecrackers as a kid though.

  207. XBRAD’S A RACIST!!!

    Get used to it punk.

  208. Folly, have you ever been in a chick fight? I mean a punches-thrown fight.

    I bet you would beat some ass.

  209. (Late to the thread as always.)

    Vmax, I’m so sorry about Max. Dogs are the best people.

    The rest of you, don’t let my tardy condolences interrupt your fun. Tushar, drink up!

  210. Dear potential employer:

    Tushar is such a great guy that he is the brown person I will kill last.


    Lt Col Phat

  211. Folly, have you ever been in a chick fight? I mean a punches-thrown fight.

    I bet you would beat some ass.

    No, Rosetta. I’m a lover not a fighter.

  212. I’m just sitting here trying to think of the worst possible recommendations we could give Tushar:

    Has no felony convictions.

  213. In other words, Folly gets her ass kicked a lot.

  214. Lt. Col. Phat are you married? We got all these single wimmen here at the Hostages (me, TI, KKA) so I thought I’d ask.

  215. In other words, Folly gets her ass kicked a lot

    Wait, do you mean kicked or spanked?

  216. Hey all you WA residents (BiW), WTH?

  217. Thread idea;

    Best lines on Tushar’s thin gruel (hey I’ve been reading Patrick O’Brian) resume:

    -Very clean and articulate

    -Disguises the laser point of death on his forehead very well

    -Doesn’t smell THAT bad

    -Hiring him is like having built in tech support! No more long distance.

  218. Here you go Tushar. You can print this and use it if you want.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have known Tushar for more than three fucking years and in all that time, I have been impressed as shit. To the best of my knowledge he’s never fucked an animal or any sort of food.

    And his command of the English language is better than the fucking Jews and the Mexicans.

    He works harder than the coloreds did back in the good old days. You know what I mean? I mean seriously motherfuckers. This guy works harder than a 50 year old crack whore sucking 59 limp dicks in a quickly-thrown-together bukkake porn.

    In conclusion, even though Tushar was on that Chris Hansen show about the podiatrists and shit, I’m 35% certain he would not rape your chickens.

    If you want me to fax you a picture of my cock, just let me know.



    P.S. The one time Tushar had sex with that midget guy, Tushar made him wear a condom so you know he’s not a safety problem.


  219. I’m a lover not a fighter.

    Hey, me too. Except I get confused sometimes and start hitting myself.

    I’m a really bad fighter.

  220. “He keeps that windowless van that he lurks near the playground in spotless.”

  221. Hey, me too. Except I get confused sometimes and start hitting myself.

    I’m a really bad fighter.

    I got my ass kicked by a group of boys when I was about 11 in Houston, Texas ’cause they didn’t like my shirt. It said, “Eagles,” on it and the retardos thought it was the Philadelphia Eagles. It wasn’t. It was my softball shirt. I ended up getting thrown into some bushes and had cuts all over my back.

  222. Rosetta, would you mind punching up my resume?

  223. He will treat your goats with respect.

    ..and provide his own ball-gag.

  224. No, Rosetta. I’m a lover not a fighter.

    That’s a shame!

    Folly, you wanna fight me?

  225. Folly, that story makes me feel awful for you. I have a strong urge to hug you and say I’m sorry, and only the slightest desire to feel you up while doing so.

  226. Thanks, guys. I am touched.

    Rosetta! Stop touching me.

  227. Folly, you wanna fight me?

    Now, I’d probably beat your ass. I’ve learned a lot in the last 30 years.

    Folly, that story makes me feel awful for you. I have a strong urge to hug you and say I’m sorry, and only the slightest desire to feel you up while doing so.

    Hahahaha, thanks Leon. I think. I mean up to the whole, “feel you up,” part.

  228. Taormina, Sicily 1977

  229. I’m pretty sure I could hold back. Besides, if I’d just said the hug part, these guys would just do a quick strikethrough and add the feeling up part, whilst quipping “FTFY”.

  230. “He’s really starting to get a handle on his Tourette’s Syndrome.”

  231. >>Rosetta, would you mind punching up my resume?

    Careful, Dave. You are inviting trouble.

  232. Besides, if I’d just said the hug part, these guys would just do a quick strikethrough and add the feeling up anal sex part, whilst quipping “FTFY”.


  233. When Eric Clapton was a god

  234. Good Gosh What the hell have you been doing MCPO?
    9 comments on this thread in moderation

  235. I understand Leon. As Sean just showed.

  236. Rosetta, would you mind punching up my resume?

    If by “my resume” you mean “my cock” then yes.

  237. All of my well-timed jibes lost to the “Moderation Monster” Fuck, ain’t life grand?

  238. it appears you are out now MCPO

    but yes the comedy gold has lost its luster.

  239. Look at this idiot :

    She wants to create 44 paintings, depicting herself having sex with each of the Presidents. She did not give names, but I think she is up to Rutherford Hayes.

    She is giving a BJ to Lincoln.

    24 year old women have sawdust in their heads.

  240. heh, Sean M. goes post-modern on your FTFY asses.

  241. MCPO, why have you not yet freshened my cocktail?

    I shall retain a portion of your Social Security check as punishment.

  242. Tushar, her painting of Clinton will have them playing Old Maid and sipping lemonade.

  243. Well since you guys have apparently scared every other woman off with tales of punching each other in the nether regions, I shall go take a bath.

    Try not to miss me too much.

  244. Hey folks – if you have twenty minutes, this is worth every second of it.

  245. Rosetta – Fuck you with volksmarcher’s walking stick, you inbred, Turkish prison guard!

  246. She wants to create 44 paintings, depicting herself having sex with each of the Presidents.

    She appears to be doing something horrible to Buchanan. The haunted look on his face is priceless.

  247. >>I shall go take a bath.

    How many baths do you take everyday?

  248. I think she is up to Rutherford Hayes.

    You know how he died? Sex with PattyAnn.

    *runs far, far away*

  249. Tippacanoe and Tyler, too!

  250. Mesa and Tushar go job hunting

  251. Tippacanoe and Tyler, Jew!


  252. Rosetta’s Tushar recommendation was classic…

  253. Who is th faggot with the tuba??

  254. I Like Kike!

    Too far?

  255. TBoM, remember these three things in Vegas.

    (1) If you’re at a poker table for more than 10 minutes and you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy,

    (2) COUNT YOUR CHIPS!!!!, and

    (3) Mrs. TBoM will only appreciate a threesome while you’re in a different hotel.

  256. Tushar Recommendation:

    He is an innovator with such creations in his portfolio as The Curry Slurpee and the Kali Ma Heart Massager

  257. Sean M takes pleasure in his work

  258. I asked my wife if we were going to have a lot of sex in Vegas.

    She said “with each other?”

  259. Rosetta counts his dick.

  260. TBOM and Mrs. TBOM

  261. I asked my wife if we were going to have a lot of sex in Vegas.

    She said “with each other?”


  262. Link FAIL, dave.

  263. Dave in Texas fails at simple link like he does at satisfying women.

  264. ‘sup everyone! folly i love the avatar

  265. I think this guy is good;

    His album kicks ass,

  266. How are you feeling, FIGF!!

  267. hahahahahaha tbom’s wife

  268. Tea,

    I just watched that video. Very nice.
    I also liked that he referred to Barack, rather than President Obama (ugh!).

  269. BFF, how was today? Did you get an A+?

  270. SoHos???????

  271. Netflix finally updated their video player to work on firefox. And BTinLC is available to the end of the month.

  272. How annoying.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “satisfying” a woman. Does this involve financial disclosure? Watching some crappy movie? What?

  273. a little better. I was worn out from today. Looks like my left foot is drooping so i have to rehab that back in place and my left knee wont lay flat so same for it (painful). I go back to the plastic surgeon(flap) Dr. in two weeks he wants me to stay in bed with it elevated above my heart the whole time. My Orthopedic surgeon doesnt want to see me until May 8th. They switched up some bandages, he thinks it looks good but it was swollen which is a no no. Ortho gave me a prescription for rehab which the plastic said I cant do for two weeks.

    I have these hideous painful muscle spasms before i fall asleep and the ortho dr gave me a prescription but said the other dr refuses to prescribe b/c he had a patient who took it and killed his wife. weird side effect don ya think? Count and Nina are scared 😉

  274. evenin clown punchers

  275. Bah. What are the odds you’d kill your wife?

  276. BTinLC???????????????????????

    . . . the fuck??

  277. well she is a bitch

  278. sohos, tell the doc you don’t have a wife.

  279. well she is was a bitch


  280. dammit, my comment was a bit late.

  281. they decided i probably couldnt do too much damage since I cant walk

  282. I was worn out from today.

    I figured. I was thinking about how much it would suck to go from home to the doctor’s office today.

    Rehab is a reality but you’re going to do great. And I can’t believe the Ortho doesn’t want to see you until May! I view that as a good sign.

    Sohos, I give you an A+. I’m proud of you!

  283. FIGF – Zombies don’t walk very well either.

  284. Sohos, how are you moving about? On your own, or someone has to carry you?

  285. Burl. Explain your existence.

  286. Musli (L) and friend

  287. thank you so much. the ortho said the bone looked great and if it wasnt for the flap she would let me start putting weight on it but at least the other dr said the flap looks good. they took the staples out of my knee and ankle and stitches out of my back and arm pit. I was also given 15 minute dangle time. so basically good news today

  288. >>Burl. Explain your existence.

    Next you will question the existence of toe jam.

  289. How is the Pain Sohos?

  290. tushy i have a walker to get from bed to bathroom, and i have a wheel chair for going to dr. I have a new respect for people who use them all of the time.

  291. My new favorite beer!


  293. How many baths do you take everyday?

    Shower in the mornng, bath in the evening. The bath helps my joints.

  294. SoHoS has friends help her get a little drinky-poo

  295. Pain is still unbelievable. I was in tears by the time i got home this afternoon b/c I forgot to take them with me. I am taking 2 hydrocodones every two hours and two Tramadol’s every 8, and now i have the scary muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine…honestly I am ready for the pain to be over b/c I hate the way they make me feel but I have to have them. It is better though then the way the morphine made me feel i was on that hard core for 10 days.

  296. You should try one of these wheelchairs.

  297. ’sup everyone! folly i love the avatar

    Thanks, Sohos. Sorry to hear about your foot.

  298. that is two hydrocodones every 4 hours not two.

  299. I was also given 15 minute dangle time. so basically good news today

    As someone with unlimited dangle time I say NICE JOB!! I knew you would do great.


  300. thanks folly it is really annoying.
    MCPO if you had any idea how many party pics i have of myself in my early 20’s doing shit like that. keg stands, beer bongs etc…

  301. Stupid Rosetta! Everybody knows SoHoS is a blonde!

  302. Sohos,

    if you are taking a muscle relaxant, stay away from the computer and TV. The muscle relaxants relax the eye muscles too, and you strain them harder to focus. You will end up getting headache and eye-strain. Nothing serious, but why add to your discomfort?

  303. see that rope she has rosie that is what i need to pull my foot back into place.

  304. cyclobenzaprine

    I was on that when I had my fall on my motorcycle (bruised a couple of ribs). I’ve never slept so soundly, but I felt really weak the next morning after a dose. I requested the low dose (5mg) when it was prescribed, and I was glad I did. I can’t imagine how “relaxed” I’d have been on a normal 10mg dose. As it was, I’d wake up and try to get out of bed and realize I’d need awhile. It was like my body had to catch up with me.

  305. I will not tell you I know what you are going through Sohos.
    I have had back pain and 2 Vicodan does not touch it. I took the Vicodan and Wild Turkey too keep the edge off. It was insane pain for 2 weeks. I also had the cyclobenzaprine it made me sleepy for a while, but you get used to it after a week or so. I have never been on Morphine.

    I am praying for you.
    I prayed for Max and that did not work out so well, but I am still praying.

  306. I have 10 mg…crap…….

    I cant do the computer very long anyway b/c i get so damn exhausted. It is so stupid. I am weak as a kitten these days. I wish i could explain how much i hate it.

  307. Sohos
    What is the dosage on your Hydrocodone?
    I have had 5/650, 10/650, and 20 /650.

    The 5’s are like candy. I hear they make 100/650. but they are very addictive at that level.

  308. Morphine sucks. Hydrocodone is good. Pain sucks altogether. Having lived with chronic pain for 5 years I can vouch for that. However, you get used to a certain level of it.

    However, traumatic pain like Sohos’ sucks a lot.

  309. Sohos, forget about the hair color and channel this.

  310. Sohos, for all I know the 10mg is appropriate for your injury. I just had bruised ribs, and my whole intercostal muscular girdle reflexively tightened to protect the injury, which made it hard to breathe and impossible to sleep. I only needed enough to take the edge off and let me rest, and I react strongly to most drugs, to the point where I don’t dare take ibuprofen for anything less than a skull-splitting headache.

    I also get drunk so fast it’s pathetic.

  311. Yeah these are actually twice the strength of regular hydrocodones, and there are times when it doesnt touch the pain. I have never felt pain like this. Thank you for the prayers. I am praying for you too dear. I was thinking today that Max and Shiner were in Heaven playing together.

  312. the bottle says

    Hydrocodone-apa10-325 tabqua

    Rosie i love that magic rope. I need it.

  313. I hope so Sohos,
    Maybe they will somehow know each other.

  314. I’ll stop talkingk to myself now. . .

  315. they are hydrocodone apap

    10-325 tabqua

    rosie i need that magic rope

  316. she has a GREAT body MCPO

  317. of course they know each other vmax

  318. The worst thing about acute pain is how it takes over your mind. You just cannot distract yourself from it sometimes.

  319. Asian Hotties from Aces sidebar at the USO

  320. 10’s Sohos? 10’s?
    I might be wrong, but that is weak.

  321. pain sucks

  322. Like I said 2 Hydrocodone and 2 shots of wild turkey a hour untill you have to take mote HC

  323. until and more to correct the above^

  324. i dont think i will ever drink again….seriously. I keep having panic attacks about the accident and i think alcohol will make it worse

  325. Norco is the real name of it and it is a powerful narcotic.

  326. I can understand, but the pain makes you crazy I would do anything to make it stop.

  327. I cant stand the tramadol it makes me sweat worse than kerry marie in church

  328. linkin park-live-dust in the wind cover of the Kansas above^
    pretty good

  329. I cant stand the tramadol it makes me sweat worse than kerry marie in church

    lol! Good one sohos!

  330. Scorpions- Dust In The Wind good too, not as faithful to the original but who says you have to be

    Bonus a hot Romanian chick on the cello doing the violin parts for Uniball

  331. I’d steer clear of the whiskey if you’re taking any cyclobenzoprine. The combo can stop your heart.

  332. MCPO, that’s Big Trouble in Little China. Moron classic.

  333. no alcohol for me

  334. Sohos, I hope you keep feeling better. I know you’re the hurt one, but how are Count and MiniSohos holding up?

  335. I do not have sleep apnia
    but drinking and hydrocodone, I woke up gasping for breath
    Eagles – dust in the wind

    Hard to tell it is the eagles

  336. patty ann when i talked to you in the hospital did i make any sense?

  337. They are amazing. They hate seeing me down and in pain but they do everything for me with a kiss and a smile. Nina washed and straightened my hair for me yesterday so that it would look nice for the doctor today. Count has to change that icky bandage out everyday and he is a champ and does it perfectly and it is really gross. I really am so blessed to have such sweet and loving people taking care of me.

  338. Time to go hang out with my wife. Have a good night, all.

  339. Sohos, you could give up drinking or you could carpet your house with this stuff:

  340. hahahaha jewstin i have a heel protector made of that

  341. night Leon

  342. Thunderstruck

  343. Sohos, you were out of it 🙂

  344. 12 million views
    Back in Black

    yes you heard right twelve million.

  345. I remembered thinking later did I talk to patty ann??????

  346. Haha. You told me they were doing surgery on your foot.

  347. when I think of AC/DC I think of this song it has a mere 5 million views
    Back in Black

  348. My namesake
    He is younger and richer
    5 million views

  349. morphine…

  350. I remember this it was one of the first videos on MTV

    the animated guy with the heavy beard is me

  351. Mark Knopfler and his Strat

  352. i love dire straits

  353. Forged,
    I am filling for you for the early shift.
    When I get over my hang over I expect a soundtrack from you for the weekend update

  354. You know what we need?


  355. Hey all. Saw Monsters vs Aliens tonight. Cute but not great.

  356. Good stuff Bartwing

  357. Are you like me?

    Are you sitting there wondering, “Hmmm, I wonder if my local McDonalds has the McRib right now?”

    Well, there’s a McRib Locator site devoted to peeps just like us.


  358. NIna and I want to see that Tat should we wait for dvd?

  359. PattyAnn??

  360. Tootles, did you see the BBF model?

    Isn’t that the facial expression that annoys you so?

  361. This is my fave Dire Straits tune
    Brothers in Arms
    Long and slow
    With fantastic guitar work in it

  362. PJM????


  363. this is my fave

  364. Mark Knopfler makes his Gibson sing

  365. SoHoS – I hope you are feeling better real soon. Then we can discuss our vacation to Maui!

  366. That is great Sohos
    Do you like this one

  367. I need one thats for sure

  368. oh yeah

  369. Goodnight, you sniffers, tippers and don’t give me any smart lippers!

  370. Here is a good one form Wembley Arena

  371. Metallica – Brothers in arms 2007

  372. night fibf

  373. ok muscle relaxer time for me

  374. #

    NIna and I want to see that Tat should we wait for dvd?

    It was cute enough Sohos, I wouldn’t demand my money back. But it’s not Cars or Monsters Inc.

    Tootles, did you see the BBF model?

    Isn’t that the facial expression that annoys you so?

    Yeah, that look at my mooshy lips, and why don’t you fuck me even stupider than I already am.

  375. A Mark knopfler – (instrumental)

  376. This is a good one
    Dire Straits – Ride Across The River

  377. i loved monsters inc.

    good night yall

  378. Night Sohos.

    Vmax, good choices tonight.

  379. Good night Tattoo
    You are great

  380. night, sOhOs,

    tat, I’ll take “fuck me stupider” over “quiet, I’m stalking a cheeseburger” anyday.

  381. Good night Tattoo
    You are great

    I wasn’t going to bed just yet Vmax, but I s’pose I can if you think it’s past my bedtime 😉

    Xbrad, I don’t know too many guys who’d have any issues w/ “fuck me stupider”, and I don’t know too many guys that’d turn down “stalking a cheeseburger” either. I get that about y’all.

  382. Goodnight all
    2.3 million views of Def Leppard – Photograph

    Carry on Risaldar-Major.
    Carry on

  383. Since Vmax is headed to bed.

  384. BTW, we all know I love me some chocolate, but I got M&M’s specktacular egg things and not so yummy.

  385. But I am Tattoo
    I have had a bunch of bourbon

  386. link fail tat

  387. 1. Your linky no worky, Tat.

    2. Vmax is drunk. He’s leaving busted vids at my place.

  388. What

  389. Well damn,

  390. youtube says the video you left at my place is no longer available. Too bad, as I’m not familiar with that particular song.

  391. I updated it
    does it work now X?

  392. it is
    Dire Straits – Ride Across The River

  393. No joy, vmax. Let’s stick to sticking broken links here on this blog.

  394. I remember Radar Love Tat from High school Tat
    I used to take my charger out cruising to that song

  395. Gimme all your lovin’

  396. Ahhh Vmax, I ‘member that song too, but not quite that early 😉

  397. Since V is seems to have a bit of AC/DC in him tonight:

  398. Does this one work X?

    I put it at your place


  399. Yeah, V, that one worked.

  400. Good Night All

  401. goodnight, McVmax

  402. Night Vmax.

  403. You know what song plays thru my head most of the time when I hang out here?

  404. Hey, I didn’t give the rest of you permission to go to bed yet. I’m still up for another 30 min or so. Get back in here and entertain me!

  405. Hey, did somebody already beat to me the link about the Shamwow guy getting arrested?

  406. ^yeah, it was at DPUD a few hours ago.

  407. I’m here, tat, but I’m too busy eating the last of my brownies to entertain you. Let eddie dance like a monkey for you.

  408. Oh, and f^ck all ya’slls!

    Just sayin’

  409. How’re you tonight, Eddie?

    I’m feeling a bit feisty, so I was gonna make a quip about hanging out here at midnight-ish, but then thought it might be insensitive.

  410. Brad:
    Well, my daughter just went to bed, my wife is asleep, and I have a dry martini at my elbow!

    Game on!

  411. Nope

  412. Tat:
    My parents took my daughter to see that “Monsters/Aliens” movie, while the Missus and I cleaned the house and put away the last of the toys from Little Princess’ birthday party last week.

    Tonight is yet more proof of why I do not allow soda in my house.

  413. Just give the kids those little sugar packets you get in the diner. They get the same buzz, and they’re a lot easier to clean up.

  414. Just wrap them in inside-out duct tape and leave them wherever they stick.

  415. Give ’em a couple tubes of Crazy Glue to play with.

  416. she really didn’t get much on her; however, she was climbing up and down the walls until she crashed hard. Ugh.

    But I learned a hard lesson yesterday after she fell into a mudpuddle:
    when you reach for the bottle of shout to clean off that nice pink shirt, make sure it really is shout and not bleach.

    Just sayin’

  417. Aww, Eddie did you tie-dye her shirt?

  418. ^not intentionally.

    And this was some shirt my wife bought from some place in South Africa and paid to have shipped over here. I dunno.

    We have had multiple discussions on the virtue of spending a shitload of $ on clothes for a child who will grow out of them and is naturally inclined to roll down the hill I have in my back yard. I tell her children are not china dolls and need to get dirty and banged up for their own good. And blowing my in-laws’ trust fund on a fucking shirt for a now 4 year old is stupid.

    Besides, Little Princess absolutely loves hanging out with me in the garden, playing with the bugs, critters, and earthworms we find, along with digging up weeds. No way in hell I am going to throttle back on those interests.

  419. Has anyone seen my pants or car?

  420. If she kept it for dress-up occasions then that’s one thing, but if your darling is just playing in it, why spend the money?

  421. Rosie:
    Your pants are with Wiser.

    The car? You’re on your own, pal.

  422. My pants are in the Men’s room with you and wiserbud?


  423. Tats:
    She has a ton of “nice” stuff for parties, gatherings, and socials. This shirt was actually one of the more casual dealies my wife bought for her.

    Just because my wife and her sisters were porcelain dolls growing up doesn’t mean I’m going to let mine be that way. And besides, I kinda get a kick out of pissing off her faily by letting my daughter get dirty and “one with nature”.

  424. Rosie:
    How’d you know?!/?!

    I hafta sneak the $5 Target clothes by my wife as play time clothes. The horrified look on Wifey’s face when we come back in from somewhere covered in filth is worth it.

  425. Umm Rosie, about your car. Hmmm, it’s kinda in a lake. But the guys tell me we can get it hauled out tomorrow, cheap. Promise.

    Eddie, encourage all that playing in dirt stuff, even if it means you aren’t getting any 😉

    And now gentlemen, I’m off to bed. Going to play w/ wolves tomorrow, and I hafta be up early.

  426. Hey, did somebody already beat to me the link about the Shamwow guy getting arrested?

    Only by five and a half hours.

  427. Ooohhh look, reporter dude scooped me while I was busy at work. Wow.

  428. PrisonShowerWOW!!! Only $19.95!!!

    And if you call right now, cuz you know my ass can’t do this all day, we’ll throw in this CD of me crying. You gettin’ this warden?

  429. Rosie must be hammered. He’s double posting.

  430. Tats:
    DPUD actually posts new content regularly.

    Unlike AoS

  431. Hey! It’s now Saturday! Now I can eat some leftover bacon!

  432. “Has anyone seen my pants or car?”


  433. Until he finds his pants or his car, I hope to God I don’t see Rosetta.

  434. Rosie must be hammered. He’s double posting.

    EVB must be on sherm. He’s seeing double.

  435. DPUD actually posts new content regularly.

    I think she was referring to me, seeing as how I was a dick about the way I posted it here in the comments.

  436. You’re pretty much a dick. Period.


  437. Until Before he finds his pants or his car, I hope to God I don’t see get a call from Rosetta.


  438. Damnit. Stoopid tags.

  439. Rosie:
    You f*cking leave that double post up as a monument to your EPIC FAIL!

    And do it right now!

    *holds breath*

  440. Good job, weiner boy.

  441. I’m guessing that wasn’t Goshen, IN. Which town, for being a little bumfuck farming town in the middle of nowhere, had a huge fucking airshow. Like a hundred thousand people showed up over the weekend.

  442. Has anyone seen my pants or iron liver or pants?

  443. So, Rosie, whatchya been up to tonight?

  444. iron liver?


  445. Depends, Rosie. How much ya got?

  446. Rosie must be having a bad reaction to his Miller Chill.

  447. Words to live by, ladies:

  448. Rich:
    Or Zima

  449. Or maybe his B&J winecooler.

  450. Rosie must be having a bad reaction to his Miller Chill.

    Hahahaha. This is why everyone hates Rich’s guts.


    I watched American Psycho tonight. Christian Bale plays a good psycho.


  451. night fagz.

  452. Hahahaha. This is why everyone hates Rich’s guts.

    That, and getting change for a dollar.

  453. Well, Tat’s gone to bed, Vmax is passed out, EVB is exhausted from chasing the wee one,and Mare hasn’t shown up for her turn in the barrel. Now what?

  454. Now what?

    Punch yourself in the dick or mangina 1,000 times?

  455. Eh, I just poured a drink. Can I wait until I finish that one?

  456. So, I used up my allocation of funneh. I made Rosie laugh last night. Someone else’s turn.

  457. Dammit, Rosie, put your pants on and make me some funneh!

  458. Eh, I just poured a drink. Can I wait until I finish that one?

    Yes, f-stick. I am going to listen to the dulcet tones of One Minute Silence and then I’m hitting the sack with extreme prejudice.

    Yell at Sox for me. And I will rain down insults on you tomorrow, xbrad.

  459. Eh, Sox is across the house right now meowing at the possum outside.

  460. Gonna go drink and smoke for a while. Punch yourselves in your dicks until I get back.

  461. RIP Seals

  462. Did he die? How sad. I always liked that song.

  463. Sorry, wrong Seals (husband’s fault)
    It was England Dan Seals. Lymphoma.

  464. I forgot to say they were brothers.

  465. Punch your husband in the dick.

    Gonna stick around a bit?

  466. Nope. Fixin’ to call it a night. Have fun, xbrad. Maybe Night Mare will show up 🙂

  467. Too bad. I was gonna link NSFW images that come up when you search for Jessica Rabbit.

  468. *googles naughty images of Jessica Rabbit*

    **slllloooooowwwwwllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy slips of pants**

  469. **goes back to watching Season 3 of Angel**

  470. Wow, Charisma Carpenter just kept getting better and better looking. She’s got a world class fanny on her. She’s no PartyAnal, but she ain’t bad at all.

  471. Allright, all 5 of you lurkers who looked at that link, post a comment here so we can make fun of you. Or you can make fun of Leon’s pathetic excuse for a penis.

  472. She’s got a world class fanny on her.

    NSFW, but brad is unemployed, so it’s safe for him.

  473. BTW, I think seasons 2-4 of Angel featured some of the best writing on teevee over the last decade or so.

  474. Good writing, but I still think Buffy Season 5 was much better. I just had a deeper connection to it. We’ll see how I feel going forward.

    I have to admit I was quite surprised how deeply watching Buffy affected me. I love a good story with heroes and struggles, and was amazed at what I had always thought was mere pop pablum was actually much deeper.

  475. Here’s a couple more for ya, Sean.

  476. I just think Buffy lost some steam after they had her leave high school. It was still pretty good, but it didn’t have the focus that it originally had. They also had some trouble working characters like Giles and Xander into the works, though they solved those problems later.

    After a while, I came to think Angel was a more fluid story. And more adult as well, though that’s a bit unfair, considering where it came from. But the story arcs were what I was more interested in, and I think the writers handled them better on Angel in those years than they did in the final years of Buffy.

  477. Season 4 of Buffy was weak tea. But season 5 rocked. I liked the whole 7 year arc of her growth. Gimme time on Angel I’m just starting Season 3. And I’ve never seen any of this before. I’d seen a few Buffy’s but never any Angel. I only got into Angel because I liked Boreanaz on Bones. So far I liked Season one, an obvious spin-off, Season two was sorta weak, season 3 is looking good.

  478. OK, gotta pass out now. I’m worn out from punching the clown and thinking about PattyAnn.

  479. LAST!!!

  480. So all I missed was a couple of guys talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Um, okay. LAST!

  481. No, I’m last!

  482. No new thread and no one around….

    *rummages through Rosetta’s closet, finds blow-up doll and nude picture of Helen Thomas*

    *rummages through Xbrad’s closet, finds blow-up doll and nude picture of Rosetta*

  483. New post up Folly!
    *hides pictures of Folly behind back*

  484. We seem to have a progression going:

    Innocent Bystanders
    The Hostages
    The Captives

    Who’s going to start The Chained and Whipped? The Bound and Gagged?

  485. *rummages through Rosetta’s closet, finds blow-up doll and nude picture of Helen Thomas*

    *rummages through Xbrad’s closet, finds blow-up doll and nude picture of Rosetta*

    Hahahahaha. Folly makeh teh funneh. Well done, butthead.

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