Amazing Music Machine!!1!

This is pretty amazing.  The M.I.T. musical engineering group that manufactured the machine spent more than three months in design and eight months in a clean room precision crafting all the components.

The most interesting part of the manufacturing process pertains to that of the balls.  They are made of a synthetic ceramic-nylon polymer that produces a precise resonance that creates the notes that you hear.

The equipment to create the balls filled half of a floor of the research lab.  The manufacturing process was so precise, all 1,200 of the balls made for this project were perfectly spherical and the exact same size within 0.005 microns. 

After the machine was assembled in a NASA air-lock chamber, all of the oxygen in the room was pumped out, creating a partial vacuum.  The temperature was then dropped to 39.5 degrees which was determined to be the exact temperature that created the bounce necessary to propel the balls to the appropriate return mechanism.

It is a wonder of modern engineering and manufacturing.

Or not.



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  8. >>all 1,200 of the balls made for this project were perfectly spherical and the exact same size within 0.005 microns.

    Mine are bigger.

  9. Mine are bigger.

    Bigger than 0.005 microns?

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  14. “Not as funny as Wiser though.”


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