Say Hello to my Little Friend!

I’d like you all to meet the new wiser-dog, Tequila, or as we call him Tiki.  He’s a “rescue dog”  (which is really a fancy way of saying “mutt that we adopted”) that we got from Tennessee.  He’s a mix of Jack Russell terrier and something else (who knows and who cares, really.)  And just to keep Rosetta from totally freaking out, Tiki will probably never get much bigger than 30 lbs.


The kids love him, he’s about the friendliest dog in the world and actually pretty smart.  He’s got some weird quirks too, like when you give him a biscuit, he takes it and runs into his cage, puts it down and waits for you to leave him alone before he will eat it, that just make us laugh.  Of course, when I came downstairs this morning and saw that he had almost eaten our couch, I realized we still have a way to go with his training.

I think I prefer him to any purebred, mainly because of the horror stories I’ve heard about puppy mills and breeders who can be pretty cruel.  Seriously, if you are thinking of getting a dog, check out getting a rescue dog and forget about the purebreds.  That is really just perpetuating cruelty to animals.


  1. How the Hell did my comment get all the way up there?

  2. Awww, he is so cute. Cranky’s gonna fall in love again.

  3. He is such a cutie!

  4. I got nothing against purebreds. The last wiser-dog was a black lab. Problem is not so much the dog itself, it’s the massive amount of inbreeding that is prevalent today that makes buying a purebred dog a real risky proposition. Our lab was in constant pain from about the age of 3 due to conditions that are supposedly unique to labs. We spent most of her life trying to find ways to relieve her pain and, towards the end, she couldn’t even stand on her own.

    Meanwhile, my in-laws have had great luck with their labs, having just gotten a new puppy before Christmas. So, again, nothing against the dogs themselves, but the best dogs I’ve ever had, even going back to when I was a kid, were mixed breeds.

    Plus, once you start learning about some of the horrors that these puppy mills visit upon their “stock”, you would never want a purebred dog again, expect to rescue one from these evil bastards.

  5. Very cute. My mom had a few Jack Russells, all of them psychos in one way or another so you got that to look forward to.

    Don’t be hating on the purebreds. My golden is real and he’s spectacular.

  6. My golden is real and he’s spectacular.

    Hahaha. Good one, JackStraw.

    He looks like a good dog, wiserbud. Although the fact that he prefers to eat alone may be a sign that he’s bulimic.

  7. Although the fact that he prefers to eat alone may be a sign that he’s bulimic.

    You sure it’s not prostate cancer?

  8. Our lab was in constant pain from about the age of 3 due to conditions that are supposedly unique to labs.

    So, so adorable wiser. I want to bite his snout and chew on his ears. num, num.

    We got a rescue dog right after Halloween. He’s the best dog ever, but sadly because of most of the lab in him, he’s already showing signs of hip dysplasia (he’s a mutt too) and he’s only two.

    He is so gentle and so fun with the kids. My favorite thing is when the kids step in dog poop in the yard and then come in the house, that’s the best.

  9. Yea, I hear you on the mutt thing. My family has had dogs all my life, we had a farm so we tended to have more than one at a time, and one of the best we ever had was a mutt. She was so smart it was almost a little scary.

    True story, my grandfather loved to garden and had a really nice rose garden that was fenced in. We were visiting one time when I was a kid and we had 2 goldens and a mutt. We had them out in the garden and I was keeping an eye on them from inside. The gate had one of those latches that you pushed down and it would release but you had to push the gate open, it was on a spring close. I watched the mutt jump up and push the lever down and then not only push the gate open but hold it open for the goldens who were busy licking themselves or some shit. I still laugh when I remember that.

    I get my dogs from a breeder I know who is very reputable. She has been breeding goldens for over 20 years and she despises the puppy mills. Besides, I like having a dog that I am pretty sure is dumber than me.

  10. Besides, I like having a dog that I am pretty sure is dumber than me.

    wow, that must be….

    Nahhhh, too easy. I’ll leave that for Rosetta.

  11. What’s great is that picture above was taken the first day we brought Tiki home. He just settled right in and curled up in my son’s lap. His ears don’t match either, so he can look pretty funny sometimes.

    We’re real happy with him. And I have to admit, I did miss having a dog around the house.

  12. >>Nahhhh, too easy. I’ll leave that for Rosetta.

    Yea, I like leaving him some low hanging fruit. Makes him feel better about himself.

  13. puppy mills you say? where find?

  14. Besides, I like having a dog that I am pretty sure is dumber than me.

    Yeah, likes that’s possible! Good luck with that dude!!

    *YES!! YES!!*


  15. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the winner of today’s “low-hanging fruit grabber of the day” award.

  16. Now, now. Calm down, Rosetta, and put your helmet on before you hurt yourself.

  17. Cute pup, Wiser.

    And polite, too. He doesn’t want to eat in front of you.

  18. I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree on the “no purebreds” point. If you do your homework, you really research the breed and learn about them, you do research on your breeder, you’ll be fine.

    You should be able to avoid milled pets, you’ll be able to tell from the pedigree, meet with your breeder, at their place, and be armed with as much knowledge as you can handle, ask lots of questions, they should be able to answer all but the most obscure ones easily. Look for breed enthusiasts who run small places and really care about the breed. If you’re suspicious, ask to see their facilities and gauge the response, if they’re resistant or refuse, its probably a bad sign. Basically, know your breeder.

    Oh, and never buy a purebred from a pet store, those are almost guaranteed to be milled. Particularly in PA, did you know the Amish and Mennonites run a fair number of mills?

  19. I changed the time on your comment so I could reply.

    I didn’t say there was anything wrong with purebreds. My problem is that people do not put in the time and effort you describe and get them from reputable breeders. Way too many people just get them from pet stores, which creates a market for these animals, which perpetuates the cruelty.

    So my suggestion to avoid a purebred and go for a mutt has nothing to do with the dog itself. It has more to do with the people who continue to create and support a market for the mills.

    Also, if people did put in the time and effort as you describe, perhaps the breeds wouldn’t be so screwed up. For every great purebred dog you see, there’s probably 5 that have very serious health issues, due to in-breeding.

    Sorry, but I still think that a dog is just a dog and I have always had great luck with mutts. Plus, I feel better having saved one from a harsh and potentially very short life. Again, nothing against the purebreeds and the people who do it right. But far more people don’t, and there’s the problem.


  20. Seconding the recommendation for mutts.

    I’ve been really admiring Shepherd crosses, as far as mutt-dogs go. Pretty much no matter what you cross them with, you still get that great attentive Shepherd quality, but dilute the horrible genetic problems that have been bred into them.

    My girlfriend has a mutt she picked up at the pound that’s some kind of Shep or Collie-cross, and I am jealous of how wonderful that critter is. Gentle, sweet, smart, healthy as all get out, everything you want in a pet except protective.

  21. I lucked out on the protection factor with my dog. I have flippin sales people come to my door every single day and that big dog bark is nice.

    He even gets up to walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If one of the kids is having a bad dream or the baby is crying he comes to get me. He’s so sweet.

    Except the neighbors cats like to come to the front window and tease him and I’m afraid one day he’s going to bust through the window.

  22. He is a cute little guy.

  23. test

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  25. awwwwwww, all better

  26. they’re not deleted they’re all at the correct time now.

  27. A fair point, the problem really is predatory breeders combined with ill-educated buyers. Really more than anything, its poorly educated buyers.

    I remember seeing a bulldog at a store few years ago, I had no intent on buying him, the price was way inflated, ’cause I knew he was probably milled, plus I wasn’t in the market for a critter…turned out one of my parents knew who bought it and they ended up dropping about $800 additional on that dog for a corrective surgery, plus some other costs for health problems. I guess its okay now, but the price on that thing was insane to begin with. I probably could have done research and found a reputable breeder who woulda sold them a better one for less than half what they paid.

    I’m just saying people shouldn’t be afraid of buying purebred, just do their homework and know what they’re doing. Too many people go “oh, cute dog” and slap a handful of benjamins down onto a pet store counter, only to find the thing is an inbred retard with chronic health problems. That’s where they fall into trouble, which is probably what you’re concerned about.

    As for mutts at the pound, by all means, a great thing, we had a cat from the SPCA when I was a kid, he was a great.

  28. wait, that’s not when I said that!

  29. well it is now!

  30. What year is it?

  31. One of my husband’s favorite sayings is “Like A Monkey F*cking A Football”
    Reminds me of us. Especially with the monkey in the header pic and at the side.

  32. Okay, are PattyAnn and pattyann4 different people?

  33. wiser, how does the new guy get along with your pet squirrels?

  34. So, what’s the deal here? Are you morons sticking with this site or the old one?

  35. TBD. We’ll know by the end of the week and then let everyone know the official decision.

  36. we’re here now. who knows what tomorrow brings?

    as for the squirrels, they were delicious.

  37. Hahahahaha. That’s a good way to teach the kids about loss.

  38. hahaha, what do you want on your tombstone?

  39. Pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese.

  40. hahaha, what do you want on your tombstone?

    Pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese.

    Heh, this seems fitting…

  41. Sin, PattyAnn and pattyann4 are the same people. Me! Explanation: when this blog was started, wordpress did not like me and didn’t want to add me to the authors. So, someone decided to make me a new wordpress account and add me. Voila! That worked. The downside is that if I go to the old blog I have to sign out and sign back in again. If I go to the new blog I have to sign out and sign back in again. Repeat as necessary.

  42. That sucks PA! You would think by now they would have made that whole process easier.

    I think you can change your nickname in your profile so that it just says PattyAnn. Or PattyBran.

    Whichever you prefer.

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  44. well my passwords are different for each name, so this way i can keep up wih it. If we end up staying here, then I’ll go in and change it.

  45. I don’t like it when pajama momma agrees with me.

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  48. Hahaha. RIP. Hostages and Margaret Truman on the same day. We shoulda had a dead pool.

  49. What? You don’t have to log on to see the header photo!?!

    *slaps pattyann4 in the head*

  50. Hahaha. RIP. Hostages and Margaret Truman on the same day. We shoulda had a dead pool.

  51. *slaps pattyann4 in the head*

    You coulda had a V-8

  52. V-12

  53. I love V-8

  54. I like PattyAnn. pattyann4 was a friggin’ bitch.

  55. I don’t like it when pajama momma agrees with me.

    I agree.

  56. Who turne me back into PattyAnn?

  57. i didn’t i swear

  58. Does anyone anywhere know how blogs work?

  59. Well I didn’t do it.


  60. Goodnight ladies. I hope you have fantastic dreams tonight.

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  62. Goodnight!

  63. Now the really pressing question…
    Does anyone bother to tell WP the old blog is broken, or do you just let him ramble at empty space for a week before pointing him this direction?

  64. What a cute puppy! And that you got him as a rescue says really good things about you wiser. The pup I got in late October I got from the Humane Society, a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Yellow Lab. Great personality, smart, but oh so stubborn. About two weeks ago a dog jumped on my back as I was getting into my truck to return to work. I look down and there is this beautiful little Golden Retriever caked in mud and hair matted. Captured my heart right then. I reported her to the Humane Society but said I would keep her with me until an owner contacted me, no ID tag, no rabies tag. Not one phone call for Annie.

    Annie, has taken over the house. Three dogs now: Samantha who is an almost 12 years old Golden, Jessie the mix who is about 2 years old, and now Annie the boss who is approximately 3 years old. So I figure all three of my girls are rescues since I got Samantha from a family who didn’t want her anymore at only 4 months old and they’d already run over her twice with their car. Nala, who passed away in October, was also a rescue from a family who couldn’t keep her and didn’t get her the medical attention she needed for heartworm.

    Anyway, sorry for bragging on my wonderful girls and wiser you done good.

  65. Wow, cranky, you sure don’t live up to your nic! Sounds like you are a real soft touch when it comes to the pooches.

    There’s something special about a pet that you have “saved.” You hear all of the horror stories about homeless animals and those that are abused, that when you take one in, like you did with Annie, it’s almost as if they know what you have done for them and they seem to go out of their way to thank you every day.

    I guarantee that Tiki is going to have a much better life than the one he was born into. I’m not trying to come off like some kind of saint, as people adopt dogs all the time and I do not consider this to be some incredibly awesome achievement, but he’s a happy dog and I love knowing that he might not have been as happy elsewhere and that I had something to do with that.

    You’re a good man, Cranky, despite all of your other obvious faults. 🙂

  66. How many male Hostages were slapped when trying to use the title as a pick up line?

  67. Will, I tried to call him, but he didn’t answer. He’ll call me back when he wants or he gets bored–as always LOL.

    Just don’t tell Cranky to make you a sammich–he refuses to share his left-over meatloaf yet he gives the dogs the bacon he cooks on top of the meatloaf.

    BisW, I’d love to have the seconds wiserbud and rosetta devote to choosing the perfect titles for their posts. 🙂

  68. Obvious faults?

    I thought I hid them pretty well. Damn it better get keeping them under wraps.

  69. The English grammar? Not my strength.

    Damn it better get keeping them under wraps. == Damn it, better get to work keeping them under wraps.

  70. :I’d love to have the seconds wiserbud and rosetta devote to choosing the perfect titles for their posts.

    Looks like Feisty Ann is back!

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