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Monday-ish Muscly Motive-actuators

Greetings all. It’s Monday morning again and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it, least of all me. I get to spend my week trying to maintain yet another fresh piece of orphaned code and picking up a new set of orphaned tasks thanks to yet another departing coworker. Everyone leaves and I get more to do for the same amount of money. It’s (not) awesome, I recommend it if you have the opportunity (to remain employed in the midst of the economic destruction wrought by Obama and his fellow travelers).

Anyone need a mathlete? I’m not cheap, but I’m very good and have a higher tolerance for tedium than most. I’ve done damn near everything you can task defense contractor technical staff with and then some. I can coordinate and collaborate and commiserate and powerpoint and blahbadeedblah. Eh, whatever, I’ll probably just stay at it because I’m pretty sure putting up with all of it has left me somewhere in the walking-on-water stage with management, and my office is really close to my gym, so there’s that.

Is this what you came here for? No, of course not, and I don’t blame you if you skipped all that crap and came straight down to this first image. I’m just saying that I ain’t all that motivated, just sorta resignated. Er, resigned. But I’m not quitting, it’s the other kind of resigned. Like, to fate.

This is a gif. It was sent to me, I’ll leave you to guess the sender.
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