Big Boob Friday

Hello puppets of meat, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a, well…a model and pin-up girl of the “plus size” category. I know that I’ve seen her before, but a search on her name at H2 only brings up hits with you assholes making fun of environmentalists.

I put “plus size” in quotes only because most fashionishtas are faggots and wouldn’t know what a real sexy woman looks like even if she checked their prostate with a jackhammer.  Super Bonus Perfect Buffalone Size is more accurate.

She’s ‘merican, born in 1989, and measures 36-24-36 with some triple D action up front and center. Please stop running your chicken trafficking ring on craigslist long enough to welcome, Miss Gia Genevieve!

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A Thorsday wink

A funneh.
A reminder about today’s partial solar eclipse
And Thor.
There. New poat.

Tuesday Review: President Barack Obama

Tetas Grandes Viernes

Hello butt carnivores, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



I was not able to procure any demographic information about your model for today, she is a TV and internet video show host and seems to specialize in video game and cos-play convention reporting for spanish speaking audiences. Please stop stepping on scorpions for the percocet long enough to welcome Miss Marilyn Vianney Uribe Solis.

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Incoming Justice

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