MMM 141: what’s done is done

Last week with an office. I don’t know if that will change anytime soon, but it’s true for the foreseeable future.

I’m contemplating making them cookies or something.

Pupster sent this along, I liked it.
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You’ll get nothing and like it

Because it will at least be a new poat.

One funneh out of the folder.
mrs pupster
Good day, eh.

How Long Did it Take?

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Totally Trampy Tuesday

I believe I owe the title of this to b-rad, who suggested this after beasn mentioned being mortified at seeing some little hussy strutting through a store in what may as well have been her underpants. She wasn’t good enough to snap a picture of the offending strumpet for us, but there’s plenty of tramp-related content online. I’ve collected some for your perusal below, but take note: this some trampy, trampy stuff…
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MMM 140: Two weeks to go

And then I have nowhere to go that I can call “work”. I’m flipping out. Not at all.


Pictures now. Triplets first.
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Beeg Bewb Fureyedayah

Hello slackers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday: Pupster can’t keep doing this any longer edition. I’m asking for volunteers to take the reins of this wonderful H2 traditional Friday poat, I’m out.

If you want to put on the dress and twirl it around for a while, step up and take it.

MJ has the next two Fridays.



Mrs. Pupster made me a CD with some songs from this group, and although it is not my normal taste in music, I think they are pretty good. For some reason I don’t like their songs with vocals but I play their instrumentals when I’m driving or working and I dig it.



Click here to open this video in a new window for background music while boob perusing.

Your model for today can part the seas with her rudimentary understanding of The Gospel of Paul, picked up in vacation bible school. When not being a bikini model/handsome cab driver, she spends her free time making snarky comments on knitting and macrame blogs under the pseudonym “uryarnsux“.

Born March 14, 1977 in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, standing 5’5″ tall and all of 95lbs, measuring in at 34-22-34, please stop throwing interceptions long enough to welcome, Miss Aki Hoshino!


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